Wednesday, January 11, 2012

things to come

My hubby and I spent the day in Columbus picking up a piece that was donated for part of our Easter set design as well as having lunch with the Executive Director of Asia's Hope.

There are many things to come this year - Lord willing!

We met at Crossroads to begin planning Easter this week, lots of work ahead but beginning now gives us ample time for each of us to do what needs to be done.  It also prevents panic and allows us to fix our eyes on the Lord as we prepare making sure this is His process not ours.

At the same time many exciting things are falling into place for Asia's Hope.  Almost weekly we here about new people who are anxious to get involved in some way - asking what they can do for the orphans of Asia!  God is moving and this year is just going to be amazing to watch!

There are many things to come - things we have only dreamed of previously that may actually become reality this year.  To think we get to participate in His will is completely humbling and mind boggling to me.

2012 could potentially be the most exciting year of Crossroads history - are you all going to be part of the things to come?  Hope so!

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