Friday, September 4, 2015

a week of perspective

It's been the kind of week that gives me clear perspective on what's important and what's not.

I was honored to be part of several important things this week.  Things that mean way more then getting work done or keeping up at home.  Eternal things, people things.

We were hugely blessed to have the opportunity to prepare a very special meal and service for people we love who are experiencing a huge loss to their family.  The sudden death of a daughter.

I got to meet with ladies I love to look ahead at what we can provide for the women of Crossroads, we planned some events but most of all we just loved one another as we ate together.

We then got to minister to a family who is facing the loss of an amazing mother to cancer.  So hard to watch but so much rejoicing even in the certainty she will spend eternity with her Lord.  She speaks of seeing her beloved grandmother again, and that wish will soon become reality.

And then the awesome partnership I experienced with fellow staff as we dream of tomorrow and pray for Crossroads.

All of these things bring perspective.

They bring focus and renewed intention to my day.  The week has again reminded me not to take anything for granted but to look at it as the gift it is and to live fully engaged in it.

I don't know why it often takes difficult things to bring perspective, but my desire is to maintain it to keep a God perspective~

Monday, August 31, 2015

My day off

1 load of laundry is the extent of my cleaning today I've decided!  Protest!

Outside my window today I see little patches of orange and yellow, and although I LOVE the fall in Ohio, I am not prepared for what lies beyond it.  The horrible predictions for this winter are already out there so I choose to pretend it's further off then it is.

I'm trying to decide what will make it feel the most like a day off - the older you get the more you think about making time count.   And we were created to rest.... and spend time in the Word.

As I studied in Daniel today the devotion I was studying ended with this prayer, Father, capture the hearts of those lost in kingdoms of their own making — ourselves included — and seize our affections for you and you alone, the only true King. 

Kingdoms of our own making...whoa.  

I'm trying to view any potential conflict  or decision making first through the eyes of examining my own heart - does any push-back come from my 'selfish kingdom'?  From a 'how dare you question me' attitude?  I sure hope not, but what a question to use before reacting?

"My day-off prayer...Lord I'm SO interested in living for you, seeing with your perspective, understanding those that need help and that need you, and for a day of rest.  Amen."

Sunday, August 30, 2015

weekend report

It's hard to believe that another weekend is over - time is flying!

Pastor Dave did a great job communicating God's love while addressing sin in our lives.  So thankful for truth!

Our worship was engaging with a super informative time of Q & A at the end with our Senior High Pastor and Senior Pastor Dave Vance and a time of prayer where many felt lead to share very difficult things they are going through.  How privileged I felt to have someone that doesn't even know me share what they needed our help with and how much they valued our prayers.  Humbling to say the least that God could use me!

There is growth going on at Crossroads - I'm not just talking about numbers, I'm talking about
a movement among our next generations - preparing, growing in the Lord, good!

Here are pics from the ministry this weekend:

Jeanette Chase, I don't know how she does it!  She's our
Director of all the Family Ministries - does amazing work!
She graciously took care of announcements this weekend.
Sarah was one of our summer Worship interns and came
back to help us out this weekend!
Miguel is our other intern - he and Sarah are husband and wife
and completing school - I HIGHLY encourage husband/wife
interns - the best!
worship was strong and the congregation joined in like crazy!
student ministry vocalists are getting ready for next weekend!

Student Ministry band was busy preparing too!

And here are our elementary students preparing for worship leading!
Our setlist:
Since it was a 5th weekend our regular 4 worship teams take a break and we usually use the students, but we thought we'd save them for next week.  So our 3 staff worship leaders and our two summer worship interns lead with our band

Multiplied - our summer worship Cedarville intern Miguel lead this song beautifully!
Announcements:  Jeanette Chase, Director of Family Ministry
My Heart is Yours
From the Inside Out

Message:  Pt. 7 The Design Confusion; Homosexuality - Pastor Dave Vance
Q & A - this segment was a Q & A about the most asked questions regarding this topic and our Pastor invited our High School Pastor to join him on stage.

Come As You Are - Closing song while people came forward for prayer
Dismissed with Prayer - Pastor Dave

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

my words

The Lord has been bringing to mind lately, that ALL of the words that come out of my mouth should point those hearing them toward Him.  No idle words.

Convicting to say the least.

According to everything I see playing out around me, it could be very possible that there may be a limited amount of time left during which we can freely speak and write freely.  So I'm feeling prompted each time I open my mouth that it needs to count.  No idle words.

It's made me think about everywhere I've placed or spoken my words.

