Wednesday, September 30, 2009

lifes little blessings

I'll take 'em when I can get 'em that's for sure!

Tonight is simple at our house. Computers, books, an hour long conversation with my amazing son and a roaring fire in the fireplace! God's little blessings.

Remember this song when we were kids?

Count your blessings name them one by one,
count your blessings see what God has done,
count your blessings,
name them one by one,
count your many blessings see what God has done.

I wish I could stay focused on my blessings and look past the junk.

Many, many blessings surround us all. Count them - see what God has done!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

what I learned today

I was reading in Acts and reading a chapter in a Beth Moore book where she mentioned something I never thought about before.

Peter and John were followers of Jesus and they continued in their Jewish practices even after Jesus fulfilled all the prophecy's and became Messiah. Their Jewish rituals became alive - not just practices that represented something else. They no longer had to follow the letter of the law but they continued to. Jesus allowed them to continue enjoying their Jewish heritage - but it had nothing to do with their eternity that was determined by Christ's sacrifice.

My first thought was man, I would have quit going to the Jewish rituals immediately and enjoyed my new found freedom in Christ! But I also love traditions.

We all have traditions and a past. Good or bad. It is what made us who we are. It ultimately made us so desperate as to realize we had nothing without God, or led us toward Him with parents or friends that were Godly influences. Either way He called us and either way we now are known to Him as sons or daughters .

Have you ever done something over and over, year in and year out just because that's the way it's always been done? I can only imagine how excited the disciples had to be as they saw Jesus take the place of all those rituals they had participated in since childhood! How cool!

Monday, September 28, 2009

my day off

So I was reading a blog today that I sometimes take a look at and she was making some big changes in her life...

These changes included things like - diet, exercise, and other good ideas. She asked if any of her readers would join in her journey for the next month. I commented that I would.

Within 1 hour I had eaten mashed potatoes, gravy, baked steak and 2 warm chocolate chip cookies.


Do you give your promises too easily? Do you mean what you say? This was a simple wake up call to stop and think before making a promise.

...and not to bake chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

weekend report

Conclusion to the ReKindle series...

It's always interesting to see all the things going on behind the scenes during services.

Today I was putting the finishing touches minutes before the countdown hit 0 - on a Video Concept that I wanted to use in a couple of weekends with one of our artists writing/drawing out the pre-service announcements. As I handed that off our Tech Coordinator got the camera rolling so the artist could work while we got the service started...that will be interesting to see later today! I try to use people that I need projects from while they are at church so they don't have to make a nother trip in.

You would think organizing an 8 person dining room table - fully set - would be easy to put together for our Pastor's set support used to challenge our congregation to be a Table Setter instead of a consumer within our ministry. It was a concept he decided on 2 days before the weekend - lucky for me we have a family that owns a Norwalk Furniture store who delivered a table to us. I organized the dishes and everything that was needed - only to struggle recruiting 3 or 4 Stage Hands to dress in black and carry everything out! Simple request=major scramble.

But, it was worth it -it was such a great visual...

Our SetList:

Takin' It To The Streets - Doobie Brothers

Welcome/Announcements - Wendell Anderson - Stewardship Pastor

Praise - Beautiful Day - Tommy Walker
Praise - Everyday
Scripture -
Worship - You Alone
Worship - Jesus Lover Of My Soul - Hillsong

Message: ReKindle Pt. 3 -
Rekindling the Sacrifice - Tim Armstrong

Closing Song - Breakthrough - Tommy Walker

If you would like to see what other Worship teams did this weekend click on Fred

To watch our service on line go to

May God richly bless all of your weekend offerings of praise this weekend.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

off to eat again

I swear, all I do is eat!

We just finished a great Saturday evening service and now those of us left are ready to once again eat way to late at night. I don't recommend this from a diet standpoint - but, it is way too much fun to say no based solely on diet worries. As long as I avoid caffeine all should be well.

So goodbye until tomorrow!

Sleep well!


