Thursday, February 28, 2013

we clothed 40

I've finally found time to report on our Art Auction last weekend.  We raised nearly $3.000 which translates into clothing for 40 children!   I cannot thank all the artists and Go Mission team members and friends that helped to get this event ready enough!  Nothing makes me happier then watching teams form and accomplishments happen when God's people come together behind a mission!

So THANK YOU for helping, and for attending the auction and for purchasing art allowing needy children to have beautiful new clothing!  Here is a peek at the night.

Amazing food by Jackie and friends!

sign in table

Vicki giving out the bid numbers

Julie Kleshinski greeting her guests

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my day off

Surprisingly I'm still sitting on my couch - a rare accomplishment on my day off - but, a welcomed one.

I'm working on our next series after Easter - it's gonna be a lot of fun!  But I'm also contemplating many things as a leader that I'd really rather not address.  They are largely positive things, but they require organization and implementation, and I have to admit, it would be nice for someone to just tell me what to do instead of me having to create the 'what to do'!  Leadership feels heavy sometimes!

The things on my list today to re-organize or create:

  1. Programming meeting organization for the next series 
  • although we are meeting to create it - there has to be a plan for the meeting to be successful, in order for it to produce what we have to have done by meetings' end.   
  • make sure all people attending the meeting know ahead of time all the details I have allowing them to research and come prepared 
      2.   Evaluation of Silent Auction

      3.   Recruit additional worship team members, to fill space left by our new Multi-Site locations

      4.  Finish Easter details
  • So different this year since we have to consider things that our multi-sites can duplicate!  Again a positive problem but one that needs considerable thought.
       5. Rehearsals also need to change slightly in order to carefully think through 'every detail' that    
           will be seen at the Multi-sites!

       6. Cedarville Youth Worship Workshop on Palm Sunday
  • We are going to honored by 6 young men studying to become worship leaders or studying in the area of music in a couple of weeks.  They are going to work with our youth worship team - a huge opportunity for our youth!  
  • But a lot of organizing must occur for this to happen:  housing, meals, youth contacted 
Leading in ministry these past 16 years has been the most difficult thing I've every done but outside my family, the very most rewarding thing I've ever done!!

Now that my blog is written - I'm organized - thanks for your help and for always listening to me!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

weekend report

Any time we get to share communion as a congregation it's a special weekend and this was one of those weekend!

Our setlist:

Better Is One Day- Redman
Be Lifted High - Gateway
(during communion) Beautiful (piano solo)/More Than Amazing
I Stand Amazed/How Great is Our God - Tomlin
Message:  Obedience of Devotion- Sr. Pastor Tim Armstrong

As We Pray - Gateway

To watch our services on Monday - go to

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Monday, February 18, 2013

everyone is gifted

I don't know if another organization exists on the earth that provides opportunity to use everyone's giftedness like the church does.

The church cannot operate in it's fullest capacity without the gifts and talents of the congregation.  It was created to 'need' everyone and it provides opportunity for each person attending to serve in an area they love and are equipped to

Today I witnessed this in action.

setting up to photograph all the art
3 or our talented Crossroads' artists helped me prepare for the auction on Friday.  One of them, James is not only an artist but brilliant with soft-ware, creating website all things I have no concept of - and so, we photographed art and listed art and uploaded it to the webpage he created for us.  silent auction bidding

The other artists who also provided gorgeous art items for sale - worked to organize everything and prepare every item for photographing.  Something that would have taken me 2 days to accomplish alone.  Together they worked as a team - each one using their gifts and talents.  It was awesome to watch!

Elsewhere in the church was Greg constructing things, and hanging things and making sure everything everywhere was running smoothly!  Helping us with anything we needed.  A blessing to serve with!

I also saw people gifted at hospitality preparing for a class that would take place later in the day - making sure each item needed was ready and waiting.

I could go on and on - but you get my point...  The church needs what each of you are talented to do!  You weren't created that way just to keep it to yourself !  Bless the entire congregation at Crossroads by  serving in the area that you are the most excellent at, not just ok, your most talented area and see how God uses you!  I dare you!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

weekend report

Oh my goodness...this weekend...breathtaking as we baptized 16 people during our worship services.

waiting backstage for baptism
Father's baptizing their children, teacher baptizing a student from public schools that they've poured their lives into and pastors baptizing the flock...breathtaking!

Recruiting for multi-site launch coming up on Easter - help needed in all areas to make this possible.  It's going really well - people are excited!

