Monday, August 28, 2017

weekend report

I knew this weekend was going to be something special and I was right!

We hosted guest speaker, A. J. Sherrill from the Mars Hill church this weekend.
A. J. Sherrill
He shared a great challenge encouraging our congregation to be involved in community!   We launched our Fall Community sign-ups and have so many groups and classes to offer!  It will be a very strong Fall! Thank you Doug Taylor!

We had the privilege to shoot a music video at our new downtown City Center with the Young Adult worship team and used that under the first song of worship.  This is not the mixed audio version - just a live chunk during rehearsal.

It gave us both the opportunity to show our congregation an update on the City Center progress as well as feature our Young Adult group as they launched their fall program last night.  They had nearly 60 in attendance and had a great time of worship, teaching and fellowship!  This area of our ministry is SO vital to our continued maturity and the invitation into ministry to our younger adults!  And to provide the connection so vitally needed in a large ministry!  Our 18-35 year olds meet once each month for a service and also have small groups that meet each month.  We are so blessed by them!

From the minute the first music video/song began in worship - I don't know when I've heard louder singing from our congregation - I closed my eyes and just imagined for a moment being surrounded by brothers and sisters for all of eternity worshipping our Lord!

Darin is such a faithful - excellent drummer!

Jocelyn lead us to the thrown!

Tammy serves so faithfully on the team!

Our 4th weekend team prepared well and lead us strongly!
When we see the Lord someday we will not be able to resist falling to our knees in worship and praising Him!

It was SO strong!  A huge thank you for everyone's hard work on stage and behind the scenes our tech team was amazing too working to make the weekend so great!

Our Setlist:

Jocelyn and Pastor Jesse did a live Welcome and told us about Les and Leslie Parrott and Young Adult announcements.

With Everything/ From the Inside Out
The Stand
Lord I Need You
Do It Again

Bumper video transition

Doug Taylor promoted our Fall Community Groups and introduced A. J.

Message:  Communities - A. J. Sherrill

Exit video:  Pastor Dave Vance ended our services by encouraging every one of our congregation to join a group or class!  It should be a really strong Fall!

To register for our Fall groups go to

You can also register to attend our FIGHT NIGHT event in 2 weeks with Les and Leslie Parrott by going to the above link and clicking on events.

I pray you all have a blessed week as we're planning special things for next weekend too!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

weekend report

It's been a while since I've written.

I messed up and lost my domain temporarily - but was able to get it back fortunately!  So here I am.

It's been so busy at Crossroads that I barely get to think about what's next, but thankfully I get to do life with staff I love - while pursuing our ultimate goal to provide as many opportunities for people to know our Savior and grow closer to Him in their daily lives as we possibly can.  Always with a focus on eternity, not the problems of today!

As we carry on the daily work I try take time to praise Him and thank Him for all he's given us at Crossroads.

This past week our praise team did an awesome job leading us in a great time of worship with our praise choir as Pastor Jesse completed the Desperation series.

 Our Setlist:

Glorious Day
Amazing Grace My Sins Are Gone
Revelation Song
Series Bumper video
Message: The Gift of Desperation  - Jesse Rider
Exit Song - Wonder

It's amazing to watch ministry during the week when the services are over and not everyone is there.

I watched a beloved friend who serves weekly move about the office cleaning the bathrooms and washing our towels.  She just quietly moves through our work zone, doing what she does to make our areas so wonderfully clean and neat!

Today was also a good example of the church at work as we hosted a funeral meal for one of our precious senior attendees.  My husband and I had been in his families' home for card parties, Christmas get togethers and meals together.  He always had some teasing for me and I'll miss him. This weekend there will be one more empty seat in our auditorium, instead of being there he's sitting with my dad, looking at the face of the King of Kings!  How amazing is that?

We have a team of volunteers that do a beautiful job of serving our funeral meals at Crossroads and I got to witness them 'doing what they do' so well to comfort and serve a family experiencing loss.

the Crossroads kitchen full of generous serving

This is ministry.

And I'll never tire of being part of it!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

weekend report...among other things

It was another powerful weekend at Crossroads!  Pastor Dave started the Desperation Series today by teaching on 'Fighting Desperation', this is going to be a great series of study and worship!  I heard multiple comments on what the service meant to them - I'm so thankful!

To listen to Part 1 of Desperation - go to on Monday and click on Messages to find the message you want to listen to.   This weekend's message goes up Monday.

I'm so thankful for our praise team and their dedication!

Our setlist:

Jeanette Chase our Director of Family Ministry took care of announcements for us, as we anticipate hosting the simulcast of the Global Leadership Summit next Thursday and Friday! (there are still tickets available on our website)

Do It Again
My Heart Is Yours
Glorious Day
Bumper video
Message:  Desperation Pt. 1 - Fighting Desperation
Special Music: Even If
God is Able

I've just never been more thankful for our church and all it's doing to reach people for the Lord! There were more first time visitors in attendance again today that we got to show around and still others signing up to be baptized next Sunday taking next steps in their spiritual maturity!  Nothing more encouraging!

As we prepare to learn from some of the top leaders around the world this week at the Global Leadership Summit, I've been reading Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership.  In it I've read about Moses' leadership journey.  Quite the story!  A major part of his surrender to the Lord involved solitude.  An extended time alone with the Lord.  I love this description of the work of solitude.

Just as the physical law of gravity ensures that sediment swirling in a jar of muddy river water will eventually settle and the water will become clear, so the spiritual law of gravity ensures that the chaos of the human soul will settle if it sits still long enough.

I hope to grab a little solitude, to sit still before the the Lord this week and prepare well for all of the leadership principles I'll get to learn and be reminded of at the end of the week.

I pray your week will be full of some 'settling' and listening to the will of the Lord!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

weekend reports

My schedule has been crazy!   I haven't blogged for so long I was afraid the account was closed down!

Playing catch up by posting 3 weekends at once!

3 weekends ago it was a very special weekend as we prayed over a huge number of students as they prepared to leave on their missions trip to Louisville.  It was extremely moving as we saw the stage filled with students taking steps to draw closer to their Savior as they served.

Crossroads Student ministry preparing to leave for their mission trip to Louisville.
Pastor Dave prayed over our kids!

Pastor Dave continuing our Origins series  - so good!

Two weekends ago our Young Adult band lead us in worship.  I love all of our worship teams, but I find this team so encouraging as I see the generations below us rising up as they lift their lives,  their voices and their giftedness to the Lord!

Our Young Adults not only lead us in worship, but served in our tech areas as well - we started with prayer.

This last weekend the team lead us as we learned about the importance as Baptism!  We worshipped, learned from God's Word and people made decisions to take next steps in baptism!  Very exciting!

I just wanted to catch up a little on what's been going on at Crossroads, and this just scratches the surface!

To watch our services go to