Wednesday, September 21, 2016

what dad said

I was deleting some of the notes I have on my phone tonight and came across some of the last ridiculous things my dad said or had said to people that repeated them to us.

So here it goes:

He was heard to say to two ladies standing in the aisle of church, "ladies if you're going to block the whole aisle then put up your wide load sign!"

A friend was visiting dad and told him he didn't like St. Bernard dogs because they slobber.  My dad said, "You'd slobber too if you had 11 kids!"

Dad often said he was so poor he had to have a co-signer to change his mind!

He once said to some poor soul - probably one of his long-time barbershop buddies, "If ugly was music you'd have a whole orchestra!"

At the hospital in his final weeks he said as he pulled out the urinal and we all cleared the room, "I have no idea where everyone is going, they're usually taking pictures of everything under the sun."

He ALWAYS had us howling laughing, and there's just not quite as much laughter when we get together now, that is unless we start repeating his ridiculous sayings and comments!

I miss you dad - your were a great father and were madly in love with Jesus, and for that I can never thank you enough...

I love you.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

weekend report

It was very hard to believe that we were already into another weekend when our focus for so long had been preparing for the 20 year anniversary of Crossroads.   But it was time to move on this weekend, beginning the next era of Crossroads.

We began strong!

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Pastor Dave challenged us to be 'all in', and I found myself searching my heart for anything I've been holding back from being completely in Him!  Let's go Crossroads- are you IN!

Dan and the boys worshipping!

Our faithful praise team!
Milo lead us to the thrown!
Our amazing student worship team preparing for their services this weekend!
Our Setlist:

Announcements including a video Promo for The Seven Churches of Revelation series

Sermon Spice video : All In - A Worship Intro

Your Love Awakens
It Is Well
No Longer Slaves

Message:   ALL IN - Lead Pastor Dave Vance

Special Music:  The Motions

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

what I learned today

With the flurry of the weekend celebration at Crossroads behind me, I'm back in my favorite spot on my deck, worshipping the Lord as I read the account of Jesus washing the disciples feet.

I've written before about a couple opportunities I've had with people who aspire to greatness wanting to be 'in charge' of something.  In both cases I've assured them that even if their gifting is leading - there's way more to leading especially in the church, than leading like a CEO.

This is NOT suggesting that I have it all figured out - I goof up weekly with leadership choices I make.

But, we must try to be humble.  You must be willing to do whatever it takes - even very behind the scenes junky jobs.  You must be willing to be the last man out of the church door.  If not, you'll lead but have no true following.

Beth Moore says, God grants greatness to those who lead with a lap full of feet, like Jesus demonstrated when he washed his disciples feet.  She guessed that if Jesus had asked for a volunteer to wash everyone's feet - none of them would have volunteered!

He talks over and over about being servants to others and very little in contrast about leadership.  He knew what we'd struggle with!

I find it terribly comforting just to see in scripture over and over such practical application for my life's struggles.  What a testimony to the fact that God knew we'd need a manual to live by, and what an amazing thing that He wrote it to apply to every single generation with no changes needed.

He created us and watched us walk away from Him in selfishness - He knew we'd sin and struggle - and still He gives us everything we could possibly ever need to live strongly, correctly, unselfishly, humbly and madly in love with Him when we realize this manual called the Bible can teach us how to live and how to avoid all the problem our dumb choices cause us.

This past year I've felt a couple times a deep tiredness in ministry like I've never known before and that reveals to me that I'm drifting off into my own strength again which certainly isn't what it used to be and it's time for a re-centering, a leaning deep back into Him and His Word. It doesn't take a scientist to know that our bodies are created to rest and that's why scripture talks so much about rest - even making it part of God's plan of Creation.  I'm praising Him this morning for His never ending teaching and patience with me!

He doesn't need my help with anything - I need His...

Monday, September 12, 2016

weekend report - Crossroads 20 yr. anniversary

Beautiful fireworks above the church!
After all the planning, and all the work...we were ready!
This past weekend at Crossroads Community Church, was our 20 year anniversary celebration - and celebrate we did!!

But among the celebrating was also a very emotional time, I underestimated how moving it all would be!  Every time someone hugged me, discussed any past memory with me or I saw a past attendee that came back to visit, I cried...