Excellence can be obtained if you:

- care more than others think is wise;
- risk more than others think is safe;
- dream more than others think is practical;
- expect more than others think is possible.

I found this on a blog I was reading and I thought it was an great way to think about achieving excellence. When you lead a volunteer team, it is a very precarious tightrope you walk.

It is a constant struggle worrying about requiring too much and not requiring enough.

Early in Crossroads history I did not require enough, I have talked about the mistakes I made in earlier posts so I wont' go back into the nasty details.

But, I write this to encourage any of you who lead people - they will rise to the level of excellence your require. They seem to be waiting for the challenge.

I hold back my ask many times knowing how hard people work all week long - but the chance to participate in producing excellence with eternal purpose gives them far more personal accomplishment than some of their daytime jobs do. This is NOT to suggest that only ministry related work counts for eternity - of course I am not implying that! It just will never stop moving me to see the dedication that our volunteers bring to the challenge of serving one another within the context of church.

So, I encourage all of you aim ridiculously high. And if you are getting 'no' from people you need excellence from - then you are obviously asking the wrong person. Move on - don't compromise!

Friday, September 25, 2009

change things up

I am constantly trying to come up with new creative ideas. Not always easy.

When it comes to writing, I write a lot of things out longhand and I especially like to write with a pencil, not a mechanical pencil a real pencil. I have no idea why, I just always have. So I split my writing between computer and long hand for no specific purpose - just enjoy it.

Today I was reading an article by Mark Shead about how to write more creatively and the suggestion was to spend some of your time writing longhand instead of on the computer. They said because it stimulates different parts of the brain, partially because of the motor skills involved, it can help you write more creatively. The researchers said we actually think significantly different when we write by hand.

The same thing applies in work or other areas of creativity - if you find yourself stuck - take a break, change locations or discuss what you are working on with someone completely out of your area of expertise. Simple solutions to help move us forward in our work or hobbies!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

budget time again

My least favorite time of the year...I have to attend my first go 'round of budgeting tomorrow. This has a tendency to make me not look forward to work!

It is going to be a tough year again. This makes things difficult. But, it is a great opportunity to once again be creative in our planning.

How do you face things you don't enjoy? If you are in any area of leadership, you realize there are many tough things we must do that are not enjoyable! I guess it's an opportunity to demonstrate strong encourage the teams, to get really creative in order to continue to raise the bar on excellence - even if it means another year of really worn out equipment.

I take this time of the year very seriously and know my responsibility to follow God's direction for our ministry requires me to prepare well, try not to leave out any details and look forward to the new year determined to move the mission forward! A big responsibility that can translate into many lives changed for eternity! What a privilege!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

entitlement mentality

I am surrounded by people that take missions trips all the time, that talk about how most of the world lives on $1 per day. How did the world ever get so lopsided financially? God has been unbelievably good to us in the United States. Still we gripe complain and overspend, then we end up in debt. Does this make sense to you? It's embarrassing actually.

Last night on tv they were interviewing people whose homes were in foreclosure. I guess the trend now is when people find out they are going to lose their home, the owner guts it and sells everything they can, including things attached to the walls that leave huge holes and almost unrepairable damage. An act of stealing really.

They interviewed a lady that talked about everything she was selling from a home that the bank technically owned. Acting as if she felt this was perfectly acceptable she said to the camera, "They are the people that were dumb enough to give me too big of a loan in the first place, so it's their own fault."

That statement stuck with me all night. I felt that it summed up so many people's attitudes around the country. How sad. I pray that as believers that is never our attitude - an attitude of entitlement.

I had to search my own heart and ask a tough question, do I live as if I'm entitled to whatever my heart desires? I had to admit sometimes I do. I overspend sometimes, I feel jealous toward what others have sometimes, I want the confidence that I see in others and even get upset sometimes when others have something I don't. How sad this must make my Father.

