Friday, July 30, 2010

good friends

Friends are truly invaluable. Not because of what they do for you, but because of what they do with you! Together we do life.

Periods come in each of our lives where we desperately need our friends and there are times when we are not together as much. It doesn't matter, they are still there - ready and willing to do what needs to be done. Happy occasion or sad.

Last week was one of the happiest occasions of our families life, but we needed a lot of help. And, we got it!

What our friends gave us was not just physical help, but help in each of their gifted areas which lifted the occasion to an extraordinarily high level of spiritual teaching, beauty, sound, musical excellence, decoration, fabulous memory, taste, recording, officiating, and helped create an almost magical atmosphere that we could never have accomplished ourselves.

So to all of our dear, precious friends who gave of their time and talents we can never thank you enough for making Jocelyn and Aaron's wedding a lingering memory that will never fade especially because it is covered with the handprints of many of our dearest friends. We love you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It seems long ago that we rehearsed. all things with order take practice. So we practiced for the wedding last Thursday. It is very hard to believe that it will be a week ago tomorrow.

And so the days pass, memories linger and eventually fade. This is the reason we need pictures!

I took very few pictures at our daughter's wedding - I left that to the expert. But I did snap a few of the rehearsal evening. A night that began with instruction and ended with the bride and groom reading the pieces they wrote telling us what we meant to them - not a dry eye to be found... So meaningful to each of us.

Here are a few pics, maybe they can help bring back memories of your own!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

from beginnings to endings

Life goes fast.

This week our family has experienced a glorious beginning with our daughter and son-in-law's wedding and now experienced the ending of our beloved Aunt Mickie's life.

Just days ago we spent a significant amount of time laughing with her and sharing a wonderful fourth of July weekend and dinner at our home.

Her loss is huge to our family - she was very close to my father only a year and a half older than he is. A sister who left us suddenly - the ending coming unexpectedly. A sad ending for us - a pain free homecoming and new beginning for her.

Beginnings and endings - opposites yet exactly the same.

Monday, July 26, 2010

the Crossroads Luau

We had a giant luau party at our house on Sunday to thank all of the Crossroads volunteers for serving so faithfully at church! So much fun - the church doing the twist to a 'Beach Boys' style band!

Now - that's MY kind of church!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

not over yet

Well - most of you probably know that I have been involved with our daughter's wedding this week. God was so gracious - and held back the clouds so that we could celebrate with all of our friends and relatives under a bright moon surrounded by lanterns and twinkle lights. It was magical!

And then the dancing...well, that's a whole discussion on it's own!

Stay with me here on my lonely - empty blog and I'll share a lot of details in the next few days!

But it's not over yet, today 750 people join us (if the sky clears off!), as we thank all the amazing volunteers of Crossroads with a hog roast and big fat PARTY!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

they are someone today

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. ~Stacia Tauscher

I saw this on someone's facebook today and loved the quote.

Do not waste your time worrying about who your child will become.

Teach them daily, enjoy each moment and dedicate them to the Lord.

They will never look just like you thought they would, they will never think the same way you think and they will never become exactly what you thought they would be.

They are someone very important today, just as they are, right where they are.

After Friday I will mostly talk to my daughter via phone or Skype. I will no longer be able to walk up to her bedroom and find her there. She will be gone. She will be married.

I am a very, very blessed mom to love the man she is marrying. I have gained a son, not lost a daughter. But I warn you...

If you spend your time waiting for what they will become, you will definitely miss who they are.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

my week

I have been SO busy that I have not even been on my computer except to prepare for the weekend services and to work on projects. I still do not have time to write extensively since I am now only days away from our daughter's wedding. So, I decided to show you what I have been up to instead! Have a blessed week!

Cedar Point bubble blowing
wedding haircuts
Bill Hill - announcing luau volunteer picnic
our son's return from tour
lettuce in my office
uninvited people eating in my office
my dad's prize

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

what I learned today

Time is fleeting.

Nothing new, but a whole new meaning for us.

My parents have chosen to miss a rather important event in order to be with our family when we go to Cedar Point. The reason? To quote my dad, "We took one Wednesday each summer since our kids were little to spend a day together at Cedar Point. And this may be the last time we are together with Jocelyn since she is getting married."

