Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The things I saw

       Today we spent all day in our little bus traveling between the ocean and Battambang - playing euchre for hours, snacking constantly and non- stop talking!  I love these people!

These pictures are the sites we saw !

Ready to begin out journey!!

Greg prepared peanut butter sandwiches for us!

Crazy Cambodia gas pumps!

Cambodia food truck!
I think one of the things that draws me to this place is it's simplicity.  The beautiful, simple,
lush rice fields are such a quiet contrast to the horrifying things that once took place here.
It's hard to believe some of history's worst murders happened not so long ago here.

It was a fun day of traveling with friends and just seeing the countryside in Cambodia!

Monday, July 28, 2014

To the beach

We had the privilege of taking our Cambodian children to the Indian Ocean today.  For many of them it was the first time they've ever seen the ocean - we were so thankful we got to be the ones that showed it to them!

Today's festivities take little explanation, but I did want to say what a contrast this little one was to our rescued children.  
She sat on a low rail next to us gathering empty bottles to exchange for food.  She disappeared after we gave her all of our bottles and returned with a large piece of seafood that she sat and ate.  She was so dirty it broke our hearts - we gave her many treats and cared for her while we were there.

Our Asia's Hope kids were probably all rescued out of similar circumstances... Today seemed like a lifetime away from any lonliness or pain they knew before arriving at Asia's Hope!

A generous donar sent money along with us for sea toys!!  The kids loved them!

Aaron looked lovely in Sem's hat!

After several local, meals we opted for pizza while the children enjoyed local sea food!

Thanks to all the sponsors who donated the money that made it possible to provide the children with a sea-side seafood meal and trip to the beache!

Quite possibly one of the most precious rescued faces on earth!

While we were sitting on the beach I looked over and saw Savorn and Savy - two of the men I respect the most on earth, deep in thought.  I wondered what problem they could be solving or young life they could be discussing.  

Both Samuth and Savy, the fathers of our two Crossroads' homes are amazing men under Savorn's strong leadership.

Watching these children grow in The Lord is one of the most fulfilling parts of my life, and as I watched them eat it dawned on me in a country onlyas big as Ohio - these children could be the ones that change this Cambodian nation for Christ!  Definitely worth pouring our lives into!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Worshipping in Cambodia

I watched Crossroads worship this morning on-line, but it was Saturday night back home.  I marveled at the blessing of freely worshipping on both sides of the world simultaneously.

The rescued children of Asia's Hope have a much deeper understanding of God's mercy and saving grace then we do, they were physically saved from evil and then began to know God.

It moves my heart so deeply to watch them worship, and I count it a privilege to join them when we come.

This PE home visually demonstrated being soldiers of The Lord VS the young soldiers that were forced into horrifying evil years before them in Cambodia.

I thought this little one worshipping next to big 'daddy' Greg, was a perfect contrast of small innocence just starting out on his journey against this grown man of God.

I even got the privilege of being taught by Aaron today, my son-in-law shared God's Word with all of us and it was great!  He's extremely gifted.    I think God has amazing things in store for him!!
As I close my eyes - hoping to sleep despite the relentless noise from the busy street outside, I thank The Lord for granting me this day and for all the amazing things it contained!!  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What will change

Every event in our lives bring change, all you have to do is watch for them, and walk into them.  So as I lay here in the dark of my Cambodian room I wonder what changes God has waiting for my heart today?

We walked the killing fields earlier.  The same path that thousands had walked the day the truck pulled up and emptied them out blindfolded and terrified.   The same path down which men and women were walked that one day had regular flourishing careers and lives and the next day were taken from their homes by an evil man's desire for complete power.  He wasn't a brave man, he was a coward with the ability to manipulate others behind an idea of power.  As thousands were slaughtered he enjoyed the wealth of a selfish leader with his family and grandchildren as if nothing was going on - unbelievable. 

I can only assume that Satan fully possessed the men that lead these atrocities against mankind - there is no other explanation.  

I have lived in complete freedom my entire life and as always when I come here I wonder why God chose me to live this way instead of bondage.

There is another kind of bondage - the bondage of too much.  Our minds fool ourselves into thinking nothing evil exists beyond the little world that concerns us.  This bondage causes the very people that poccess the ability to help others, not to.  We wallow in our plenty and are satisfied.

I don't want to live merely satisfied.  In fact the word itself suggests 'settling'...how sad if I remain there.

I pray this trip feeds a deep dissatisfaction within me that burns my entire life.  I want to 'see' outside myself, to know why I was created and to fulfill God's desire for the days he's numbered as my life.

This kind of desire and search is simply an openness, an willingness to change, will you join me and begin to search your heart?

Friday, July 25, 2014

The team is heading to Cambodia

We made it to Korea safe and sounds - when we board here we only have about 5 1/2 more hours until I attack my daughter and son-in-law!!  Can't wait!

Please pray for us we're weary after traveling 24 1/2 hours so far!

Keep your eye on our blogs and we'll keep you updated!

Praying Crossroads is filled with God's amazing presence these next two weekends!!

Love you all!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First day in Cambodia

We just finished our first breakfast in Cambodia - we are thankful for a night's rest, but our hearts are heavy for our friends back home who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Separated by miles of ocean, sky and culture does not remove the depth of sadness we carry in our hearts today for our friends.

Pray for us today as we begin to unpack the mystery of why God chose us to be here - representatives from Crossroads coming to see what God could possibly use us to accomplish for His kingdom...

I will try to write more later - we love you all!

leaving for Cambodia

Pray for our team as we prepare to leave for Cambodia tomorrow please!

More info to follow - hopefully later today!