So what gave us this attitude of entitlement? Are you willing to take steps away from this attitude? I long to live a totally satisfied life despite my circumstances...not possible unless I abide in Him!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what I learned today

I was reading this morning about one ladies journey into mentoring younger women. Very timely because this just keeps coming back to me through conversations, requests, suggested meetings, etc.

Young women need older women - and I am one. (Older woman that is).

So, what could I possible know that they need to know, what more could I possibly commit to?

Not sure yet, but I have a plan beginning to form that will invest in at least a small group of women in my life. I'll just lay my willingness out there and see where God takes it and directs it I guess.

We see many examples of people in the Bible teaching and training and mentoring others, so it appears this is not optional. We must invest in the next generation.

Possibly the thing I am the most jazzed about is a couple of the girls I have my eyes on, could take the areas of our ministry to much higher places of quality than I have been able to do. Seriously, they offer gifts and skills and education far beyond my own and I cannot wait to see how God will use them in their families, ministry and communities! We should never be threatened by someone being better at something than we are, we should instead set that as our goal and go after it!

So...if the Bible talks about mentoring constantly, who are you building into? Your own kids don't count! Although, they of course must take first place time wise.

I'm talking about a once a month lunch or coffee, not hours and hours..So who??

Monday, September 21, 2009

home town fun

These are just a couple of the amazing sites and adventures I experienced today.

I know you are quite jealous, I'm very sorry...

When you are born in a small rural town, you grow up surrounded by strange animals and large produce.

I saw veggies get ribbons and animals win prizes today. I ate until I was sick and I watched auctions and horse shows - almost too much enjoyment for one day.

I'll probably go back one more evening this week, just can't get enough of the home town fair!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

weekend report

Well it was a great weekend in many respects, teaching=excellent, worship=spirit filled, fellowship=sweet! But....Pastor Tim was not able to teach Sunday due to flu=bummer!

Thank the Lord for technology=DVD teaching with live worship - still excellent but missed Pastor Tim! Here is our setlist;

Opening Instrumental: Concetta - Tesh

Announcements: by Joseph (I accidentally recruited Joseph to do announcements and forgot to give the regular guy the weekend off...duh! I was very embarrassed, oh well, at least I remembered to cover the announcements!)

Praise: All To You - Brewster
Praise: Glorified - New Life
Worship: Enough - Tomlin
Worship: Facedown/Surrender: combined the two

Message: ReKindle Pt. 2: Rekindling the Dedication

Exit Song: All To You

Have a magnificent week and don't catch the flu!

You can see what other ministries used in their worship services by going to Fred McKinnon's site.

You can watch our services at

Saturday, September 19, 2009


What a negative way to describe the attitude with which some people come to church.

God did not create anyone without some kind of talent or gift. He gave them to us to be used to serve one another. So...there is no room for consumerism at church!

Unfortunately and quite shamefully, we have lost dear brothers and sisters along the way because we didn't provide what they 'wanted' from their church.

This is perhaps the saddest way to loose someone because you realize their entire journey here on earth may be full of the constant attempt to find the perfect church, where all their needs are met. How sad. They truly are church consumers. I pray for the opportunity to show them what a joy serving in the body can truly be!

Friday, September 18, 2009

rare opportunity

Once in a while something comes along that is indeed a rare opportunity. Yesterday was mine.

I got to fly out and spend a day at WillowCreek. I cannot begin to describe the surreal day I experienced. For so long we have looked to them for resources, leadership training, and much much more.

I got to watch it up close and personal yesterday and I will never forget it, never.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

our community

My husband and I have traveled over the years. Coast to coast driving - flying to Saddleback a couple of times- a couple Florida vacations and a 25th anniversary trip And most recently my husband traveled to serve in Asia. We have been greatly blessed.

Despite what we have seen, we like home best. Tonight we went to the Bellville Street Fair, just a few miles from our home. The community was out- pumpkins were out - tractors were out - and kiddie rides were out. It's a simple community. And I think that's good.

Our friend Katie won fair queen !