We began our anniversary weekend by celebrating our AMAZING VOLUNTEERS!!  We put on a pancake breakfast to honor 20 years of volunteer hard work!    God brought us every single one of them - and volunteering has always been one of Crossroads most important values!  We will never take them for granted and wanted to show them so!!  It was a lot of fun as the staff served over 200 volunteers!

Two of our worship leaders Dan and Jocelyn serving pancakes!

Pancakes for our volunteers!!

The whole weekend was a curious time of standing with our founding pastor's family - still very close friends and with our current pastor's family - who we've fallen in love with, and I was just overwhelmed by memories colliding with what is yet to come in the Lord!!

Saturday night as we rehearsed and did all of our final technical checks,  we received notices on our phones that a huge storm was coming our way.  This was nerve-racking news given our parking lot was full of food trucks and equipment was ready to be taken outside for our dance party in the parking lot, not to mention FIREWORKS waiting to launch!

But literally as the last note of the final song rang out - the pouring, blowing rain turned to drizzle and dance we did!!   It was one of the most fun 'church parties' I've ever attended - what great memories for our kids and grandkids, a glimpse perhaps of the kind of celebrating David did way back in the Biblical times!!

Our damp dance party - so fun!!
The only casualty was that we couldn't put up the Air Puppet Blowing Guy...not bad!  We fired him on the next morning!  Food trucks stayed for Sunday and we enjoyed 2 more 'fired up' services!!!

I could go on and on, instead I'll post more pictures then I ever have before - enjoy!

A family I LOVE! Modeling our 20 year T-shirts
We had the Barnhill's make us enlargements of the old newspaper
articles and pictures to create a timeline of sorts on the wall.

Brass was so, so very good! Well, possibly with the exception
of that crazy sax guy who came all the way from Florida to play!
John ROCKED the house this weekend!
During rehearsal we had to get some shots using the stabilizer of course!
Dan Fleming is one of the most faithful men I have every met!
He prepared the team and lead us as excellently as ever!  He's
my hero!
Two of my favorite human beings! Both men have made a huge
impact on my life and continue to!!!
Standing ovation and cheering for our amazing founding pastor
Tim Armstrong.
And a standing ovation and crazy cheering for our current
pastor, Dave Vance!!

Get it Shawn amazing bass boy!

The worship this weekend was just indescribable - I'm honestly not sure
I've ever experienced anything like it - I was SO THANKFUL!!!!

We finally got our Air Guy up on Sunday!!
This is a buggy full of ORNARY- Youth Pastors...and head Parking Guy
Both Pastors and wives came to the stage before worship began and prayed!

I loved watching Pastor Dave by looking past my dear friends
the Armstrongs!!
This is my favorite picture of the weekend - both pastor's kids prayed together
while all their parents were on the stage praying...these kids are seriously all too
good to be true!  A testimony to what a God filled home produces!!!

My friends.

Our final element of the day was a lunch with Elders, Staff
and a few of the Core Team members!  So blessed to be part of this!!

I included this picture of my grandbaby in the backseat
at the end of Sunday services because I felt it summed it all up!

Our Setlist:

Pre-service history of Crossroads video

Welcome:  The infamous Bill Hill

1996 Video

King of My Heart

Pastor Tim intro video

Pastor Tim - Crossroads Founding pastor

Great Is Thy Faithfulness/How Great Is Our God

Pastor Dave intro video

Pastor Dave Vance - current Lead Pastor of Crossroads

Pastoral Prayer - with both pastors and wives

We Believe
King of My Heart
You Are Good

Closing Instrumental:  Great Is Thy Faithfulness  

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Monday, September 5, 2016

weekend report

It was another great weekend to be at Crossroads!  Pastor Jesse delivered a great message that encouraged all of us to PRAY!  The worship team lead us strongly and we left saying yet again, "It was so good to be in the House of the Lord!"

Don't forget to be with us next weekend as we celebrate our 20 year anniversary at Crossroads!

Here's a couple shots of the service this weekend.

generations working together!

Amy did a great job on her first weekend playing drums!

Our Setlist:

There's A Light


Your Love Awakens Me
All He Says I Am
No Longer Slaves
How Great is Our God

Message:  Jesse Rider - Student Ministry Pastor

Exit Song:  No Longer Slaves

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