Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Once I am home at night I actually watch the clock more intensely then during the day.  In fact, now that I think of it I rarely watch the clock during the day.  My day is spent working ahead, planning and creating things always in the future, so my days are long enough because nothing is ever really finished.  But night time flees far too quickly, so I watch it closely, checking the time every few minutes as if watching keeps it from ticking away.

Tonight I watch the clock - attempting to allow enough time to finish laundry, between writing and preparing for what tomorrow requires.  The days are connected by projects that begin one day and are finished the next.  And by clothes that are worn one day and washed the next and by all the simple things that can slip by with the ticking of minutes.

These ticking minutes do  not count something lost but count every breath the Lord gives me, some I would chose and some I would not yet all are things He places in my life each day.  Each tick a blessing in itself.

Another day is ending now and I end it thanking Him for provision, and another day in Him.

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