Recruiting starts young - see behind drums!
Meeting following the services:

Galion Multi-Site meeting with Pastor Jeff in The Coffee House - full house!  So exciting!

Pastor Jeff Schultheis getting the Galion troops fired up!

A church is born!  Watch out Galion here we come!

Go Mission team also met planning the next projects and receiving amazing updates from Cambodia and around the globe as well as our local Go Mission partners!  So thankful for the congregations support!

This Friday our first Art Silent Auction in support of one of our local partners - praying for big attendance!  You will be able to preview the art Tuesday morning - I'll post the link on my blog and on the Crossroads website Tuesday!

Our setlist:

Welcome/announcements on video - host/Leah Hart our Elementary/4th and 5th grade coordinator

Where I Belong - Building 429    We used this to transition out of announcements and get the choir on
Everyday - Brewster
The Whole Earth - Gateway
Here In Your Presence - New Life
My Savior Lives - New Life
Teaching on video to show the congregation what it will be like at a Multi-Site - Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit song - My Savior Lives

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Saturday, February 16, 2013


This morning I made my way into my living room to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine coming through my windows!  As I walked it was interesting to notice all the things the sun revealed.

I swept and dusted last night and went to bed feeling good about the state of my house.  But the sunshine revealed things I never saw in the dark...a web.

I was extremely surprised it was hanging in my clean living room, but there it was - the sparkling thin silver strands of a spider's web.  I walked by it repeatedly last night and never knew it was there, but that didn't mean it wasn't.

With all the doom and gloom we hear reported daily -  it's easy to think our life is pretty clean and good in comparison to the evil we see played out in front of us.  It's not.

Hidden sin lurks in all of us.  Is it jealousy, bitterness, mistrust, pornography?  It is just as ugly as public sin.  And it is waiting to be revealed.

Revelation can occur several ways - willingly confessed or eventually, revealed accidentally-when you don't get your story straight and people begin to question your integrity or in an attitude that becomes defensive.  A sure sign of hidden sin.

It made me search my heart.  I've been struggling with some people in my life recently, privately harboring disappointment that I feel leading me toward resentment.  I confessed that today,  and I'll continue to look inward trying desperately to discover and confess what's there instead of becoming bitter and unusable.

I pray today that there are no hidden webs within you. They hurt no one but you until they begin to seep into your everyday - confess them and run into the arms of the only one who has the ability to truly make you spotless while taking you as you are!  

Friday, February 15, 2013

Art is coming to Crossroads

NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT, February 22 @ 6:30 the Art Silent Auction begins at Crossroads sponsored by The Coffee House!

PLEASE pull out your cell phone right now and put a reminder on it to join us as we work to raise much needed support for Richland County Children's Auxiliary's - The New Store!

The New Store has a 15-year history of providing Christmas gifts,
school clothing, school supplies and personal hygiene items for the most needy children in Richland County.

Each child that visits The New Store is personally assisted by a caring volunteer to select outfits, undergarments, gym shoes and more.

Please help us continue this important service to our community by attending the Art Silent Auction next Friday, February 22.

Next Monday night we will upload pictures and descriptions of all of the art and you can begin bidding ahead of time!  It's going to be great!

See you there!

Monday, February 11, 2013

my day off

Today has been AWESOME just because I'm home!   I LOVE being home with no agenda except to enjoy and be thankful for what God has given me, and to spend time with my hubby, my puppy and maybe write a little...

As I go about my simple chores and mindless tasks (a blessing!), I think of all the people in my life right now trying to figure out opportunities before them - possibilities with new jobs, relocation or ministry choices... 

With the confidence of knowing that He would NEVER call them to anything that moves them away from Him they move forward.

Is it really that simple?

I believe it is if you live obediently.

My sister and her husband just announced this weekend at their ministry that they are accepting a Senior Pastor-ship in Dublin after many years in Ashland.  This was a HUGE decision, but I believe definitely the right one!  They prayed and waited and finally accepted it as God's next step.

My daughter-in-law began a new job today.  Another big decision, but it sounds perfect for her!

My son is getting buried by video project requests, commercials, promos and weddings galore -  and I assume he will soon begin to have a difficult time balancing everything!  A blessing.

And our daughter and son-in-law continue to be  constantly surrounded by amazing opportunities as well and seek to successfully complete the work they have before them.

So many people to pray for, and dream and help plan great things with. 

