Monday, January 30, 2012

my day off

I did not have the privilege of sleeping in on my day-off, although my Sunday evening was extremely relaxing and for that I am grateful!

I began my day-off by going for my yearly eye exam.  That done I did a little shopping and headed home.

Ever since then I have been working on Easter.  This Easter is a celebration on many levels.  The obvious - a celebration of a Savior who loved us enough to give his life for us.  Unbelievable!  And beyond our personal rescue the stories of other rescues.  The kind of rescue that can only be explained by a supernatural moving among God's people to step up and reach out and to heal.  I cannot wait.

 We work very far ahead in order to prepare well and in order to identify any possible creative piece we are missing.

Some have criticized this process claiming that we are not open to God's leading by working this way.  

I say nothing could be further from the truth - in fact it is completely the opposite.  I watch constantly for Him to lead me down another path or show me something I need to include in an already planned service!

Anyone who waits until the last minute to plan services or any other event often plans it rushed and thus is completely cut off from considering anything they find late in the process.

If we have most of the discussions made, the main idea and creative support chosen - EVERY SINGLE TIME we find last minute pieces that are stronger than we first identify and use them.  Having everything else in order and planned, and written and taped we can add nearly any last minute elements that reveals itself!  And in fact, anything carefully planned and executed I feel brings more honor to our King than last minute scurrying!  

Although this may not look like a typical day-off, it brings me great thankfulness when I can carve out a couple of NON-Stressful hours to think and search and plan.  I consider this a fantastic day off indeed!

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