  • I've written texts - some of which are pretty sarcastic at times.
  • I've written blogs - although I'm usually pretty careful with my posts, my goal isn't to criticize it's to journal my own life instead of writing it long-hand.
  • I've spoken openly in front of people, and teams and family.  
  • AND I've spoken behind closed doors - nothing evil but nothing I would speak directly to the subject of my closed-door conversations.
My suspicion is that anything that can't be spoken to someone's face should not be spoken.  

Every minute of our lives, every second that He's given us has to be about living, talking and acting like a child of God.  A life lived well, words chosen carefully and every participation in something needs to be measured against the guidelines He laid out to us in His Word.

This side of heaven we will never be perfect, but, I long to please Him - to hear "Well done thou Good and Faithful Servant..."

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I've been working on Christmas@Crossroads this week.

I am once again feeling privileged beyond my dreams to be able to take pieces and parts and form the skeleton of what the services will become with everyone's contributions and surrounded by prayer.

In searching the web for all the latest ideas and gadgets and bells and whistles I found myself in tears watching the simplest of things.
I Love this drawing

One short drama I watched was of actors portraying the experience of Mary being told by an angel that she was with child, and not only pregnant without intimate relationship, but carrying the long awaited Savior of the world.

The actress portrayed beautifully the innocence of a young girl being told SHE was the chosen mother of the Savior.

Her belief and trust in the Lord had to be HUGE.  Amazing!

Then the actor that played Joseph was told by Mary she was pregnant.  He cried, felt completely betrayed, probably accused her of being unfaithful, and moved from utter disbelief to horror and again burst into tears and left.

It was the first time I've ever really thought about how betrayed Joseph must have felt.  He thought he'd just lost his promised wife to another man, he knew what a pregnancy out of wedlock would mean for Mary, and he loved her.  Even in his deepest moments of feeling betrayed, he loved her which caused a deep pain the likes of which I've never known.

And then Joseph's suspicion of betrayal was erased as an angel of the Lord told him not to hesitate to take Mary for his wife.  And that he had been chosen to be the Savior's earthly father, can you imagine?

Would you believe that kind of message?

These were normal human beings chosen to be used of God in a supernatural way that only He could orchestrate.  Almighty God had to reduce His only son to that of a human to save His creation.

Now to somehow communicate that message to our congregation...

It will of course only happen with that same divine help from the God of the Universe who is still reaching out to his fallen creation.

Please pray for us!

Monday, August 24, 2015

weekend report

You would think after being part of something for 18 years, it would start to feel old, or normal - but being part of the Crossroads staff feels brand new every day!  This weekend was a prime example - before I give you a lot of detail take a look visually at 'some' of what went on!

Friday night Shelby Family Swim Night - kids helping
to prepare for the guests!
amazing choir

Our High School being taught the same thing as the main room
helping them to learn how to prepare for marriage - so good!

Jesse teaching the Middle School students

Sunday night concert - Trouper up first!
Milo & Mike Knell's Simple Fire truck - serving great pizza
at our Sunday night concerts!
 There's never a dull moment!  We all enjoyed a Family Swim Night on Friday night and it continued straight through into the wee hours of Monday morning following our Young Adult Sponsored concerts!

Our Setlist:

Announcements/welcome:  Jocelyn Nicolas - Student Ministry Coordinator/Asst. Worship Leader

Set A Fire
Broken Vessel (Amazing Grace)
God Be Praised
The Lord Reigns

Message:  Pt. 5: Submission By Design - Pastor Dave Vance

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Monday, August 17, 2015

weekend report

It's only fitting that I find myself sitting in the hospital waiting room at 3:00 a.m., waiting to meet my first granddaughter!  It's just the most magnificent ending to a truly God-filled amazing weekend!

We were not certain Pastor Dave would make it due to being ill this past week - but he did and his message about what husbands should be to their wives was so good!   This summer has been so strong at Crossroads, I'm beginning to wonder (and hope), that we'll be packed to capacity this Fall?!  The youth was close to their limits based on 'fire codes'!  How exciting!

We topped the weekend off with a beautiful demonstration of how God is moving in people's lives at Crossroads by baptizing eighty-something people at our annual outdoor baptism!

It's just been amazing!

I love it when the brass play - so powerful and fun!
Milo and Jim carrying on!

The Tech department hard at work!

Aaron getting the mix just right!

Jesse and Dylan - I love our students!

Linda and Claire just saying hi!

Eric and Jesse baptizing!

Oliver happy as can be with the pizza snack at the pond!
Anxiously awaiting their baptism!

Praise team leading us in worship!
Our Setlist:

Blessed Be Your Name - instrumental
Victory In Jesus - Special Music
Confirmation of new Elders
Made New
My Heart is Yours
Courageous - special music
By Design Video transition
Message: Pt. 4 - Leaders By Design - husbands/ Pastor Dave Vance
Exit Special: Courageous

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