Monday, May 31, 2010

best friends

Our daughter's best friends are beginning to get married and the reality of her getting married very soon is beginning to sink in.

It was great to have the family together - all of us!

These are times together that I do not take for granted!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

weekend report

What an honor to invite a soldier from our own congregation to skype in live to do our announcements and thank our congregation for honoring the fallen warriors today! (you can see her face on the screen if you click on the picture) This was one of my favorite 'tech' segments for quite some time. And, it was the right thing to cool!

Our setlist:

Opening patriotic instrumental with patriotic countdown: America the Beautiful
Live Skype -announcements from Qatar: soldier and Crossroads member-Nicole Blakley
transition - worship leader Milo asked everyone who has served to stand - applause
Praise: All To You - Brewster
Praise: A New Hallelujah - Brewster
Worship: All Creatures of Our God and King - Passion
Worship: Now That You're Near - (from Blessed)
Message: I Corinthians Pt. 1: Sainthood - Your Calling - Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit song: A New Hallelujah

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

true love

Both of our kids are home with girlfriend- Alyssa and fiance' - Aaron. So much fun.

They both live out of state so when they are here it is a treat for all of us. It is so fun to watch young love...they cannot be separated even for a moment as this picture demonstrates. Aaron was playing music from his computer that he and Jocelyn and his brother have been writing long distance, while she was preparing to go to a breakfast party.

This kind of constant attention is something I would love to see all of us continue to give to our spouses and one another. The years dull our sense of urgency when in fact it should sharpen it. Time is fleeting, there is no time for arguments or harboring any kind of bitterness - toward anyone. This destroys the precious time God has given us together and makes our days less than extraordinary.

I believe God's intention for our lives can perhaps be most recognized in the ordinary things that we often overlook. We always hope for great and often miss the best.

True love is precious, something to work at, appreciate and nurture ever single day. Whether it is in the 'couple' context or 'friend' context - both require our greatest efforts and constant thanks to our God!

Friday, May 28, 2010

worship at camp

A year ago no one sang at Crossroads Junior High Camp. No matter how hard the worship leaders sang the kids didn't.

Things were different this year. Some very talented, dedicated young worship leaders emerged this year to work side by side with our main worship leaders expanding our times of worship into our youth areas.

As a result of their dedicated work the kids knew how to worship this year. They understood it and didn't have to be prodded to join in, they didn't worry about what their friends would say. What a difference a year makes!

I was so thankful that I went to worship with them tonight.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

our staff

It was team one's turn to serve team two lunch - and they did it up Mexican! Everyone got into it- literally!

And it was so good to be with friends and to eat great food!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

assume too much

I am often guilty of assuming too much! I assume everyone else already knows all the pertinent details and go on my way wondering why no one is following. Good leaders instruct thoroughly.

I am trying to get better about putting first things first but I sometimes still move too fast, talk too fast and get there too fast, alone.

Today - prime example of assuming too much.

I was writing several birthday cards to our Crossroads College Small Group - I wrote extensively about how we have been praying for them this year at school, and then went into great detail about the Summer College Bible Study at Pastor Tim's house. On and on I wrote feeling really good about communicating with a college kid, wondering if this card would have any influence in getting him to attend the summer group. I re-read the card to make sure it made sense and reached for the envelope. Just as I was ready to tuck the card in, something caught my eye. I had just written a happy birthday message on a sympathy card! Can you imagine if this kid would have received this?? Chances of him attending the group would have been slim indeed!

I would encourage you all as I encourage myself, slow down, focus and do not assume too much!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what I learned today

I am selfish. I know it, I work on it, I find it hard to share.

I think it comes out of not growing up in a lavish household. My parents worked hard for what we had, and believe me we had more than we needed, but, you know what I mean. Nothing wasteful, home grown food, no extravagant vacations - but, tons of love and laughs. Good stuff.

In John 5 - He talks about the fact that the slave is not greater than his master and how He chose us.

How then do we think that anything we have really belongs to us? I find myself working for the next thing to buy. I act more excited about what the next purchase is than about helping someone financially - giving to orphans as God tells us to - or even just saving instead of spending. American I guess.

He is working on my heart - everything I have is not mine and could be gone in an instant. It really, really is the desire of my heart to bless others with what He has given me - and that's what God's Word reminded me of today. Are you selfish like me?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

weekend report

I am so proud to be part of this ministry! Everyone I worked with all weekend was passionate about their responsibilities - and it showed. From the first notes on stage to the Graphic Design Group meeting following the services - excellence permeated each aspect of the weekend.

