Sunday, October 19, 2014

weekend report


Crossroads was hopping this weekend and so filled with the Holy Spirit I can hardly describe it!

silhouettes of our amazing team
It is possible to teach on super difficult subjects while carefully proclaiming that any sin can be forgiven by the God who created the universe.   The ache He must feel as He watches His creation make terribly decisions and then suffer under the guilt and regret the decisions bring...And still He loves us, forgives us and calls us His own...amazing.

Our setlist:

The Lord Reigns - Gateway
Jesus Loves Me - Tomlin
One Thing Remains - Stanfill
Oceans - Hillsong
Video: Choose Life - SermonSpice
Message:  Choose Life - Pastor Brian Boone
Special Music:  Tears Fall

artists painting the final addition to our silent auction

one of our high school groups

faithful volunteer Doug serving in our Elementary room

my hubby leading a new membership group

Chrystie on the final special of the day

Tears Fall - an amazing ending to our services

Sound-guy Aaron

couldn't resist the silhouette shots

Worship was so sweet

My favorite instrument on stage this weekend

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Have a blessed week!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

life keeps on moving

As I find myself sitting here in the video booth at Crossroads, waiting to cue up a video honoring a young woman's life that was taken by the horrible disease diabetes.

I too lost a 40 year old brother to this disease.  I absolutely hate what it does to the body it overtakes.

The thing that always catches my attention at any of these kinds of losses is the fact that life all around us just keeps on moving.  Totally unaffected by the hearts that mourn this morning.

While people inside Crossroads struggle to make sense of a life cut so short -- people beside us buy their weekly groceries at Kroger or shop for thematic crafting items in preparation for fall celebrations or early Christmas preparations at Hobby Lobby.

When something so totally consumes you personally like the loss of a loved one,  it's shocking to watch the total disregard of everyone around you.  Not that they knew this girl or her family, but, because of being so totally inside this loss, saturated by it - it's hard to watch as traffic drives by and people laugh walking down sidewalks...

I am speaking to both myself and you as I encourage you this day to really 'see' what's around you.  Consider what others may be dealing with and have the mind of Christ always considering others before yourselves -

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

what I learned today

One of my best friends in the world, Deering recently talked about how much more relaxed and less stressed he finds himself since he doesn't have cable anymore.  He's unplugged from the negative 'doomsday' blathering of the news media.  I wonder how sad it makes the Lord to see us sitting in front of the hypnotizing spell of our TVs- filling our minds with whatever they want to say?

I've always watched music competition shows on tv and HGTV - that's about it.  And it's largely because they amuse me, I don't have to think and sometimes they even get my creative juices flowing!  Beyond that, I don't need information from the tube.

That may seem like mindless watching, but I came out of a childhood of doomsday proclamations every time I walked through the doors of the church.   I spent nights awake following fiery threats from the pulpit and endless 'don't you dare do anything wrong!' warnings.  It made me always feel 'not good enough'.  Throw my aunts continuous evaluations into the mix and it's a wonder I ever walked back in church again!

But even in my most doom and gloom filled days, there were true believers around me, including my parents, that got it.

What God intended to bring to the earth was grace - not threats.

Phillip Yancy said this in an excerpt from Vanishing Grace
God entered our world and demonstrated in person that nothing — not even death — can separate us from God’s love. That the story of Jesus has this main theme: “For God so loved the world that He gave . . .” That human existence will not end with the imminent warming of our atmosphere or the gradual cooling of our sun, and my particular destiny will not end with death. That God will balance the scales of human history not by karma but by grace, in such a way that no one will be able to accuse God of unfairness.

No one will be able to accuse God of unfairness....WOW!  I guess that means that looking back it will be obvious that His grace was there, just waiting to calm our fears and release us from guilt and the worry of not being good enough...

Our fellow non-believing friends desperately need to hear the Gospel of Grace!  Grace-filled eyes are my goal today - Lord Jesus, let me see everyone whose path I cross with YOUR EYES today - the eyes that held so much love for us that you gave up your own life...

Monday, October 13, 2014

weekend report

We had another blessed weekend at Crossroads with Pastor Brian!

God's reassurances in the middle of the world's chaos is His gift to us!

The worship was strong and the fellowship was sweet!  It was good to be in the house of the Lord!