And now after all these deeply spiritual moments of cleaning and sorting and scrubbing and dreaming all in one day, the perfect ending everyone would agree....The Westminster Dog Show... 

I bet you didn't see that one coming!  ha ha - have a blessed night!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

giving to get

I've been thinking and praying about the Crossroads Multi-site launches.  I think it's exactly the direction God is leading us, especially when I see the amount of attacks the enemy is launching at us!

I've noticed in the formation of the plan it includes a lot of giving.  I don't mean financial giving, although that is part of it as well, but we have to be willing as a ministry to give a lot of what we have here to get a healthy multi-site up and running.

I talked to one of the girls that I DEARLY love tonight who will be committing to help with the first launch.  I will miss her terribly!  I don't want to 'give' her to the off-site campus, but I must in order to help facilitate what God has called us to do.

Why are we called to give things up before we can get?

Nothing is worth having when there is no cost involved.  At least I can't think of anything.

Some of our most dedicated, more precious people will be called 'to go' and that is going to be difficult.

As I struggled over the anxiety of having enough people to remain excellent, I felt God's reassurance that the best is yet to come.  That some may have to go before others will come.  Some of the leaving allows emptiness that other can fill and so His provision will come in His timing.  My worry has no affect on what will be, in fact it shows Him my limited vision and lack of trust.

Please join us in prayer as our people give of themselves in ways they may have never done before!  Together we will reach the uttermost parts of the world !

Thursday, February 7, 2013

living what we believe

If you grew up in church or attended a Christian school - it's very easy to know all the right words to say, to speak Christian-ese.    It's much more difficult to live it.

Although we cannot earn our salvation - our lives will broadcast loudly what our heart truly believes.

We all of course fall into sin and God extends His grace over and over, but if you are truly a child of the King then there will be a movement toward Him continuously as we seek to know Him more and more.  And as we seek to please Him.

If we REALLY know Him then our words, our temper, our choices will reflect our Father.

This is what I long for, to live every moment as if I really believe and know Him.  Do you think it's possible in this fallen world to live like that?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

several reasons to get out

There are several reasons that it's good to 'get out' of your normal.

Yesterday I got to go with a team to Community Christian Church in the Chicago area loving called "the yellow box".  It was good to get out.

I learned new things, but the biggest encouragement was receiving confirmation from another 'larger' ministry that we are doing so many things well here at Crossroads!  That was a blessing.

You lose perspective when you are inside the same place all the time.  You begin to wonder what else you should be doing, or you become discouraged by no obvious benefit to others from your work.

We of course are called to serve, to obey the Lord whatever that looks like and I will always try to live within obedience, but, serving can become so routine - so required that you occasionally cannot see the reason.

So yesterday was refreshing and encouraging and informative and good!  Now...on to this day facing the normal with renewed determination and surrender!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

new things

Tomorrow I get to visit a ministry in the Chicago area.  I'm going to see what new things I can learn.

I'm excited to meet new people, to see new things, go new places and learn as many new things as possible!

One of the ministry leaders whose work I follow will be there.  So I am very anxious to finally meet him and the staff with whom he serves.

What new things would you like to experience and do?  Why aren't you doing them?  I would encourage you to try - pick at least one and try to do it this year!

New things keep things fresh - and teach us valuable lessons and allow us to tap into what others know.  And, it moves us somewhere.  Somewhere new even if it's just a little budge.

So think of me tomorrow while you decide what your new thing will be and we'll talk about it later!

Have a blessed Tuesday!

Friday, February 1, 2013

can I say - it is well with my soul

A ministry contact from out West wrote yesterday about our 'calling'.  The article was very timely for me and much appreciated! 

Within his writing he named a book about the 'soul' of leadership.  I now own the book and cannot wait to read it.  It sounds like the exact study I need right now.  Finding his post was not just random timing yesterday - when I opened Facebook just as his blog post went up -  God timing indeed.

This quote is one of the first I found as I quickly looked over the book, "...the best thing I can be for the people I work with is to be able to say, 'It is well with my soul."  

So I asked myself point blank - can I say that?

I'm not sure...  

I don't feel that a book exists that can reveal or solve all the problems of the soul, but this question feels important, so I'll combine reading with prayer and study of the ultimate instruction manuel God's Word and we'll see if this strengthens my soul!

Today I pray that you too will take a look deep within to the depths of your soul...

-is it well with your soul?