Wednesday, January 22, 2020

thankful for my marriage

I sat near an older couple, ok they were probably my age, recently meeting for the first time and discussing their past marriages talking about the fact that it's hard to date in your 60's, I'm pretty sure they met on-line.

It made me VERY thankful for my marriage.

We recently moved and found that it drew us closer together, a common dream and quite the challenge to empty a house after being there 23 years and squeezing into a tiny house!  So fun.

I also appreciate a ministry that offers opportunities to grow closer as a couple.  

Currently Crossroads is offering a Valentines Banquet CLICK HERE for couples and singles both and we're bringing Kirk Cameron live to speak to us about both marriage and parenting.  PLEASE register right away CLICK HERE.

I'm challenging you to take advantage of both of these events, as well as classes and groups being offered right now in our Winter Semester CLICK HERE to see the catalogue, and try to be intentional about being thankful for your marriage!

Go love your spouse well!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

where do you worship

Following a night at Crossroads Church, where I got to be part of  a Christmas production we pray brought glory to our Savior, I stood at my kitchen window worshipping Him this morning.

I just looked at the post on Facebook by a photographer who photographed individual snowflakes showing design perfection at the highest level I've ever witnessed.  As I looked across my yard full of melting snow - I was nearly overwhelmed with awe picturing every - single - snowflake being so meticulously designed.

I then fixed a cup of coffee next to the window and saw just seconds after I had filled empty bird feeders - swarms of birds returning for a morning feeding. 

How do they know I just put this out when moments ago there was no hint of a bird in any of the trees surrounding the feeders?

I stood and worshipped Him!  Our meticulous designer - creator!

If He cares enough to invest His time designing EVERY SINGLE snow flake and instilling survival instincts in EVERY SINGLE specie of bird, how much more does a our God desire to shape and use our lives?

So, where do you worship?   Have you experienced worship?

This Christmas accept the ultimate gift God offers, Himself...

This brings a peace that is impossible to understand, no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. Because when you're in relationship with the God of the Universe, you understand that He also designed you exactly the way you are, and is just waiting until you surrender completely - to use your life the way He designed you to be used.  For the exact purpose only your life can fulfill in this amazing, endless, meticulously designed world!

If you want to know more about the Peace only He can offer you, please join us for one of our remaining Christmas at Crossroads services

Tonight at 7:00
Tomorrow and Tuesday at 5:00 and 7:00.

May God reveal Himself this Christmas to you in the simplest of things...and worship Him!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

thankfulness and reaching the lost

We've just come through a wonderful Thanksgiving season during which we got to love on our children and grandchildren as well as extended family!

We ate...a lot!
All together and very, very thankful!

We played games...

We decorated Grandmas home for Christmas and hugged reindeer!

Adults were too stuffed to play!

Precious grand-baby playing with great grandmas decorations!
I'm more thankful than ever before in my life for my family and my precious friends, and my heart is burdened like never before for the lost in our community.

Recently, wherever I go I wonder who around me is without a savior?  I wonder what Christmas means to them...more debt?  disappointments?  loved-ones that no longer visit?  missing peace? Without Jesus I can't imagine going through the holidays.  Let's all pray right now for the Lord to show us who we should bring with us to Christmas at Crossroads!

A tiny Christmas baby came, He is the missing peace so many people are still searching for!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

community at crossroads

You can just attend church each week, or church can be a living, giving, vital part of your life.

The friendships I've formed over the past 23 years at Crossroads were largely formed not just by attending church with the same people each weekend, they were formed by doing life with people.

By serving together, by attending special events with them, by surrounding something that needed to be accomplished with them, by helping someone that needed help, by studying and learning more about the Lord together, by living in community.

The reason we plan trips and special events at Crossroads is to provide opportunities to know one another,  to be together with brothers and sisters in the Lord!

Recently 42 of us had an amazing time away for 5 days together both with people we knew well and those we met for the first time.

This trip connected us around a common experience that we'll never forget!

Church is much more than a place to learn about our Lord, it's a place to meet some of the friends we'll spend eternity with!

These two were trouble!

The pools were beautiful and we had a Christian band playing pool-side!

One of our favorite times each day was eating together!

Competition was fierce!

I hope you'll consider joining us in the future as we continue to try to provide these times away, allowing us to grow close and build memories.  I think perhaps our greatest opportunity so far will be the trip to the Holy Land next March.

I'm preparing my heart even now to be ready to fully grasp the fact that the places we'll visit together will be the physical places Jesus walked!

This is what community looks good!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Christmas time is here

I would appreciate prayers today as I tackle Crossroads' Christmas.

It's such an opportunity for visitors to come and hear the Gospel that I take it very seriously!  We put a whole lot of prayer and planning into this one service - so prayers would be appreciated.

I value all of your friendships so much! Thanks for always being willing to pray!

Fa la la la la!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

God the great healer

In ministry it's easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of people going through horrible medical issues at any given time.  With each request my heart aches for them, and for them their sole focus is on pursuing healing.  And it's a journey I count a privilege to walk with them.

I spent time talking to three different families this past weekend going through terrible struggles and I'm just taking time this morning to dedicate specific time to asking the Great physician to guide them through this time - and specifically for healing.

Several of them have surgeries or testing that's very important this week - will you join me in prayer for them?

"Father, you created us all completely designed for the purpose we play in your master plan.  A plan to lead the lost to you.  Father, please guide the hands of the surgeons this week as they operate on my brothers and sisters in you!  And may they spiritually experience a closeness to you they've never felt before, a realization of who you are in a way they've never known.

If it please you Lord, PLEASE heal these dear people that are fighting so hard to be well.  I trust you Lord, and they all know you Lord and rest in your love for them. Amen."

Find someone struggling today, wrap your arms around them - help them to be held in the Saviors arms!

Monday, July 1, 2019

my day off

As I sat outside on this glorious morning having some quiet time with the Almighty, today's study was on waiting.  That sounds familiar - Pastor Dave's been taking us through the book of Habakkuk!

The interesting part she discussed about waiting was what they did while they waited.  She talked about the fact that there's always work that can be done during the waiting.  Sometimes it's simply being quiet before God and doing some soul-searching and making ourselves available.  And other times there's actual physical work that needs to be done just to prepare us for what God's going to reveal at the end of the waiting.  Like Noah did while he waited for rain!

So to those of you in a season of waiting, take great encouragement from the amazing people God used in the Bible that waited, possibly much longer periods of waiting than God may ask us to be in.

I don't feel like I'm waiting right now, but still I'm asking myself as I write this, what is God's plan for this day before me?  How can just a day-off affect eternity for His glory...I guess I'll just remain in Him and wait and see what He has for me as I put one foot in front of the other and enter this day!