Thursday, September 27, 2018

our first day

We had a great first day on our trip to Washington DC.

Looking across the Potomac
We got to know one another on our bus ride down, we had snacks, we found out more about one another by playing a game on the bus, we had snacks, we saw amazing museums, we had snacks and we saw breathtaking monuments on a dark rainy night!

Take a peak!

WWII memorial

the breathtaking WWII memorial

WWII memorial with the Washington memorial in the backround

Martin Luther King Memorial was beautiful

Many people have died and sacrificed for our freedom.  We freely worship at Crossroads because of their sacrifice, and I'm so thankful for time away to remember just how blessed we are...

Monday, September 24, 2018

weekend report

This weekend was a crazy combination of enjoying the outdoors, praying for and watching our team in Nepal as they consider another Mission partner, chasing mice, enjoying grand-babies but mostly just thanking the Lord for letting me still be a part of the crazy life-changing ministry of Crossroads!

Take a look!

Our team visiting Nepal - pray for God's leading as we consider a partnership.

Time in the great Fall outdoors with popcorn bags as big
as my grand-babies - precious times!

3 Staff members trying to catch a wee-tiny baby mouse, just
minutes before we needed to turn our attention to the services.

I took this picture of people coming and going at Crossroads this weekend.  Not
a single week passes that I don't praise the Lord for all of these precious people
He just keeps bringing through our doors! I just get overwhelmed with love and concern
for them spiritually!

This precious sister in Christ is bravely facing cancer as it ravages
her body.  She asked to be baptized after the Saturday service.

I don't know if there was a dry eye in the lobby...she'll never know how blessed we all felt
to be part of this beautiful moment.
As you can see this weekend was full of thankful moments, restful moments, prayerful moments and celebrations as the body of Christ!  It was good to be able to enjoy family, friends and to be in the House of the Lord!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

stealing my freedom

I'm growing weary of everyone else's selfish, sinful decisions stealing my freedom.

All through history it's really what's driven any destructive era of time.  One man or a group of people decide they want something to change, or that their evil desires are most important and it drives movement.  Typically a movement that doesn't consider what the majority of people believe or want.

Even when I've heard of horrible things people have done in our own country, when it's not happening to me, it doesn't effect how I live.  I intend to be more attentive to what's going on in other's lives and pray more, lots more.

This week I've paid attention, I've paid close attention.  Authorities are still telling us not to leave our houses or cars unlocked, and to stay inside if we can.

This morning I had a window of time I could be sitting in my favorite spot on our deck and I've decided to be obedient and do what I've been asked and stay inside.  Not fair!

The sin of even one man can change our lives.

Just like Adam did in the garden.

These troubled people desperately need The Savior and keep looking in all the wrong, selfish, pointless places...

But just like we've been taught from God's Word - evil, trouble, disappointment, sickness always drives us to our knees.  It's completely understandable why God allows trouble in our lives.

We turn to Him. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

who do you say I am

I was reading in Luke today the passage where Jesus asks Peter, "Who do YOU say that I am?"

It was the first time I think I've read that and taken it personally.   It challenged me.

Can that question be answered by the way I live my life?  If I really, really believe Jesus is the son of God - the promised messiah, would I be different than I am?

Who do I say that He is?

I say a lot of things.

Can you imagine being looked in the eyes by Jesus, right after He's miraculously fed the 5,000 and healed the sick and being asked, "Who do YOU say I am..."

I say He is truly, "the son of God, the predicted Messiah, my savior"...

Who do you say His is?   Do your actions back up what you say?

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

August is gone

As I sat down to work on my August Elder Report early this morning, I remembered again that the days I was giving account for are never to be lived again.  The Lord did amazing things at Crossroads, yet still it caused me to really examine my own life.

What things did I personally spend my August days doing that will count for all of eternity?

This could sound dramatic and negative, but is it?

Maybe the simple things, the everyday things are what God counts most.

I remember the day my hubby and I lit up the face of a tired waitress complimenting her and leaving her an encouraging tip.

I remember planning and cooking meals for my family and what pleasure that brings me.

I remember visiting my lonely mom numerous times and breaking up her long days.

I remember encouraging a very discouraged ministry leader outside of Crossroads.

Loving, being kind, being dependable, working with excellence, caring for your family, being generous with what God has provided, all of these are things we each can do daily that will show evidence of Jesus in our lives.

There's a new stirring in my soul causing me to be thankful for the countless little, unknown, simple ways my daily life allows me to live for eternity.  My prayer today is to not miss even one opportunity to encourage others and be an example of how God changes lives!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

weekend report

As we began to prepare for one of the most important weekends of the year when we launch our Communities and Classes - we were joined by Pastor Dave's good friend Pastor Patrick Grach.  It was obvious that God hand-picked Patrick to speak to us about the Luke 2 passage explaining that God intended for us to need one another - to participate in gatherings and groups in order to love and serve one another!  It was great!

We worshiped together both in the main auditorium and our student ministry.   I heard music come from the back so I couldn't resist taking a picture of Ben leading our student worship team preparing to lead students to the Lord.  It was excellent!

Ben Stuckey leading our amazing student ministry band.
Our worship in the main auditorium included a very touching 'send out' prayer for Brooke and Keegan McQuate.  Keegan grew up at Crossroads and came back from college as an intern with us while Brooke was on our children's staff.  So encouraging to see young adults grow up in the church and then go out!  The raised hands in the congregation represent a promise to remember them in prayer!  So good!

A promise from our congregation to pray!
WORSHIP was SO strong - I was thankful to be there!

Our setlist:


Open Up the Heavens
Lion and the Lamb
Prayer for McQuates (11:00 only)
Mighty Cross (my new favorite song)
Community Video
Intro of Speaker - Pastor Dave
Message:  Communities - Pastor Patrick
Closing song:  Tremble
Exit song: Instrumental - Open Up the Heavens

To watch our services on-line go to

Saturday, September 1, 2018

deciding on my day

I'm so thankful that I can sit in peace on my deck for a while this morning and just think about what I need to do with this day.

I woke up not feeling great, a bad headache and just kind of the first thing I did was pray not to actually be coming down with something.

I had a restless night waking up several times from dreams that caused me to never go into a deep sleep.

When I wake up during the night I try to turn my thought toward the Lord and not allow myself to lay there worrying about anything.  Maybe that's why the Lord allowed the crazy dreams?

These folders represent my open projects...
guess they'll stay open a little longer.
There was much on my to-do list for today, but I may not accomplish much so I'm trusting the Lord to accomplish what He needs to have done with this day...

I pray your day is full of God's goodness and opportunities to recognize His touch on your day.  He's allowing you to be part of this day if you're His child so just remain in Him and may you see what He intends.  If you remain in Him - I bet you'll see ordinary become extraordinary.

I would love to hear about what you feel God's purpose is for today!