Monday, January 31, 2011

2 weekend favorite things

I always have a couple favorite things from each weekend at Crossroads.

This weekend I LOVED the youth being up front leading us as well as the beginning of what I think will be one of our congregation's favorite series "Gray", Pastor Tim will unwrap I Corinthians and explain the freedom's we have in Christ.

Beyond those two things I loved these: The House Church Tower represents a new era at Crossroads as we begin to organize 5 new House Churches to launch this year!

The chocolate goodies...well they are just my favorite - no explanation needed!


I woke up this morning and decided to try to finish a book I am supposed to be writing a review for. It should have been done before now, but, timing is everything and today is the day!

This book is about our journey and has challenged me on several levels.

I am beginning to understand my kids yearnings away from the trappings of commercialism and settling as I read through this.

I always assumed my kids, especially Eric's tenderness against 'too much', was just the normal kid moving opposite direction of parents thing. But, it's not. It's consistent in him - in both our kids. They seem to get it on a level I don't.

They can follow God and exist with much less than I. Occasional conversations reveal their willingness to simply follow and an uncomfortableness with LARGE anything.

The book talked about God's displeasure with Cain and His love for Abel - the wandering shepherd. He also asked Lot to leave Sodom and be willing to wander. When his wife looked back she was turned into a pillar. I loved this line "The penalty for wanting to be a settler is that you become one." She looked back, not wanting to leave her comfortable life behind - not wanting to be a wanderer and God left her there.

This line in the book was buried in the middle of a large paragraph but it jumped from the pages at me. In many ways lately I feel I have settled. Have you ever felt that way, as if there has to be more? What am I missing? What do you want God?

I am willing to wander for the Lord - whatever that means. I don't have to be comfortable to serve Him - eternity is coming ever closer and as my life minutes move me closer toward it my life must be worthy of the Savior. I do not want to lay a big closet, nice house and stuff at His feet.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sacred Journey: Book Review

This is a Book Review on the book "The Sacred Journey" by Charles Foster. I liked it, I liked it very much!

Never had I considered that we were perhaps created to wander.

As I began to read, I realized there is example after example of wandering people favored by God over those who built large empires or business. It is so easy as an American to assume bigger means better. I came to realize that is not necessarily true.

"The accounts of Jesus' life are geographically very explicit. He had said, "Follow me." I just had never taken this as literally as the book challenged me to.

Charles wrote the following, "The penalty for wanting to be a settler is that you become one." How profound! We settle - in so many ways.

It was ironic that I read this book right before going to Cambodia where I will have the privilege of serving orphans, I have never been out of the country except on a cruise ship. Shame on me. My son recently said to me, "prepare to have your American bubble broken"... This book was the first step in that process.

I would recommend this book to anyone willing to consider that the 'American Dream' is the very thing keeping all of us from really making the impact on our world that God desires from us.

weekend report

If you click on this picture and look closely you can see Mia's expression as her dad tries to be funny!

Oh My Goodness WHAT A WEEKEND!!! The youth lead at Crossroads - SO AMAZING!

They rocked the house and taught our congregation just a little more about worship!

Our Setlist:

Welcome/Announcements - youth Ethan Stuckey

O Happy Day
Revelation Song
House Church Announcement - Deering Dyer
I Will Follow
Message: Gray Pt. 1 - Pastor Tim Armstrong

To watch our services go to www.crossroadswired.

To see what other ministries used in their services this weekend go to

Saturday, January 29, 2011

preparing for services

I have fully enjoyed today - a day of completed writing for various websites, finishing a presentation for next week, finishing the ironing and now trying to wrap my focus on tonight and tomorrows services at Crossroads.

This takes intentional preparation in order to be focused before this evening begins. (Focus always takes great effort for me!)

My prayer for our services is that our congregation will take next steps, what ever that looks like in their life. Next steps that lead closer to Jesus.

If we don't prepare well we will distract from the message that is why it is vital to prepare.

This weekend we have the privilege of being lead by the Crossroads youth praise team - the future of Crossroads! So exciting that they are already being developed and trained for serving at Crossroads! I pray that our multi-generational worship will be sweet to the Lord! See you there!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

another blessed night

I was privileged to lead the young single woman's group again tonight - again, I was blessed more than they - guaranteed! Hilarious that when we 'teach' the person learning the most is the least whenever I teach that is the case!

