Tuesday, January 31, 2012

what I learned today

5 minutes into my study/work at a resturant this morning, I happened to ask one of the staff how they were, I thought she was going to burst into tears and told me she would come to my table in a few minutes to talk.

As it turns out I was the very next person that came into the resturant after she waited on a woman she has  worked in ministry with for a long time.  A Christian woman who just left her husband.  This was the first time she had seen her friend since this happened, and she was clearly shaken.

Why are people who claim the name of Christ leaving spouses as if there are no consequences to their actions?

Their actions would suggest that they don't really believe the Lord at all.  Are we allowed to assume that? To judge their life based on the outer actions of disobedience we see?  If someone truly knows the Lord can their spirit be happy away from Him?

Not for us to know or judge I guess, but MAN does it make my blood boil when I see people involved in the church carelessly pursue their own 'happiness' at the expense of everyone around them, especially their kids.

PLEASE HEAR ME - I know there are circumstance that people HAVE to leave in order to survive due to abuse or addiction or unfaithfulness, to them I say RUN!!  Let your spouse become well away from you - then decide what your choices are.   I also understand that all sin is equally bad in God's eyes and that I SIN EVERY SINGLE DAY AND DISAPPOINT MY SAVIOR DAILY, but there are just more obvious consequences for some sin...

But this American mind-set about happiness is a load of JUNK straight from satan himself.  He has us so convinced we need to be happy, feel happy, continuously living this perfect fairytale...WHERE in scripture does it promise us as believers that we will be always happy?   In fact we know the opposite is true many times due to the sin of men.

What I learned today was, I must cover my circle of friends and acquaintances in prayer for the protection of their marriage continuously, not assuming anyone is safe from sins temptations.

The couple this girl described to me are/were leaders in a local church - how satan delighted in this fall...we need to hold one another up to high standards and pray for protection over our families!!  Please join me in this commitment beginning today!

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