Thursday, January 19, 2012

exercise = more productivity?

My daughter leads a Turbo-Kick exercise class  at Crossroads twice a week.   When your daughter teaches a class you have to go.  I needed to go!  So I have been going the past couple of weeks.

I told my husband last week that I cannot believe how much I have accomplished the past week and a half - my focus is good and my energy lasts all day.  I couldn't figure out what had changed.  Then I realized - it has to the be exercise!  It was the only difference I had made.

 I found the following information on a website tonight:

A reasonable amount of exercise, done consistently,  adds to your energy levels--especially if you have a sedentary job.

Researchers think because exercise improves circulation and increases oxygen delivery, while reducing anxiety and depression (known energy sappers), it makes us feel more lively.

Ask anyone who has exercised for twelve or more weeks if he/she works better. The answer, sometimes after a little thought, is almost always "yes."

You may even find you sleep better at night when you move your body consistently during the day. Better sleep will contribute to even more energy at work.

It's safe to say that 15 or 20 minutes of exercise each day, whether it is walking or calisthenics, will increase your mental productivity. 

I guess if my work benefits from exercise as well as my health I need to stick with it.  It has been  rewarding to feel better and work better while having fun with family and friends!  Very thankful!

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