Monday, February 8, 2016

weekend report

Our faithful worship team lead us strongly!

Our lobby - Town Square full of all kinds of things going on!

It was an interesting weekend at Crossroads!

Our poor pastor, returning from Cambodia became very ill and had to miss the weekend, so Wendell stepped in with very little warning to teach us!  Thank you so much Wendell!

It was a weekend with a lot going on - we had some new signage in Town square advertising all the Communities@Crossroads that are launching in March, as well as our Core Values (being taught during our Conspiracy series), our Students selling great shirts to support their mission trips in 2016 and a new sign over Connection Central, the area of Town Square where our pastors are available to pray with our congregation!   The Community@Crossroads groups include Biblical Teaching groups, Connection Groups and Classes.  It was very exciting to see just how many groups exist at Crossroads when we put together the new booklet!

You can click here to read about all of our groups and to register for classes or groups that require registration!

Our Setlist:

Announcements:  Jesse Rider - Middle School Pastor

Opening Video:  
The Lord Reigns
There is Power
Unbroken Praise
Final verse of Cornerstone

Message:  Conspiracy Series Pt. 3; Committed to Glorifying God - Stewardship:  Wendell Anderson

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Friday, February 5, 2016

easter pieces

It's always about this time before Easter or Christmas that I feel the most vulnerable, the most unsure.

Many times I've had ideas, themes and possible elements for special services tucked away in folders, or deep in my mind for sometimes several years.  When you've thought about something for a long time, you begin to question and doubt whether it's really the right direction to go.  You wonder if you even still believe in it enough to pitch the idea and rally people around it.

And then as I pray and begin to work, often times I'm amazed to find the idea found long ago - now makes sense or has gained support or understanding.

It's an amazing process that can only be explained by the fact that God uses our planning, our creativity in His timing to present His never changing message.

Does He need us to move His message forward, no.   But, I am eternally thankful that He decided to use us in a small way, a way that lets us put to use whatever talents He's given us to serve Him.

Our team will all begin to gather around this Easter concept next week, please pray that it will be obvious to all of us if this can and should be developed into our Easter at Crossroads.

I cherish your prayers, thank you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

my day off - loved ones and legos

Last night was one of my favorite nights in a while.

Our home was full of toddlers to 87 year olds and everything in between as we celebrated birthdays.  We missed our beautiful daughter Jocelyn as she lead the Cambodian mission team back home, but somehow managed to get everyone else together!  A true accomplishment!

We celebrated our son, Eric's birthday and our Son-in-Law Aaron's birthday as well as my Brother-in-Law Rob's.

As I walked upstairs and took this picture, it occurred to me that all 3 of these men are pastors.  And as the night went on the 3 of them became engaged in a lively theological discussion that was fascinating, well at least the chunks of it I caught between building lego helicopters and eating!

A living room completely full of loved ones and legos - I love my 87 yr. old dad hanging over the railing!
Pictured here:  Rob and Cristy Barlow: John and Amanda Forbes: Russell and Janice Forbes; Eric and Alyssa Biddle
with Oliver and Margot; Ron Biddle; and Colleen Gatton (I'm behind the camera)

Our son's old legos - now the property of his son Oliver!

Of course...the tutu angel was there!

If the Lord gives you extended time with family - please make very sure you stand pure before Him with your love for one another pouring forth at all times.  This is not to say that there won't be rough times perhaps - but even in those times there are choices to be made...

Will we waste this day sitting in the bitterness of yesterday?  Or will we treat it as if we may never be together again - and step into one another's lives as fully as we are able?  This choice helps us remain in the place called 'no regrets', and keeps us ready for whatever the next day holds.

Love one another...and on frustrating days, consider breaking out the Legos!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

weekend report

It was an amazing weekend at Crossroads Community Church! Students and Student Ministry staff and volunteers, took over everything possible at Crossroads!

It was so satisfying to watch multiple generations work together to express their love for the Lord as they worked very hard to do their best! The areas in which student or Student Ministry staff served included: worship team; technical team; some of the greeters; and other behind the scene areas such as our children's areas.

With Pastor Dave away in Cambodia - our Young Adult Pastor, Aaron Nicolas continued our Conspiracy Series by teaching us about Creativity with Excellence. It was a fascinating study and sent us all away with a better understanding of just what that means. We don't have to be what people would call 'a creative', rather we need to present everything we do with excellence to the Lord THE Creator! Creative Excellence to the best of our ability has always been one of our main values at Crossroads!
Voices lifted to the Lord - Dan is our senior worship leader.
This weekend was extra special with his granddaughter singing behind him.
Eric is our Senior High Pastor - he lead strong!