Now we really need a young man dedicated to corralling and leading the young single guys at Crossroads - 20 somethings...BIG need!

Tonight we asked the question of ourselves,' are we really living each day unselfishly letting the Lord lead us each and every day as if it were perhaps our last?'

Here was one of the most difficult questions, "Have you allowed your self-centeredness to dominate your daily schedule? Why not go through your checkbook tonight and see how many checks were written for things concerning others?" Definitely revealing!

I look forward to learning more and more!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

should a church advertise

In my opinion - ONLY if they are very intelligent and knowledgeable in the area of advertising.

Today I drove by a church whose plastic letter sign said "How Guilty Are You?...worship services at 10:00".

Now, I HIGHLY doubt whether one single person who does not already regularly attend that church would come after reading that sign.

What do you think? Should churches use little quirky advertising slogans, or don't you think it matters?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rory is coming

I was working on a weekend coming at the end of February today. The weekend that Rory Noland is coming.

Rory was formerly the worship leader for the Willow Creek Church in the Chicago area. He wrote Heart of the Artist, a book that our teams have studied and learned a great deal from. He will be working with all the amazing volunteers at Crossroads that serve in the worship areas. He stressed that I make sure the technical teams, artists, actors, CR teams and youth leaders all be invited.

I believe when we have the privilege of hosting a man of this caliber at Crossroads it does much more than teach us new things. First of all it brings all of our teams together - that is HUGE! Second he encourages us, and I feel encouragement needs to come from the outside occasionally. And what I have found to be true each time a new leader visits Crossroads, he will help us to see what an amazing ministry we truly have! When you are deep in the middle of constantly trying to be creative while remaining true to the Lord and honoring him, it is very difficult to see how much God has blessed us in Crossroads!

So as I work on that weekend, pray with me for our Crossroads teams to soak in the new instruction and encouragement. Pray that we leave that weekend with a renewed calling to lead our congregation toward the Lord each weekend. February is going to be awesome!

Monday, January 24, 2011

the greatest is love

I was reading this morning and came across the scripture where Peter asks the question, "What about John?"

Obviously this had to be upsetting to Jesus because Peter had his eyes on John instead of what Jesus was calling him to do. As I continued to read I realized it was a question of love.

Jesus knew the only way Peter would follow him through everything he was called to do is if Peter loved Jesus more than life itself. This forces me to ask myself, how much do I love Him?

Beth Moore wrote, "dedication to ministry and to serving others can sustain you for a while, but without being deeply and completely in love with Jesus, we will eventually burn out and fall away."

That is NOT what I want my legacy to be. How awesome would it be if people someday look at our life and say, "she was so in love with Jesus that her love made her unafraid, un-distracted and unselfish".

I will admit, I do not think I am anywhere near that level of love. In 2011 I long to fall deeply into my Savior and I want all of my work to come from that love not obligation.

You don't have to work in the ministry in order for your day's work to come out of love for Jesus. Love Him so much that those around you see it and want it.

Friday, January 21, 2011


This week I began to prepare for my Cambodia trip. It scares me on some levels.

I have never been out of the country except on a cruise ship - quite a contrast huh?

I like America, I like my comfortable life with its abundance of family, food and friends. I like my home and my church and my predictable schedule.

Cambodia is going to rock my world, I know it! So I am preparing. Praying each day as our leader instructed us to pray, studying the study we were given, reviewing my travel 'to do list'... preparing to be changed.

I want to change. My focus is so narrow. My waking moments are consumed with our family needs and remaining consumable moments are exhausted with ministry work and serving our congregation.

I am ready to make any changes that God lays on my life and so I'm preparing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

working ahead - plan

When I know a new series is coming or I know I will be away - I work ahead.

Some people have voiced doubt at whether the Holy Spirit can bless that which is too precisely planned or created too far in advance. I disagree.

As a child of God I feel certain that the same Holy Spirit that is present today with myself and my team at Crossroads as we plan, can reveal what God's will is just as well today as next month. Can a God that created the world and all of us in it not control our thoughts and open our eyes to the exact elements that He wants us to include? I believe He can and will.

In fact, when I work ahead - those plans remain in my mind as I go through my week. And when I know ahead what we are planning I notice things around me that can be added to our plans, or in some cases replace what we originally planned.

I believe as children of God we should work ahead, giving the Lord the opportunity to show us things that will enhance our work. It happens to me over and over again.