Our setlist:

Be Lifted Higher
Lord I Need You
Forever Reign
Nothing Ever (Could Separate Us)
Message:  Beyond The Battle - Brian Boone
Exit Video:  I will Fight

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Friday, October 10, 2014

another day is done

I am sitting in my bed because I'm so dead tired, taking care of some email and going to sleep early!

Looking back over my day, I wondered if there was anything positive and of lasting eternal value at all?

I woke up with a headache after the pie baking evening at Crossroads last night.  (Wendell and Jeff are sure it was the sugar!)  Because of not feeling great I slept an extra hour then went straight to the Crossroads Directors meeting.

I love this group of people more than I can describe!  They care about what's going on in our ministry and in one another's lives.  And they challenge me personally.  Today was no exception.  I always leave thinking...

I went immediately to a lunch meeting with a technical genius guy and Arnie, and it was also very stimulating!  I again left there thinking!  I hope this meeting results in new friendships!

Next I cooked dinner at home for my hubby and son Eric, we enjoyed having him with us  - I cannot even begin to describe how often I praise the Lord that I have a Godly family following Him!

And now I find myself thinking about all the thinking I did today.

Was this day as God intended my day to be?  Do I just turn my days into what pleases me?  How many pointless - possibly hurtful words came out of my mouth today?


It's funny what some consider one of my gifts can also be my biggest weakness.

They are one of two things - either a blessing or a curse.

If there is anything between those two extreems it may be pointless words I guess - that sound a lot like BLA -BLA - BLA to those in ear shot.

Oh how I want especially my spoken words to draw others toward the Lord or toward a Godly decision in our ministry, or however He needs them to lead others...

I pray you hear the words deep in my heart tonight Lord - the words no one else will ever hear.  May those hidden words always be the deep longing for you that I feel right now.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

the 'looks' of ministry

I don't know about any of your ministries, but ours constantly looks different and in many cases unexpected!

Tonight was no exception - 5 of my friends and myself, offered a pie making class and it was quite the hit!   I only HOPE their pies turn out ok when they bake them at home tonight!

But what I watched tonight was worth any work that was done, or any other work that wasn't does as the case may be - because we saw a large church become small as ladies learned from one another and laughed and ate together. 

Here is some of what you missed if you weren't at Crossroads tonight.

Ready and donning an apron!
Friends with different pies!

My good friends preparing for the evening

Peeling fresh apples

new friends

Staring with Prayer.

Jean demonstrating her - bake in the paper bag apple pie!

Jocelyn did it, perfect crust!
It was very good to be in the House of the Lord tonight, and I'm thankful to all the gals that came out - more good times to come!

PS>  The only negative was I didn't realize on the other side of the wall from us was our Healthy Beginnings Class ...I heard rumors that several girls that were supposed to be in that HEALTHY Class attended ours instead!  Whoops!

Monday, October 6, 2014

my day off

I often joke about once we create and execute a service at Crossroads, I forget about it.  No matter how dynamic if I'm not careful to be fully engaged it can become a 'checked off item'.

This morning as I enjoyed (kind of) a cup of instant coffee, (anyone who knows me knows this could potentially ruin my day - (Crossroads' Coffee House did not have any bags of Lousanteville to purchase yesterday).. I'm still relishing yesterday's services at Crossroads.

The process of 'team' means all the names of 'who did what', disappears into a seamless crescendo of effort completed as the worship comes pouring out of the congregation in response to God's touch on our week's work.  For the God of the Universe to allow our team to participate in this ending to our week's labor causes a praise to build up within me - never to be adequately expressed.

 Tomorrow I turn my attempts toward Christmas - please pray for a break through!

Before I begin to craft the pieces of a crucial service like our Christmas services, I feel completely overwhelmed and unworthy.  But, as I cover the pieces in prayer - God's assurance washes over me and reminds me that all He expects is one pieces, one attempt, one try at a time.  All I have to do is build the framework and invite the team in - and together we complete it.  No service is one persons' efforts or ideas, it's always collaborative or it will hold no appeal or value to the masses.

So on my day off - I just listen to and look at all the Christmas pieces I've collected in my desktop folder all year long.  The pieces that could possibly fit together to form what we've dreamed of, or could simply become pieces that lead us on
to other things - things not yet discovered.

Please pray that Christmas at Crossroads will be a pouring out of prayerful work that fills eyes with wonder and hearts with understanding of the new born King...