We even mounted web cams on the heads of some of our actors to try to push our data base and the need to upload their pictures and update their data!

Our setlist:

Pre-Worship: Mighty Is the Power of the Cross
Pre-Worship: Holy, Holy, Holy
Welcome -
Praise: Give Him Praise - Brewster
Praise: Everlasting God
Worship: God You Reign
Worship: Wonderful Cross
Praise: I Will Boast
Message: First teaching from I Corinthians - Tim Armstrong
Announcements: Bill Hill We pushed the sign up for our data base - "Church Community Builder" We made it easy for people to update their info or get a log on and password -by mounting web cams on ball caps and ordering laptop shoulder carriers for rovers to roam around and gather info! It was successful!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

weak spots

Doesn't Satan just love to tweak our weak spots. Guess it makes sense that he cannot bother us much in areas we are strong in the Lord.

If I could always remember this and remain in what I 'know' rather than what I 'feel' I would save myself a lot of discouragement.

I John 3:18 - 22 This passage encourages us to be confident in God. Not to just love and talk with our tongue, but in deed and truth.

When we get discouraged chances are we are relying on how we feel at the time. That is all us! When we live truthfully and honestly before the Lord our heart will not condemn us. When it feels like God isn't giving any answers to our questions - this is the time we grow. Testing and silence produces Godly maturity. These are the hard times....waiting. When I feel discouraged I try to force myself into the Word and prayer, even though it is the last thing I want to do sometimes. That is just honest.

Beth Moore says this, "The answers God is willing to give us in our tomorrows often flow from our faithfulness when we have none today." Powerful!

Friday, May 21, 2010

eating wisely = tasteless

I am trying to eat healthier. This is not easy for me.

I LOVE to eat and I LOVE good tasting food. I just opened a bag of Veggie crisps. A product that my daughter raves about. I didn't taste anything. Seriously - they didn't taste like anything!

So how do you eat well, can anyone tell me? Does it mean forfeiting all taste? Eliminating all pleasurable eating completely?

Sadly when something doesn't have a satisfying taste I just keep eating. So suddenly a snack that has a very reasonable calorie count becomes another negative as I nearly devour the entire bag trying to satisfy my craving.

What do you suggest- what has worked for you?

I do care about my health, but I think if I keep this up I may die an early death from lack of enjoyment in eating.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

working out

I do not like to workout. I love to walk and play sports - I do not like to work out! But I have never needed to more!!

I wrote a week or so ago about my daughter being a Turbo Kick instructor... so guess what? I'm doing Turbo kick classes and I am very sore tonight and exhausted.

It is fascinating to realize that God could have created us anyway He wanted to, and that could have included staying in shape without work. Instead He designed us to work, really for almost anything that is good.

Good health.
To make a good living.
To have good relationships.
And to be good.

Good health requires good decisions both in what we do and what we do not do.

A good living requires hard work and decisions based on honesty and good planning.

Good relationships take work and consideration and priority the entire time they exist.

And to be good...well, that is way beyond our own ability! Even with our most determined desire to work at Biblical study, maturity and to live obediently. It requires an indwelling of the Holy Spirit to give us any hope of goodness.

So as I finished my physical workout today, I am thankful that God didn't design us just to sit around, even though I am a little sore at the moment!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

opposites attract

I just witnessed the most opposite groups that could possibly be in one church.

First I watched Brace in the youth area. This is a young excellent band I have been anxious to see - they were great! Then as I left the youth area I passed the 55+ group...

Line dancing with taped music was going on in the 'older' room - they danced in perfect unison! ...(ok so I'm not so far from that myself I HEAR YOU!)

It just struck me about how opposite these two music genres were although they were both under one roof. Opposite in age, opposite in style and only one thing in common - the church and their common belief in Christ!

It was a great night to actually see the differences and embrace them both! God loves variety based on the nature He created - and tonight I witnessed His church full of opposites, yet all one!

Monday, May 17, 2010

full house


No I am not talking about a hand of cards! I am referring to our very full house tonight - full of young adults!

We are so blessed to part of their lives!

Crossroads summer college Bible study group begins next Wednesday with Pastor Tim.

The group is limited to college students between the ages of 18 - 25.

I am so excited for the young adults of is going to be a really great summer!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

weekend report

We usually celebrate communion the first Wednesday of each month, but, this weekend we had communion with the entire congregation - so amazing!

