Saturday, January 28, 2012

broken windows

I noticed as we drove around yesterday that several aparently abandoned  houses had broken windows in them.

It caused me to wonder why someone would want to vandalize?

Boredom, on a dare, angry, showing-off, messing around or accidentally broken?

Whatever the reason, they were broken it leaves an appearance of neglect.  It lets things in that should stay out.

This is a picture of our dining room.  What a contrast our window is to the broken windows.  Our window functions as it is intended to - it keeps unwanted things out.  ALSO when the window is intact, it allows things in that are desirable - like the reflection of the beauty of the day.  Breathtaking this morning!

When it is not broken, it allows things from the inside to be seen and not heard.   A perfect example of how our lives are.  No one listens or remembers a thing you are saying if your actions don't support your words.

Pastor Tim taught a week ago on the importance of parents and grandparents and caregivers being an example to the kids around them - not to just 'talk' the good talk but to live out consistently what we say.  We HAVE to be someone of integrity that kids can just look at to see what we allow in our lives.  That shows them what is important to us.

If our talk is not backed up with action it causes us to live a broken life,  it become like the broken window above letting things in that ruin our lives - that discredit our testimony completely causing our words to become meaningless.

Our Savior is waiting to 'repair' what is broken in your life.  You too can be living in a way that demonstrates what you believe,  each and every day!

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