Saturday, January 21, 2012

anticipation at Crossroads

One of the things I love the most after spending all week preparing for the weekend services is the anticipation right before the auditorium doors swing open.

Tonight I watched as grandfather taught grandson how to greet people as they came through the front doors.  People lit up when they saw the little guy coming toward them with outstretched hand.  This beautifully supported the message Pastor Tim was about to teach us, one of his points to parents was how important it is to 'model' how to live as Christ followers.

I then turned toward all the fellowship and noise  happening in our cafe.  It was near capacity as excited friends greeted one another and purchased treats and coffee.

And finally the doors opened allowing us all to head in and prepare for the culmination of a weeks worth of preparation.

I was curious after watching everyone prepare tonight,  just how many hours it took to prepare this weekends' service.  I quickly made a rough estimation of the hours that go into EVERY weekend, ONLY by the Magnification teams - I have NO idea how many hours it takes everyone else to prepare!

Programming team:  Worship guys, Tech staff and myself = 120 hours minimum (we each spend about 30 - 35 of our 40 hours on the current weekend)

Teaching Pastor:  30 of 40 hour week (probably varies by teaching pastor)

Praise team and Sound volunteers =  11 hours is just how many hours rehearsal and the services require for EVERY team member.  All the singers have to memorize their music so they spend countless individual hours preparing on top of the 11.  A rough guess at how much time is spent collectively would be based on 12 team members = 132 hours .  And almost all of these faithful volunteers also work full-time!

Then we have a lighting volunteer that designs the lighting most weekends = 4 hours

If there is a new set design that usually adds 5 or 6 hours...I could go on and on.

All this to say - please join me in thanking all our amazing staff and volunteers.  All of us here  were brought together by the Lord to serve with one another and to present His message of hope with excellence to our community!  May God be greatly honored by everyone's work!

You won't want to miss this weekend at Crossroads!

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