Friday, January 6, 2012

the artists return

From what I can tell Mansfield is a place many artists are becoming attracted to.  The community felt as if it has been waking from a long slumber as I walked around downtown tonight, after dark!

I spent some time at the Renaissance Theater today talking to a young man, Bobbie Wesner who described in detail the creative collaborations going on at the theater and around Mansfield and talked about artists returning.  Many are disillusioned with Hollywood and all the fake-ness.  He talked about a writer that recently returned from working on Saturday Night Live and 3rd Rock and talked about dancers and other various artists also returning.  (That caused me to become very excited!)  He then showed us a breathtaking collaboration that took us totally by surprise.

Last night I saw that Bobbie was looking for someone to help him do the same type of event related work that our daughter Jocelyn had done for Boston University.  I asked him if he'd like to talk to her and mentioned in my message that they had recently relocated back here to pursue their band the La De Les.

Unknown to me, almost the same time last year that I had set up a meeting with Bobbie to establish a relationship (for future dance at Crossroads) , he had contacted the La De Les,  asking for permission to use their music for a contemporary ballet to be performed in Akron. He found their Boston Band on facebook and had no idea they had ties back to Mansfield and Grand Rapids.   They granted their permission for him to use their music and stood with mouths wide opened today as we watched the amazing performance on video.  They had almost forgotten they had that conversation with him until they met Bobbie in person today!

As the first movement came to an end and we began to tell him how unbelievable the dance was, the next song began.  He had choreographed 4 pieces of their music creating a 4 movement contemporary ballet that was absolutely GORGEOUS!  The discussion immediately began about a possible LIVE performance with the ballet!

I have often dreamed of these types of opportunities in our community connected to the church.  Can it be that the artists may actually be returning?  QUALITY artists that make a living doing art professionally?  I can hardly bear the thought of the possibilities!! Now to figure out how to attract them to the church!!  2012 here we come!  God is good!

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