Nick and Austin - seriously talented guitarists!

2 more great voices! The future looks good at Crossroads!

Running camera is serious business, we 
had people watching our live feed clear
over in Cambodia!

The Stuckey brothers!

Rehearsal was fun! (Have I mentioned how much I love our students!?)

1 of 3 of our camera operators!

The girls at rehearsal!

Pastor Aaron Nicolas, our Young Adult Pastor!

Blueberry is extremely talented at Directing our Video production!

Dillon ran our CG which brings up all the lyrics and
the Pastor's slides - takes a ton of concentration!

Another great camera guy!

We have so much to be thankful for - I loved this weekend so much!

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

I thought I was too tired

I haven't slept well this week - no idea why, so I'm tired today.  I kind of camped out in my office working on coming events and kept to myself mostly.

However, when you have a son having a birthday you buy cupcakes and embarrass him in front of the Student Ministry Worship team.  So I had a duty to know, mom's perfect timing.

And it was really worth it - got him good!

And then something else happened....

I saw the future stand before me on the Crossroads stage.

And behind me on the lighting board and on the sound board.

And behind the wall running all the video detail.

I became overwhelmed with the Lord's provision - His children, the future had become the present.

A multi-generational church is a blessed, healthy, growing church.  20 years have passed as if vapor and here we are preparing for another service with an auditorium full of young hope, young trust and new young overwhelming...

I can't wait for the weekend, I think everyone involved is under 30, (ok maybe not Dan, Arnie and I), but you get the idea!!

Can't wait for Student Takeover weekend!

The amazing brothers Stuckey

Nick and Austin

Beautiful Daughters of the King above
and below!

My precious friend Dan with his darling granddaughter right behind him!
Generations worshipping the Lord!

They are precious in His sight!

And in mine!!  Feeling very blessed to be part of this!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

the school in Santa Maria

I'm finally getting my final pictures from our mission trip to Guatemala posted!

Today I'd like to show you pictures of the Proximos Pasos School in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala - where I spent a lot of my time!

This is the all girls school, now ready to go up through the 8th grade which is unheard of in this area of Guatemala! And it's Christian education! The thing that really makes this School exceptional is that most girls in this area only get up through a 3rd grade education, but Mission Impact works tirelessly to sponsor more and more girls! It's their only hope out of an otherwise hopeless home life - married by age 13 in most cases.

One of the things I found genius, was the fact that they had a lot of male teachers who love the Lord with all of their hearts, in order just to show the girls what a man looks like that loves and serves the Lord. The culture is largely abusive of girls in their homes and look at them as possessions to be married off and denied an education.  This school and the understanding they gain of the Lord is their salvation in many ways.

We got to be at the school just a day or two before the girls began to attend for this school season. It was an honor to work with the girls when they came to tour the building, do some crafts and get familiar with what to expect!

We went ready with crafts and things like stickers and
bracelets to make!

This is one of their precious teachers!

You have to look closely to spot the Crossroads helper!

Surrounded by beautiful girls that now have hope through
school scholarships - many from Crossroads attendees!

This was the group of girls they brought in to meet their sponsors!
So exciting to meet our Guatemalan girls!

Steve Ritchey meeting one of his girls!

Our beautiful girl!

This is our team working with the amazing teachers to prepare everything
for their rooms and bulletin boards!

I have learned the Lord will provide the opportunity if you're willing. I'm an example of a reluctant missionary, you would think by now I'd totally listen to my amazing husband and just do whatever he's excited about without even asking... (he's always right - it gets old)

Guatemala was the best, I can't wait until next year to go back and check out even more of the beautiful, needy country!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

weekend report

It was a glorious weekend as the Conspiracy Series began.

Pastor Dave taught us about the importance of all of our teaching at Crossroads being based directly on God's Word!  THE TRUTH!  He made the scriptures come to life as he described how Jesus appeared to the disciples proving the scriptures are true!  He rose from the dead - and all our belief and teachings are hinged on that fact and should reflect that truth!

Worship was amazing as we lifted our voices in unison to worship the Lord!

Our new series continues this weekend - and I look forward to seeing you all there again!

Our setlist:

There Is Power
A Mighty Fortress is Our God
How Great is Our God
Broken Vessels
We believe

Bumper Video: Conspiracy
Message: Conspiracy: Truth
Exit Song: There is Power

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