We all sat together last night and had a feast of Ohio's summer produce goodness and we just tasted and talked. Tasted of God's provision of delightful seasonal foods and tasted of a deep fellowship and a bond that will never be broken no matter who gets married, or no matter who is added to the family or taken away.

I was reminded again last night that time is fleeting and I BEG you all to live everyday fully. Do NOT remain in bitterness or choose to stay in abandonment. Even if you have been betrayed by a friend or family member you can choose to remain there or to walk out of that place into forgiveness and peace. It doesn't depend on another person - just you.

I learned today that the process of saying goodbye is actually sweet when relationships are at peace and you set aside time to taste deeply of God's goodness and simple things.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

weekend report

We were so thankful that Pastor Tim is doing well following his surgery and was back in the pulpit.

Our weekend was strong and as always I was so thankful for all of our volunteers that made it all happen!

Our Setlist:

Pre-Worship: Hosanna - Hillsong United
Pre-Worship: Chosen Generation - Tomlin
Praise: All Because of Jesus - Fee
Praise: One Way - Hillsong
Worship: Rescue - Desparation Band
Worship: Holy Is The Lord - Chris Draper (Crossroads original)
Message: I Corinthians 1:18 - 25 Pastor Tim
Announcements: Wendell Anderson - Spiritual Maturity Pastor

To watch our services go to

To see what other ministries used in their services go to


Water bottles in ice - fresh coffee made - donuts on the table outside the greenroom. Important details to keep our volunteers appreciated.

But, as I sat in my office early this morning I thought of all the people God will be bringing to Crossroads this morning. People experiencing all kinds of difficulties as well as victories. People from every area of our county, people from different backgrounds, people with families and people alone. People seeking God.

We worked this week to prepare well. We prayed this week for God's anointing on this place this weekend. And now we wait.

What kind of life change will occur? Who will for the first time understand how the scripture written so long ago directly applies to their life?

We may never hear a single story, yet we prepare diligently because each of us feels this is what God has called us to do. Sometimes God simply asks us to be ready, to prepare, then we just step away as He works in lives in ways we never imagined! Just knowing that motivates me in ways that years of preparing cannot dull. Prepare well this week for whatever God has put in your life!

Friday, July 9, 2010

he's gone

This was the title on one of the million or so articles concerning Lebron's departure from Cleveland.

In the midst of all the burning jerseys and bobble heads I heard only one voice of reason.

I didn't catch who the reporter was but he said the following. "We should thank Lebron for leaving. Now we can actually afford to build a team!"

Superstars are a blast to watch, but they can hurt almost as much as help if they have to carry the entire team. No one can sustain leading alone. Ministry is the same, it takes a team.

We have the greatest volunteer team at Crossroads that I have ever worked with in my life! We will be honoring our volunteers this summer when we have a volunteer appreciate picnic in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait! No superstars needed, just one big ministry working together to further the Kingdom and please our Lord!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

my office is fuller

Love it when my office fills up.

Not with work (which is everyday), but, with my family and friends.

Today is Aaron's first full day here and much has already been accomplished! But most of all, to see how happy my daughter and he are together is so precious!

So as I was saying a full office is a sign that something is happening, hopefully that something is being accomplished and that fellowship is a possibility.

I was just sharing today with a new friend, how much I love our staff at Crossroads. How many of us do life together, not just work and how much we support and love one another...

And then I walked out and saw this. I almost went and got Dan Fleming, our worship leader, to begin mouth-to-mouth. We have known for quite some time that our Small Groups guy, Deering Dyer, is just way over worked, but ministry is tough so we all have to just push through some times!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Tonight was a night of communion.

Earlier tonight, Deering Dyer lead us in a great First Wednesday service at Crossroads ending with communion and the congregation coming forward for prayer with our Elders and Staff.

Next we came home to a dark house - living room lined with candles and nearly 20 college students worshiping and sharing communion. I cannot think of anything I would rather have our home used for. This picture shows how the college students used a cutting board and pan to serve the communion cups. The bread was served in another tray.

Communion is such a meaningful - connecting experience. Jesus served communion to those He considered his best friends, his followers, his beloved.

We did this tonight in remembrance of Him because we are His amazing!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

what I learned today

"perhaps the most distinguishing mark of a true partaker of the riches of God and Christ is that they cannot hoard the treasures. They want everyone else to enjoy them too."

This quote is such a great description of how our faith should affect us. The joy of our salvation should make it impossible to be silent about our relationship with Christ.

