Saturday, February 17, 2018

successful transition

As I watch rehearsal here at Crossroads this evening, I'm praising the Lord for another successful transition!

As the team prayed together during our rehearsal break Ernesto asked how many on the team were either new to the team or returning after a long break and about a 1/3 of the team raised their hands!  This filled me with a worshipful heart full of thanksgiving!

It's possible to be thankful for a rich past here at Crossroads while at the same time raising up new people to join us, change us!  We can enjoy reminiscing about  a past where all of us that started here served on multiple volunteer teams to make the church function - but none of us can do this alone long term!   And now we get to serve in the areas that we're the most talented in - not every area!

I'm thankful as we watched the Lord choose to touch Crossroads through Pastor Tim and Michelle's faithfulness leading us and introducing us to constant change.  Growing, maturing in Christ while having a blast!

Our staff has always joked about how fast things change here - they always have!

And now under Pastor Dave's leadership we get to enjoy being part of the God-given vision he is leading us toward!  A vision filled with future goals and continuing maturity in the Lord. And still having a blast!

Pastor Dave recently reminded us that if change ever stops then we have become the very thing we were terrified of becoming in the beginning.

How horrible it would be to not change and become stagnant...uninspired...unchallenged and unable to demonstrate with our lives that others are welcome here.

I'm thankful for change and leadership and new things that all lead us toward the God-given role for which we were created and the opportunity to welcome new family to the Kingdom!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

watching from afar

I watched the Crossroads services this morning.  It made me realize again how much I love being there!

I marveled as I watched all the amazing praise team members, the beautiful voices and the hearts for the Lord that I personally know.  So many hours go into preparing well each week.  As I watched I thanked the Lord for our ministry and that I get to be part of it.

But one of the things I'll never take for granted is all the behind the scenes work that it also takes to create even one service.  It takes so many hours of preparation and creative work.

The beautiful set design by Arnie was breath taking!  I wasn't there, but assume our audio guy Eric probably helped hang everything and do the work it took to get it ready for the weekend with Arnie.

It's easy to just spend money to buy things for set design - instead we take pride in creatively solving problems and making new things out of old and beauty out of repurposed things others would consider useless.  It's a challenge we love to solve!  Go tech and creative teams!

Next I watched as the graphics that Eric our Arts Director created to support Pastor Dave's new teaching series came across the scene.  Beautiful and thought provoking were the words that came to mind.

Just as I'm proud of all the amazing up-front teams, I'm also very thankful and proud of the behind-the-scene hidden teams!!

Our creative process proves again how God has gifted each person with unique talents that when used in unity bring beautiful glory to God the creator!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A whirlwind of a month

It has been quite the past few weeks! 

  • son turned 30 = multiple parties
  • work began on Crossroads' Easter services
  • daughter engaged to an amazing, Godly man
  • visit to meet her future family-in-law 
  • fun with grand-babies
  • prayer with our unbelievable Crossroads staff
  • visited church-in-the-mall in Florida (I missed Crossroads)
  • decided after arriving in Florida to take a last minute cruise

What these things caused is much praise and worship of my precious Lord!  I am a wife and mom overwhelmed with thankfulness for the faithfulness of God through celebrations as well as difficult times, a time of refreshment as I visited another church on vacation and the most restful time away I have EVER had when we decided to take a last minute cruise!  So thankful!

Just a few shots from this whirlwind past few weeks!
Surprise Eric!

Our 'dabbing' grandson

staff prayer

The beautiful entrance to Jared's families' farm event center

Our trip to North Carolina

Future location of Jared and Joci's home

Last minute cruise decision!

Baby towel animal

I believe this was taken in the tropics - during Mansfield's snow storm!

Our balcony room surprise upgrade!

I've had a lot more time lately to think and to pray, and it's been a good, reflective time of rest.

I am forever thankful and rest in Him for whatever comes next!

Monday, January 15, 2018

weekend report

Amidst frigid temperatures we gathered as the Church.

It was a beautiful weekend of communion, fellowship, worship and learning more about God's creation of His church and His intention for how we should do life together.

I always think of those I only see once a month or maybe every-other weekend at Crossroads and feel sad that they may never know how God's personal design of the church really works.

God's church is the place where the gifts and talents that the Father gave every single one of us were given to be used.  It's the place where lifting our voices together in worship is the closest thing we'll experience here on earth - just a glimpse, just a taste of what eternally worshipping God face to face will be.  It's the place where every problem you've ever faced can be used to encourage others, showing them that God is in charge, that problems and trials are the very thing that draw us closer to Jesus - trials in our lives are the place we're no longer in charge but really fall deeply into faith in Christ.  It's the place where even those without family can do life in community, discovering in groups and classes who their family in the Lord is.  Those who know Jesus, do not have to do life alone - we are eternal family, we are The Church!

