Sunday, January 1, 2012


As I baked desserts in preparation for New Year's lunch, I noticed that a documentary was on about the 'Dark Ages'.  I don't watch anything violent, I cannot stand it and at one point I had to mute it so I couldn't hear it.  Even the fake groaning of the actors as they reenacted the periods of history where torture and killing was the normal turned my stomach.

As the hour long documentary went on discussing one 'new age' after another, I realized every recorded period of time here on earth is just a repeat of an earlier period of history.  No one learns from past mistakes at least for an extended period of time.  Evil wins out over and over and over repeating the same atrocities, the same jealous rages that lead to one conquest after another.  Evil and pointless.

It is difficult to even imagine how the desire to rule, to be right, to be rich whatever it is can drive people to commit these kinds of evil toward one another.

Will history repeat it self again?  Until the Lord comes again - it's just a matter of time.  It made me very aware of how desperately this world longs for and need the one true King.!!

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