When I do not work ahead, I work so frantically on last minute details that many times I miss what God is trying to teach me through my preparation for the services. I LOVE being done early and listening to God for weeks before the service is presented knowing that by the day of the service, we are truly giving Him our very best!

Do you work this way...ahead or behind?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a little snack

I said a LITTLE snack, but I didn't mean THAT little!

I heard my hubby pouring cereal and called out for him to please make me a little bowl too.

This is what mister generous brought me.

He thought he was pretty funny...he was! I laughed and laughed!

...then, I ate quite a bit more!

Monday, January 17, 2011

just passing through

This was the name of a group of local guys who played years ago in the Central Ohio area. We loved their music and knew all the guys from several area churches.

Today we have been at church all day as hundreds and hundreds of people stood in line for 3 hours to bid farewell to Craig - one of the best singers in the area, bar none! Craig passed away late last week. Everyone is shocked.

I just returned to my office after walking across the Town Square area of our church and I saw the album that a few excited young guys worked to produce all those years ago...Just Passing Through in large print on the front of the well that describes all of our very short lives.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

couldn't resist

As I stand in the copy room at church preparing for the day I couldn't resist writing- I hear our praise team singing a Jesus Culture spirit is soaring with anticipation of corporate worship today!

My heart breaks for those outside the Lord who do not understand the NEED to share this kind of community, an eternal community with brothers and sisters in Christ. I am highly blessed!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

what is first

Do you decide what to work on first by organizing what is due first, what you enjoy doing the most or put every task off until it is beginning to affect others?

I typically organize based on when the project is due. And unlike some people's work my overdue projects cause great problems for my fellow workers. That fact alone drives me to try very hard to stay as current in my work as possible.

When I do get behind it seems to always involve something I am scared of or worried about. Often the worry is a result of knowing I do not have adequate time to prepare well. So how to push through?

I realize I will NEVER be done completely. So I carefully pick and choose what comes first.

And truly FIRST is all we have.

We may never get to NEXT.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

have you stepped out

Have you ever stepped out in faith, in obedience to something you thought the Lord was calling you to do, unsure you could do it? That is where I was tonight. We launched a small group for Young Single Women at Crossroads.

It was amazing!

And, as God often does, the leader (me) was blessed AND challenged more than the attendees!

We faced the question, "are we living with reckless abandon for Christ?" For it is ONLY in Him we find fulfillment. Not in marriage, not in children, not in possessions! If we are not content and obedient right where we are, in this very moment He can never reveal His very best for us.

And so we launched determined to come out of this study with a closer walk with Jesus!

My beautiful, Godly girls!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my day off

I went to the doctor only to be told I have arthritis in my knee...PAINFUL! I then FINALLY completed my reorganization of my coupons and began to go to stores.

I highly encourage each of you to go to the Special K website and print off the Buy One Get One Free coupons for Special K if they are still available! Then, go to Rite Aid who has Special K Buy One Get One, use your coupons and pay something like 30 cents a box!

For one dollar today I got 4 boxes of Special K (our favorite!) and two bags of pistachios, AND they gave me 5 - $1 coupons good on my next shopping trip. SO they paid me $4 to buy the cereal and nuts!

I immediately took my 5 - $1 coupons to the next Rite Aid store and bought 2 - $5 boxes of Tylenol pads for sore muscles and arthritis (that word makes me feel SO old!)...I used 2 -$2 off coupons and paid $1.86 after using the 5 -$1 coupons from my last transaction. I believe the product usually sells for $7.99 each! Fun!

Then at home we sorted through the very fullest closet in the entire Biddle household, Eric's! 5 huge piles he is getting rid of and I swear it is still not easy to hang clothes up in his closet. As I sat folding the 2 huge clothes baskets he is taking to Plato's Closet in the hopes of making some cash, I folded only a couple things with tags still on that didn't fit, most were small mens that are just too small and then I found probably 5 shirts from Junior High!! He is now 22 - think it was time to sort??

Each piece of clothing told a story. Navy blue pullover represented the year the kids had to switch to uniforms. I remember amidst all the
complaints of Eric's friends he said to me, "maybe this change will help the girls be more modest in front of us guys!" A moment of wisdom I still obviously remember. Another shirt was worn for a band performance when he played trumpet. Still another was worn for one of the high school proms...Then I came to the vintage clothing, the stuff that looks just like what we wore in the 70's - so many eras and all leaving our home tomorrow.