Our Setlist:

Pre-Worship: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
Pre-Worship: When It's All Said and Done
Video Welcome
Worship: Offering
Praise: For Who You Are - Hillsong
Worship: Lead Me To the Cross
Communion: Pastor Tim Armstrong
Special Music: Grace Flows Down
Worship during communion elements: Facedown
Congregation prays with Elders

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wedding preparation = my life

Saturday morning we jumped out of bed and headed for Amish country. We got amazing deals on flowers at "Sunny Crest Farms" on Rt. 13.

It was time to fill the pots that will be used at our daughters wedding this summer. We just bought white flowers and lots of green so as to enhance a very natural setting.

It is SO different preparing for an outside wedding vs the simplicity of a church wedding. You have to plan WAY ahead for every single detail! I am not downplaying the preparation that goes into a church wedding but we are planning mulch, planting, barn painting, step building, dance floor in our field, ceremony site 'stone flooring' as well as considering 'what does the side of our house look like' from the view of the woods...exhausting. BUT - I am loving the planning! I am getting really excited for sure!!

Would you share any tips you can give us for our preparation?? Anything you wish you had done differently or anything specific to an Ohio outdoor wedding?

Friday, May 14, 2010


(I am nearly done updating my blog. Change is good! I hope you like it.)

I was thinking about all the ways my job has changed over the past 14 years and one of my most favorite opportunities with my position here at Crossroads is that I get to dream about our future. I pray for the Lord's direction and begin the search exploring what might be a blessing to our congregation.

I search for new opportunities to bring in guests, or add things at Crossroads that help our congregation to become familiar with authors, musicians and teachers that help facilitate their maturity in Christ! This has been such a blessing and learning experience for me. Second only to the creation of our services and face time with our artists/musicians-vocalists/actors, this segment of my job is my favorite.

We have several new things 'in the works' that should really be a exciting for our congregation should the Lord work out the details. Please keep praying for our staff as we all work together to lead our congregation toward the Lord!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Courage usually comes as a result of many mistakes made by those of us who attempt to work outside what is known and comfortable. What is known is safe and requires little.

Change can be resisted or embraced, faced bravely or avoided. Change requires courage.

Live courageously this week embracing opportunities that God brings to you. Opportunities to step out of consumerism, the regular, the everyday box we all call our lives.

Is there anything in your life that requires courage? Maybe there should be...

Monday, May 10, 2010

I long to wander

In the book I am reading the author says this, "there is nowhere lonelier than a million-dollar condominium in a vast metropolis." Such a contradiction to what you would think would be true. How can it be lonely surrounded by tons of people in a metropolis with a lot of money?

I have been talking to several young adults recently who really believe that at least for now, God is calling them to move. Simply to follow Jesus n0t sure where, not sure when. This intrigues me and as I talk to them I begin to wish I could wander. Just take off walking - just follow.

Where would I walk - where would I end up? Could this be pleasing to God? Why does it seem that God is much easier to find in the wilderness than He is in the midst of all of our mess, business and stuff? I wonder if He ever intended us to live this way, with so much, so self sufficient and so surrounded.

The closest I come to wandering is when I meet a need or give something unplanned or move from the regular. It's then I feel I have momentarily at least broken free from my metropolis and literally followed Him...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

parties for girls

Saturday our daughter and her friends threw a Bridal Shower at our home for Naomi King. Our daughter is her maid of honor and all the brides maids came together to prepare way too much food, lots of laughs and gifts galore!

It has been such a privilege to watch all these Godly friends work together on project after project going all the way back to elementary school in sports, birthday parties, first dates, proms, class elections and graduation 3 of them get married this summer. Such great girlfriends!

weekend report

Church life does not get any better than this weekend. This weekend was just full of people loving on one another. It caught my eye wherever I went. I saw a friend in tears and saw others surround her and comfort her. I watched as two people who have both lost their mothers encouraged one another on this Mother's Day. I watched friends who were struggling with broken relationships - worship and encourage others despite their own loss. This is the church. This is Crossroads.

And then to top it off my friend, Michelle taught us today. She is so gifted and we were so blessed!

Our setlist:

Pre-Worship: Our God is In Control - Chapman
Pre-Worship: God Is True (Trust Me) - Chapman
Announcement Video: Crossroads Kids!
Praise: All Things Are Possible
Praise: Mighty To Save - Hillsong
Worship: Here In Your Presence/Wonderful, Beautiful...
Message: Scars - Michelle Armstrong
Story Video/Special: Questions - Chapman
Message continues: Scars
Special Music/Video conclusion: I Will Trust You - Chapman
Final comment and Prayer: Michelle

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Friday, May 7, 2010

troubling times

I haven't watched any TV since the last CAVS game.. It has been nice.