God knew I could never sustain the pace of a big city. I am thankful for out community!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what I learned today

In Nancy Beach's book "Gifted To Lead" she quotes Betsy Cohen... "Our society creates inevitable comparison and inevitable dissatisfaction." Nancy goes on to say, "Our God is so serious about the problem of envy that he specifically addresses coveting in the Ten Commandments!" She goes on to talk about how she has had to sacrifice in some areas to do what she feels God has called her to do. But how Satan time and time again makes her feel jealous or inadequate especially in domestic areas.

Why do we all compare, why do we waste so much time gossiping, being jealous, wanting what others have.

This discontentment has to slap God right in the face! How dare we not be happy and satisfied with the very place that the God of this universe has placed us?? HE created us- He has placed each of us right where He needs us to be! Is it not our own decisions that create our problems? I know it is in my case for sure!

Any time I'm low on cash - MY fault because I couldn't be patient and just had to buy something I didn't really need. Any time I loose a quality relationship MY fault - I at least have to share in the blame. Any time I have made a wrong decision - MY fault usually because I rushed ahead to solve it on my own ignoring God's timing. Any time I am jealous - MY fault - no one has the power to make me feel that way!

I say this to say we make a decision to be jealous and covet, or not to. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

POWERFUL - that is what I learned today!

my day off

  • errands: dry cleaners, post office, worked out
  • reading: small amount
  • ebaying: listed all used textbooks that have been laying around forever (2 hours!)
  • family time: ate with my parents, and attended a college soccer game with them
Anything of eternal significance?

Not much, does this means I wasted a day of my life?

What do you think?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

weekend report

God of This City became personal today. We shot video as we drove last week to help with a food pantry- you can see it here. The ending shot, where it turns to color is our church. (Please keep in mind we do not mix for recording...use your imagination!) We took our very rough footage and used it 'as is' with this song and people really, really responded. There is something about seeing your town, really seeing it...our pastor told us to look around at the empty chairs and challenged us to fill them! A very powerful ask!

Our Setlist:

Opening Instrumental: Brown Eyed Girl
Announcements: Quite a find.... Stephanie McAuley has agreed to be the person I begin to develop to duplicate myself! I am so thankful!
Praise: Everlasting God
Praise: One Way
Worship: Jesus Messiah
Worship: Revelation Song
Special Music: God Of This City - video of Mansfield, Ohio
Message: ReKindle Pastor Tim Armstrong - very strong challenge!
Exit Song: God of This City

If you would like to see what other ministries around the country used in their worship services this weekend click here to go to Fred McKinnon's site.

To watch our services go to on Monday.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

always something new

A new era has truly begun at Crossroads. I've been talking about the fact that our worship staff is going to begin intensely mentoring and developing the next generation of worship leaders at Crossroads. It began officially tonight!

Dan our senior worship guy described his feelings prior to going into the youth area to both teach on worship tonight and lead our youth. He looked at me and said, "Why have we not done this before, I am so excited!"

Crossroads has adopted a view for the first time in a long time of all being on one big team! Dan is pictured here practicing prior to the service with two of the youth worship team members. How cool!

Meanwhile on the main stage we had some of our youngest musicians on the team. I love our ministry, and I love when the generations all come together! These are new - very intentional beginnings and I am so thankful to be a part of it! God is good and the ministry is becoming more mature - and I love this new era!

Friday, September 11, 2009

next week's opportunities

I have begun to look around to see what God would have us do for Christmas this year at Crossroads. I found one beautiful new song that may serve as a key piece this year. But beyond that, just in the beginning stages of research, but...

What I get to participate next week is nothing short of miraculous!

I will be attending the WillowCreek Brown Bag event where creative leaders and worship leaders from the Chicago area will be coming together to brainstorm and discuss their concepts for thankfulness to Willow and to the Lord for creating such opportunities is nearly indescribable!

I then have the further privilege of sitting in on an additional meeting with one of the Creative Team's from Willow...I might faint! How did this happen?

God is stretching me.

