Thursday, January 5, 2012

new year = hard work

Does a new year ever begin for anyone reading this that doesn't involve hard work?  Seems like it gets busier and busier and in some cases more and more difficult doesn't it?

As I began a regular workout routine today AGAIN, I wondered why it takes something like the New Year to entice me back toward an attempt at fitness.  You would think I could manage to be consistent in this area especially since we have an empty nest.  But not so.  I put it off, and off, and off.

After attending the Turbo class at Crossroads tonight, I decided to spend some time this next week doing a broad layout of what I feel needs to be accomplished this year.  An organized vision for the year.  At home and at church.

I think in many ways this could be the most creatively strong year yet for Crossroads.  I am very excited about a couple of the concepts we will begin to develop this next week!  I am also completely overwhelmed with thankfulness for the amazing staff that surrounds me at Crossroads.  I feel the Lord's presence in the ministry more strongly than ever before.  Fifteen years is a long time - but everyday it feels like I am beginning something brand new.  That kind of opportunity keeps me determined to participate in anyway I can contribute to the overall ministry and to my friends.

My job is not to create an entertaining environment.  God doesn't need to be covered in entertainment, instead my job is to support and engage every sense that can be awakened to move toward a greater understanding of strong correct theology which our Pastors teach so well.

The new year does demand hard work, but when the goal is to introduce the lost to Christ, no amount of work is enough.  This goal can be each of ours this year, regardless where we work each day! Join me!


Tara Porter said...

You do an amazing job! From my very first service at Crossroads it was appearent all the hard work and dedication that goes into each service. I'm continually in awe of the creativity and talent of so many of the volenteers. It amazes me the quality that is produced week after week. Your hard work and dedication is appreciated.

Lori Biddle said...

You my dear are very kind and very encouraging. I am blessed by the fact that you love the ministry!!