Friday, February 3, 2012

how much is enough

I have watched several shows tonight featuring some of the most expensive  homes in America.  Some were for sale and some had recently been redesigned for extremely wealthy clients.  These homes contain design elements and contents that I honestly didn't even know existed!  The beautiful wood and marble that had been imported from around the world easily cost more than my entire home!

One APARTMENT not home, APARTMENT reduced their price by $1,000,000 because it had been for sale for 6 months.  Can you imagine?

It made me wonder how much is enough?

Are you satisfied with what you have?  HONESTLY?

Gossip comes from being dissatisfied.  Over-shopping, and high credit card debt also screams "I'm not satisfied!"

I am sure you realize how wealthy we all are in comparison to most of the world.  So what does it take to make us happy?  Do you spend what you should be using to help others -  Missions - The local church?

I examined my own heart and my own actions...

I really do have enough. More than enough!  May our thanks pour out daily praising the Lord for His exceedingly gracious blessings!!

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Sharon said...

Oh my! I just had the biggest "ah ha" moment Lori! One of the biggest things I am struggling with and working hard to overcome is being a gossip. You are right....if I were satisfied in my own life, I wouldn't be so quick to gossip about others. I am happy for the most part, but know there are areas of my life where I am not satisfied. Perhaps if I put more effort into improving those areas there wouldn't be any need or desire to gossip. Wow! Thank you Lori! I enjoy your blogs so much! God bless!