Sunday, January 25, 2015

weekend report

It was AMAZING!!!  Again!

The Lord is Good all the time!

The worship completely surrounded and pulled in all that were in the room.   It was irresistible as the Holy Spirit filled that room and used the musical notes to pave the way for spoken word and the Word of God to be strongly proclaimed!  So, so Good to be in the House of the Lord!

Steel Guitar

Scott the guy on the bass!

Jocelyn and Pastor Dave

Pastor Dave had to step in when our Spoken Word guy got sick!

So thankful for our teams!  Claire and Jen leading!

Jocelyn leading

The guys corner - Milo, Darin, Jay, Mike and Chris - so good!
Our Setlist:

Announcements on Video

Nothing But the Blood - All Sons and Daughters
Spoken Word
All He Says I am
Forever Reign
Your Glory (Nothing But the Blood)

Pastoral Prayer
We Are One - volunteer video

Message: One Standard Scripture - Dave Vance

Exit Song:  Your Glory

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

a deep uneasiness

The past couple of weeks I've had a very deep uneasiness in my soul.

It of course is God stirring me.

I feel haunted by the knowledge of fellow believers being tortured and killed because of their beliefs. The reports of the atrocities seem to increase each day.

Twice I woke up crying for them - begging the Lord to intervene and shake the very walls of the prisons that surround them.  It takes me into a time of prayer and deep into a feeling of helplessness to change anything - to make any difference in this regard.  So I have to assume it's prayer that God is calling me to.

But I'm not sure, is there something physically I am to do Lord?   Is it just a reminder to pray continuously?

It feels wrong to be here surrounded by endless possibilities and wealth, while their children are being taken away, couples are being separated and abused and eventually killed.

Even now I can hardly write because of the sorrow I feel for them.

I do believe when the Lord allows us to suffer for His name sake it is an honor,  still I wish there was a way I could help them.

Please pray for the millions of people living in terror around the world.  May they feel the Creator of the Universe close to them today... and may we constantly ask - "what can I do Lord?"

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I have often said - I'm very, very thankful for any God-fearing person willing to serve in a political office because I could never be in the political arena!

  1. Tonight I watched politicians on TV for a few minutes argue about trivial things that the average American could care less about.  It made me so sad when I know we have problems that need their attention badly.

    If you allow yourself, it's easy to get swept up in worry and frustration as we watch our beautiful, free country seemingly fall apart around us.  We are a free people that have everything the rest of the world would die to have - and still we aren't satisfied.  

    It comes as no surprise that people are still not satisfied even when the new model of 'getting without earning' is being given to them.

    We were created to work and not just to get.  

    What our country is searching for is of course something no politician can ever supply, it's a personal, satisfying, all full-filling relationship with the Lord.  Nothing this world has to offer brings lasting satisfaction or peace.

    Tonight I am praying for the "State of the Union" and all those caught up in the self-serving mire politics can become.  Our political leaders need our prayers!

    My prayer tonight is for those who need the Savior,  that they may come to know the rescue that only He provides!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

what I learned today

It always amazes me that when I sit down to study, God takes me exactly where He wants me to be.  It's no accident.

I've been using She Reads Truth as my daily devotion and it challenges me every time!

Matthew 5:22  addresses any anger, ANY hard feelings we are holding on to against someone.

I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgement; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, "You fool" will be liable to the hell of fire.

Strong words about holding onto ANY, ANY, ANY grudge against anyone.

It doesn't say you can by angry toward someone that did something wrong to you, it doesn't say anything about 'justified anger', a term I often hear tossed around.  And here is why -

My reading says, "..when we go to those places in our hearts, someone is dying - we are; ....anger kills our spirits and clouds our lives with noxious fumes.  A thought life that includes these practices destroys our spirit for all the work the Father wants to unfold around us.  That is why the teachings of Jesus were so revolutionary, here is a God not only concerned with output, but concerned about our hearts"

When I think about any other religion, at least what I know about them, it's appears to be all about the output - constantly trying to achieve more and more to be acceptable.

The reverse is true for our spiritual walk, we can't even accomplish what He created us to do if we harbor ill-will or hatred toward another.

This could even mean that someone we watch and judge as not 'putting out enough' - could actually be the one God is most pleased with if they are abiding in Him with a pure heart and clean mind.  Remember Mary and Martha?

Today's challenge is simple.  Forgive - let go of it - and let God 'abide fully' in the very hearts and minds He created.

What I learned today - I'm unusable by The almighty God if my mind is not where it needs to be before Him.  Only then is my work accomplishing what He desires.

Monday, January 19, 2015

weekend report

We were waiting and ready to kick off Pastor Dave's first series "We Are One" and it was AMAZING!

His gifted teaching held people captive as he taught from the Word of God about how to be unified at Crossroads.  The church was God's creation - a place for us to learn, to serve, to care for one another and do life together!  Everyone was so excited!  I can't wait for next Saturday when we all get to be back together again!

Here is our first 'we are one' video!

Our setlist:

Beautiful Mighty

Announcements on video

We Believe
One Voice
To Live is Christ
All He Says I Am

Pastoral Prayer
We Are One - video intro
Message:   One Church: Unity

We Believe - shortened

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

weekend report

Crossroads had quite the weekend - our new lead pastor Dave Vance taught for the first time and the Lord filled our ministry with His presence!  It was awesome!

Our new lead Pastor Dave Vance
Our setlist:

King of My Heart

Video Announcements - Kristin Scott - Nursery & Preschool Coordinator

The Lord Reigns
Great Are You Lord
Lord I Need You

Message:  Venture - Dave Vance

Exit Song : Lord I Need You

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Monday, January 12, 2015

chapter two

If there was ever any question about Pastor Dave and his family being what Crossroads needs as we
begin Chapter two, they all disappeared this weekend.

We were packed!

Praise & tech teams surrounded Pastor Dave for prayer before his first message

It was as if Pastor Dave had been here forever.

VentureThe energy and excitement was almost 'touchable'  as we watched our new pastor take the stage and begin to teach us - "Venture".  We worshipped, we learned,  we dreamed and we're ready.  What God has in store in Crossroads' Chapter two is yet to be seen, but I suspect that Chapter 2 will hold things beyond our dreams.  
It feels like a movement of the Lord - like it's much more then anything that can be contained within the walls of Crossroads, like it's something that will spill out into the streets of Mansfield and beyond.
If God chose this family to bring to us, if He is going to make Chapter 2 a time of miraculous things that we've only dreamed of - then what is our responsibility?
Prepare well:  Continue the 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting  - pray like you've never prayed before
Connect with others:  Join a House Church or volunteer in one of the many areas of Crossroads
Take the next step:  Sign up for a CLASS or commit to begin to 'give' financially - whatever that next step of spiritual growth is for you
Let's all participate, let's all take ownership and let's all move forward as one...We Are ONE!