Saturday, January 14, 2012

proud of my friend

Sitting here...tears fill my eyes as I reflect on what I witnessed earlier tonight at Crossroads.

My friend, Jeanette Chase spoke at Crossroads, no...taught us and lead us toward the heart of God tonight.

She taught on perseverance, specifically in regard to parenting.

She has earned the right to speak on perseverance after surviving her husband of 30 years leaving her for another woman some 7 months ago.

I remember one of her first concerns after this happened was to ask if she should still be leading our Family Ministry Department at Crossroads.  We all said YES!!  No one is better equipped to lead our children and families then she is.  Even more so after the experience she has had.  God uses all that we go through to help us relate to those with common experience and those placed under our care.

As Jeanette stood and began to teach I could just see our congregation drinking in her words.  Her words of encouragement, her words of instruction and her own story of perseverance.  She is the perfect example of  abiding deeply in the Lord.  Jesus was her Savior in the middle of the worst possible loneliness and betrayal. 

Tonight was powerful, created as a result of sin and disobedience, but redeemed by a loving Savior who holds mens' shortcomings in his hands and forms it into who we are.  Jeanette is an eternity influencer - and she is my friend.

I am SO proud of my friend!


Carol Harris said...

Lori, so well said. What a beautiful example of Godly character.

Kym Lamb said...

I am blessed to call her a friend and a mentor. Thank you for your courage Jeanette.