Does it?

As I studied today I believe the Lord opened my eyes to see that I have kind of fallen into a 'take it for granted' mind set when it comes to my faith.

I had to ask myself honestly, am I so in love with the Lord that I cannot keep silent?

I am not afraid to share my faith, but, I had to wonder if the joy I have, the joy that the world is seeking so hard to find, is evident to those around me. Would any seeker ever ask me why I seem different? This is something I will be thinking and praying about.

I learned today as I studied that I need to watch for opportunities to share how much I love the Lord, and to be very careful that I don't ever become complacent in my faith.

Monday, July 5, 2010

my day off

I am pretty sure we crammed as much into one day as we possibly could!

So much fun including teaching our daughter, her buddy Bethany and my sister how to make pies. We baked fresh blueberry, peach and cherry. (Yes Tim, cherry) So much fun, so much mess and 3 beautiful - first time pies!

After this activity ended we had more of the college group trickling in - eventually gathering around a bonfire to roast hotdogs, marsh mellows and finally bug bitten they are currently inside our kitchen talking while we are sitting on the deck.

As I sit here thanking God for all my blessings I am thinking back over the weekend - it was nearly as perfect as any weekend can be!

Pies, balloons, snuggling in blankets waiting for fireworks, sunglasses at night because of the 'rockets red glare'...Here are some of our friends, family and the beautiful things we enjoyed!

weekend report

To watch this service go to

Wendell Anderson led us in a great holiday weekend, teaching us the 5 things every Christian needs to grow! Worship was just awesome and fellowship in Town Square was a blast!

Our setlist:

Instrumental: America the Beautiful
Announcement Video advertising our 5K run: Deering Dyer (Small Groups Pastor)
Original Praise song: Shout To The King - Milo Sgambellone
Praise: How Great Thou Art - Baloche
Transition by Penny Davis
Worship: Our God - Tomlin
Worship: Inside Out - Hillsong
Message: The 5 Things Every Christian Needs to Grow - Wendell Anderson, Director of Spiritual Maturity
Exit Song: Our God - Tomlin

To see what other ministries used in their worship services go to

May God richly bless your week!

Friday, July 2, 2010

a daughter's words

My daughter Jocelyn is many things. A committed follower of Jesus Christ with spiritual understanding that puts those of us twice her age to shame at times. She is extremely talented in many areas; musician, vocalist, extraordinary athlete, committed to family, excellent friend, obedient respectful daughter.

But, today I was moved by her words. She is a very, very gifted journalist and creative writer. She just wrote about the relationship she has with her soon to be husband and the way they have survived the literal distance between them. Read her most recent blog post by clicking here: Jocelyn Biddle

I would like to comment on the distance they have overcome from my point of view.

I have watched their relationship with apprehension at times uncertain whether any relationship can survive this amount of time away from one another. This apprehension has slowly but surely been replaced by admiration for both she and her fiance Aaron.

They have developed a verbal depth that I have not seen in any other couples I have ever been around. Forced to communicate solely by speaking - they have a deep understanding and familiarity that would have taken years to foster if they had physically been together.

My husband and I began dating in high school and were together every single day until we were married. Physical closeness does not encourage communication. It can quickly become a lazy relationship - just hanging out -knowing you will see one another the next day...

I have watched them cherish each moment of face time on Skype doing devotions together, watching movies together - he in Boston she in Mansfield. Just anything they could think of to be together.

I am convinced this marriage is of God and blessed by God and has one of the strongest foundations I have witnessed.

I confess now, that in the beginning when Aaron moved to Boston my husband and I both were very sure it would never last - even though we loved Aaron.

It has not only lasted, but we feel with God's blessing will last for the rest of their lives.

They keep saying when Aaron arrives next week, "we have conquered the distance", and they truly have. It has been an extraordinary journey - and as my daughter's words explain, "she wouldn't change a thing"...and neither would I!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

video shoot meltdown

This morning we shot an impromptu video announcement for the weekend.

Our Small Group Pastor, Deering was the only person doing the speaking. And we got to witness a Pastor melt down as he struggled with the script. (It shouldn't matter that I printed the script off as I ran out the door and he didn't see it until we arrived on site!!)

Shooting videos off site is one of my all time favorite things to do!

You can see the final version this weekend at Crossroads.