As I folded I also remembered how many times each piece of clothing was hugged with my boy inside. Those are awesome memories, mostly because the boy in the clothes hugged me back....and still does!

My day off did not go the way I had planned, but ended with accomplishment connected to beautiful memories and days off just don't get better than that!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

weekend report

It was such a blessing to be at Crossroads today!

The worship was rich and the teaching great! People were receptive and excited to be there - you could feel it in the air!

Our Playlist:

Just for Fun! Vida La Vida - Coldplay
Announcements - Deering Dyer our Small Groups Pastor
Let God Arise - Tomlin
Everlasting God - Tomlin
Glory In The Highest - Tomlin
More Than Amazing/How Marvelous hymn inserted - Brewster
Video/Bible reading - Parable of the Talents Read from ESV and the Message
Teaching: Talents - Matthew 25
Exit Song - Glory In The Highest

To watch our service go to

To see what other ministries used in their worship services this weekend go to

Friday, January 7, 2011


I LOVE the worship group Gungor. I would highly encourage you to check them out if you like interesting instrumentation and very contemporary music.

Their music really engages me. Gungor

What is your favorite group?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

excited about the weekend

I am looking forward to the weekend services. Our programming meeting always leads of course to discussions about the details of each element including the teaching.

As we discussed the parable of the talents, Milo asked about the servant saying "you reaped what you did not sow"...We then discussed how many assume the third servant was not a believer and thus had no understanding of God's concepts.

We then talked about how in Genesis He promises that we will 'plant and reap' until the earth is no more. The cycle will continue until God decides the earth is no more.

Without a Biblical perspective, the negative worldly information I absorb from the news and reports on TV or in the newspaper, causes me to begin to buy into all the worry and doom and gloom. Global warming and limited resources are in God's hands. We are to be good stewards and care for the things God has blessed us with, but the earth will not end until God says so. It will not be global warming that ends this world, it will be our God - the creator of the world.

It must be so scary and hopeless not knowing the one who holds the universe in His hands!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

where did time go

How did the whole night get away from me. I had such grand visions and ideas for writing - now night is gone!

If the Lord grants me tomorrow - I will write then. Good night.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what I learned today

I didn't learn anything completely brand new today, but I have been thinking lately about all the loved ones I and my friends have lost this year. And some of the brand new trials some of my closest friends are facing and I realize it makes you cherish each moment of the journey that is not difficult.

I read the following today, " The road is often merciful, hiding the hard places from us at times when we are weak. All that we are required to do is to put one foot in front of the other. And then do it again." Obedience is what is required in following Christ. Just obedience.

Every road has a beginning and an end. It really describes our life perfectly. We can choose to take a turn and we can even get lost if we go off on our own. An obedient life is little more than one foot in front of the other, over and over again always moving in the direction of maturity in Christ.
It was good to read this simple reminder today to move forward, not to dwell in the past and not to worry about the future.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

weekend report

Oh my goodness - such a blessed weekend! The topic was "All Things New" and the teams came together and offered their work to the Lord with amazing excellence and with raw emotion. You should watch the service on Monday at There is not a separate recording mix but you should be able to experience the amazing service regardless of the sound.

Our setlist:

Now That You're Near - Hillsong United
King Forever - Younker
How He Loves - Jesus Culture
Your Love Is Amazing - (Crossroads original) Milo Sgambellone
To Live Is Christ - (Crossroads original) Milo Sgambellone
Special Music with Cardboard testimonies: Beauty Will Rise - Chapman
The Promise, Pt 3: All Things New - Jesse Rider
Baptism testimony: Richard Dunn
Closing Special: All Things New - Chapman (during baptisms)

To see what other ministries used in their worship services go to

Saturday, January 1, 2011

simple new year

We began 2011 simply. With friends and family - eating too much, playing euchre and all the while watching required new year TV, Dick Clark and the Rose Parade.

A family member asked me what my New Years Resolution was and I had no answer.

So, am I entering 2011 with no new goals or plans to improve in some way? I plan to give this some thought and prayer. I do think new goals are important mostly because it takes some level of self evaluation to identify what is lacking in your life. But, I hesitate to launch into some new routine just because it is a new year. I would really like to keep it simple in 2011 following a year of college graduations and weddings. A simple new year - sounds so good to me!

I would absolutely love to know if you make resolutions AND if you keep them. Leave us a comment to get the discussion going!