Tuesday, May 30, 2017

one church...many places

It's been very exciting to watch our congregation begin to embrace "one church...many places".

It looks so many different ways.

Each of us with a personal relationship with Christ are 'the Church', so as the church our lives are on display taking the gospel to many places as we live for Him.  Living as if we really believe this, as if not only everyone around us at work and socially are watching, but living as if we REALLY believe that the creator of the universe is watching and cares very much about our everyday lives.  We are his vessels, we are the church.

So as the church, in our lives we are responsible to be a living witness for Him daily.  But collectively as the church, we feel God leading us outside the walls of the Crossroads' building at 1188 P. A. W. - calling us to 'go'!  And so we are...

Recently I had the opportunity to peek inside with the staff as we witnessed the beginnings of demolition so that remodeling can start making this building God has provided usable!

I really don't need to say much more since the following can speak for themselves...they tried so hard!

Stop by the Missions Center to sign up to volunteer and join in the fun!

Monday, May 29, 2017

weekend report

I say this every weekend, but, man...it was great to be at Crossroads this weekend!

It was just one of those weekends where everything flowed, volunteers and staff were amazing and I was thankful to be there! Everyone was excited to be involved serving!

Jocelyn our worship leader, created lyric videos that ran during our music bringing a fresh look to the lyrics as well.

Pastor Dave wrapped up a great series called "Doubting Doubts" and people hated to see it end!  So thankful for such Biblically based teaching - strong theologically and teaching just absorbed by the congregation!

Take a look!

This was part of our strong praise team this weekend

Pastor Wendell Anderson transitioning out of the Memorial Day
video tribute into announcements.

Special Music "Doubt" with music video

So thankful for all of our instruments making songs so beautiful!

We honored our graduating seniors during our 11:00 service - very thankful for them all!

Our setlist:

We began with a powerful Vimeo video called "Memorial Day" by Ezra Cohen
Announcements:  Executive Pastor Wendell Anderson
Glorious Day
One Thing Remains
Be Though My Vision
prayer transition/11:00 service only recognized our graduating seniors
Doubt - We created a music video made up of footage we shot that was used as our bumpers to bring pastors to the stage, throughout the series
Message:  Doubting Doubts: How to live with nagging doubts...doubting the Bible - 
Dr. Dave Vance
Exit song: Doubts

To watch our services on line go to crossroadswired.com

To see what other ministries use in their service go to www.theworshipcommunity.com

Sunday, May 21, 2017

weekend report

The 2017 Crossroads Women's Retreat "Words" -

So good to see Angie back again!
A weekend to remember for sure!

Take a look!

Everything was ready as we waited for the Crossroads girls to arrive!

Jeanette teaching us so well!

worship was so good!

behind the tech- no matter where!

Jocelyn's teaching was amazing!

I swear Mary Knowlton could be a stand up comedian!

Vicky Berger our beautiful makeover girl!

Beautiful finished makeover haircut!


Games with my sisters well into the late night hours!

Worship with my sisters!

Our styleshow by Poppy and PurseSnickety - thanks Becky!

Go Linda!  Beautiful outfit!

Much appreciation to Becky Sipe and her team for the styleshow!

Thanks for modeling Deb Humbert!

Our beautiful Crossroads models

We think it's been close to 10 years since Crossroads has had a women's retreat, so we decided it was time!

We can plan, and pray and hope and create, but when all the ladies began to sign up it became real and we were so thankful!  92 girls attended the Crossroads retreat at Sawmillcreek Resorts Friday and Saturday!

These are my Crossroads girls!  Sisters for eternity!

I don't get a lot of time to invest in ladies outside my immediate ministry circle, so I was unaware of how hungry for time with these girls I was!  We have amazing ladies at Crossroads and it was so good to be with them!

For all of you who were unable to be with us, the next ladies event will be Friday, July 21 we're taking a bus trip to Grove City Outlets in PA!  Watch your programs in the coming weeks for more sign up information.

So we came home, and then we had an amazing weekend hearing about the progress in our 2020 campaign!  And seeing the building the Lord has provided, so good!  Watch this!

2020 video

It's going to be amazing to see what God is about to do!

Here are the pics I took downtown as we shot video this week.

Downtown shooting our 2020 update with the Eric's and Pastor Dave!

Our City Center!

The crew