Tonight my hubby had the news on and I heard bits and pieces as I cooked, including the fact that Greece's economy may totally collapse. The news went on to talk about elections that took place in a couple of other countries and the consequences of some of those results. And then they talked about how America is moving toward a Socialistic government and on and on!

I walked by and saw pictures of the devastation due to the flooding in Nashville - it was horrible. I was praying for them and wondering where I would stay and how I would feel if it were my home and all my possessions that were gone. I would like to think that my faith would be unshakable and that people would ask me for prayer and help because they would know there was something different about me. There is of course no way of knowing for sure how I would react.

How about all of you...when life gets tough do you think people see a supernatural confidence in you despite circumstances? Or do you look as scared as everyone else?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a communion day

Today we prepare for communion, both with our programming team to prepare all the details of tonight's service, as well as personally.

As the staff broke into study groups our text was I John 1:9. How appropriate.

Asking God to continuously reveal sins in our lives takes intentional focus. Confession is of course not a one time deal - but CONTINUOUS.

One line from the "Lessons on Assurance" booklet we were using was something I still haven't quit thinking about. "...honest confession must include the willingness to forsake the sin." I found this very troubling to be honest.

I thought back on how many times I have confessed similar sins and then fall right back into them. Does that mean I didn't completely forsake that sin? I think it does. How patient our God is as we CHOOSE to remain in our sin and is in fact a choice to remain there, not easy by any means, but a choice none the less.

cheap is good

I left home without my coupons today! Big mistake!

I needed a gallon of milk and wondered if there was a possibility of getting some Meijer catalinas! So - I called Stephanie (my coupons consultant)ha ha, and asked her if she knew of any sales that would get me Miejer catalinas..

She said that the 100 count boxes of Nabisco snacks were still on sale for $2.00 each and if I bought 3 boxes, I would get $5.00 back in Catalinas. She was right it worked beautifully, so I bought the snacks and then used my Catalinas to purchase the milk ! It is so fun to be cheap!

happy but messy house

It is so funny how you can feel like you have plenty of space when your kids are young - but as our kids and their stuff moved home oh my our house is small!

Just got on my computer for a couple of minutes before heading to bed...actually had hoped to write and study quite a bit today - but with company coming this weekend we worked like crazy today!

As you can see from my pictures - we needed to work! Good night!

Monday, May 3, 2010

one thing after another

Wow! I thought small kids made my life busy...young adults are even busier!

I feel blessed beyond anything I could possibly write describing our kids and their latest accomplishments.

Saturday morning we had the privilege of watching both of our kids graduate from college. This blessing came straight from the throne of God. He provided the means, He provided the ability and He provided the unique personalities that drive both of them toward His perfect will for their lives.

None of us ever stop preparing for following God's will. We must be ready - educating ourselves for serving Him wherever we are called, growing in our Biblical knowledge and by taking spiritual maturity steps every single day.

This weekend will remain in my heart forever as one of my favorite, one of my most proud moments and perhaps the most thankful I have ever been since their birth and since I married my husband! Great weekend indeed!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

watch this video

Kay Warren May 1-2, 2010
Click on the above link

Michelle Armstrong is such a gifted photographer! You can see her work on her website - Michelle Armstrong Photography.

Thanks for creating this video for us Michelle. I love you!

weekend report...Kay Warren!

Crossroads was SO privileged to host Kay Warren from Saddleback ! Kay blessed our congregation by teaching us this weekend - oh my goodness it was great! We just dropped her off at the airport..I hope she will someday come back to Ohio to visit again!

My beautiful friend and Pastor's wife, Michelle, took these fabulous pictures. I LOVE the describes Kay's immense care for God's people. She was gracious and sincere in her concern for our congregation!

Our setlist:

Pre-worship: If You Let Me Love You
Pre-worship: Shout To The King
Welcome video
Praise: A New Hallelujah
Praise: Majestic
Worship: Trust God
Worship: Surrender

Message: Say Yes To God Kay Warren

Closing Special: Until The Whole World Knows- Casting Crowns
Our Fabulous Tech Coordinator - Steve Browning ( created a video within this song made up of all of our Crossroads local and foreign mission opportunities! Very powerful!! You can watch this video as well as the entire service at

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