It was a beautiful weekend and I was thankful to be part of it!

Our Setlist:

The Lion and The Lamb
King of My Heart

Communion - Pastor Wendell lead us in preparing for Communion

Come To The Table
Christ is Enough

Message:  Is It Yours?  Yours, Mine, Ours - Lead Pastor Dr. Dave Vance

Exit song: Praise Goes On

Please join us next weekend as we enjoy part 2 of our Is It Yours? Series!  If you missed this week's service go to the link below to watch.

Have a blessed weekend!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

a Crossroads Christmas

It's so difficult to believe how many Christmases we've created at Crossroads!  This year was particularly meaningful.

Just the way the live actors combined with the amazing music and pre-shot video to tell the amazing story of God sending us His son, it felt like the story came alive in front of us.  We considered how a human mother was chosen by the God of the Universe to give life to His son.  A mother who herself had spent her life waiting for the Savior of which she'd been told.

During the process of preparing the services, through the discussions we had with Pastor Dave and Jocelyn's beautiful writing, I felt like I understood just a little bit more of how shocking that would have been to receive the angels' news.

The way the Lord chooses to use His children to be part of His story is always amazing!

Here are some pictures of the process to create Christmas at Crossroads.

We had a blast creating the services!  Here
Pastor Dave was doing a crazy commentary keeping us laughing!

We practiced like crazy

We made trees

Ernesto was so good!

Our beautiful dancer

These were some of the paper rocks we made!

I can't even guess how many hours Jackie Crawfis spent
building our set - such an amazing job!

We had an extraordinary string section!

Each song was carefully chosen to help tell the beautiful story!

Abi played the part of Mary beautifully!

Our 3 shepherds - Kevin, Hayden and Eric

 I love Monty's stand-up bass

Our amazing quartet!

Sherri Stewart played beautifully for us in the lobby!

Eric's beautiful video work added so much to the production.

It was an unbelievable privilege to help tell the story and to know that a few people came to know the Lord through our work!

Thank you all for attending, we pray it made your Christmas a little more special!

Monday, January 1, 2018

a marvelous Christmas

We have had a wonderful Christmas, family, church, gifts to share and eating - oh, so much eating!

Take a look!

Eric and Alyssa

An unbelievably beautiful impromptu picture at church of beautiful Trinity! 

Jocelyn, Jared and Trinity

I love my momma and sister Cristy!
Family gift frenzy

All of us at Crossroads together for the Christmas services, below as well - so special!

One of my favorite Christmas pictures~  Just love them more than I can say~

We tuck our family Christmas in between church responsibilities and it always seems to fit, just right!  

These pictures sum up what's most important to us, our own children Eric and Jocelyn are blessings we still can't believe the Lord chose to give to us.  And then you add beautiful Alyssa our daughter-in-law, the woman that the God of the Universe created just for our son - they compliment each other perfectly!

Next you consider Jared, the most unexpected blessing this year.  The story of his discovery of Jocelyn and the way he speaks of God's calling toward fostering and possibly adopting children - the very thing that caused him to begin the conversation with our daughter.   It cannot be dismissed as chance! We're excited about what the future holds for them.

So thankful also to the Lord to still have our mom's with us this year - enjoying good health and many great times this year with them!

Then the adoption of precious Trinity - our newest granddaughter...thankfulness to the Lord for her never ceases to end as we enjoy getting to know her more and more - falling madly in love with her as her adoption into our family became final in 2017.

And Oliver and Margot...they are continued blessings on blessings.  From the minute they enter a room, open their mouth reach out a hand to touch fall deeper and deeper in love with them too.  

As a new year begins I pledge to cherish each minute I get to have with each of our family, taking nothing for granted and praising Him!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

weekend report

As we prepare for Christmas weekend there was no cut-back in preparations for this weekend's services!

Milo lead us in a great time of celebration as we sang Christmas songs and then as Pastor Dave taught us things we've never considered before and we all saw Christmas in a whole new light...messy!

Here are a couple of shots from the weekend:

Shawn, Michael and Streeter took Drummer Boy to a whole new level!

Our Young Adults set up their Christmas service in our lobby in anticipation of a great night of celebration and an open Coffee House with refreshments!

Our setlist:

Announcements - Jesse Rider on Video

Joy To The World (Unspeakable Joy)
Angels We Have Heard on High
Drummer Boy
The First Noel

Video Bumper
Message:  Messy Christmas Pt. 4; Messy First Christmas

Exit song: Hark

To watch our service go to

I hope to see you at one of our 5 Christmas Services next weekend!