Along with great anticipation comes some hesitation that I may be stepping into something way out of my league, but I am available to His leading. And I rest in the fact that God cares deeply about everything I do. He cares about what I invest my life in. This opportunity I pray will be just that, an investment in becoming a stronger more creative leader at Crossroads. Please pray for me!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

you have to comment

Do you think small children and babies should be allowed in the main services?

We get many complaints about noisy children from our attendees at Crossroads.

So what do you think?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sharing over lunch

I got invited to lunch to day by a lady that wanted to pick my brain about programming. She feels God wants her to help lead her ministry toward a more programmed way of planning services.

As we sat down to lunch I had no idea where we would begin - so much to discuss. As we began to talk, the she began to cry. She kept apologizing and couldn't understand why she reacted this way.

I understood why there were tears. It is lonely doing what we do. This ministry thing.

We have friends, we have co-workers, we have family, still it's lonely. After talking for a while I think my new friend hit it on the head, she said "it's lonely because you are called and those who aren't don't understand the burden of the calling. " She said, "those who serve and volunteer work hard and we couldn't do it without them, but they don't have the passion and drive that comes with a calling." She understood the hours that are actually worked, and the problem with rarely disconnecting from the work.

It isn't just work - it's our life because we are called.

This is the same in every believer's life. God didn't just randomly create us, He created each one of us to fulfill our calling. He talented us to do it and He gave us everything we need to fulfill it. It is a choice. Whether it's in a factory, retail or in ministry we are all called.

I made a new friend today, a kindred spirit! And the funny thing was although I went primarily to help her, she helped me just as much, or maybe more!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

what I learned today...continued...

I love this verse...I Corinthians 9:27 "..but I discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified."

We have great freedom in Christ. We are free from the law that used to be followed long ago, the law that was nearly impossible to follow! Thank goodness.

Yet even in this freedom are you willing to give up things if they are stumbling blocks to others? Are you willing to give up freedoms and even adopt disciplines that will allow you influence in other people's lives like Paul did in this chapter? People are definitely looking for someone who is different. They are surrounded by people that look just like they do! Does your life produce something that others want?

In verse 19 Paul says, "For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a slave to all, so that I may win more."

I suspect we would be a lot more successful bringing people to our church and ultimately playing a role in their conversion to Christ, if we lived this way. A slave to all...

Sometimes our personal freedom really just isn't that important...

what I learned today

I learned I am very, very thankful for my husband! We are celebrating 32 years of wedded bliss today!

I like Ron because...

He loves me regardless...
He loves God with his actions as well as his words!
(consistency- something I greatly admire!)
He is SO kind all the time!
He is a great father!
He works very, very hard! (something else I greatly admire)
He is cute!
He celebrates my victories as if they were his own!! (he's my greatest cheerleader!)
He loves my family.

Well, as you can see - he's pretty much perfect!


Monday, September 7, 2009

she's all grown up

I had the privilege of watching my daughter lead a meeting today. Not many times I get to see in 'her' world these days - she's all grown up!

She talks more confidentially in front of large groups of people than I have every done in my entire life! (And I have no desire to either!)

She organized the group, recorded ideas for future articles, made decisions on the fly and assigned people projects convincing them they could do it! Amazing!

Wasn't it just yesterday that I taught her how to do things, and she asked me questions about everything?? Wow - kinda sad by very cool!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

weekend report

Great weekend - amazing worship package as well as great teaching by Deering Dyer our Small Group guy. A very timely teaching on anxiety!

Our Setlist:

Opening Special - Father, Spirit, Jesus Casting Crowns

Announcements: Presentation of flag flown over Afghanistan battle - presented to our church for sending care packages and cards and letter to our soldiers! Very Cool!

Worship: Here I Am To Worship - Passion
Worship: Draw Me Close To You - Kutless
Praise: From the Inside Out - Hillsong
Worship: Stay Amazed - Gateway

Our team rocked it as they seamlessly connected each song to the other. No long waiting for guitar or drum transition. No break in worship whatsoever- well planned and thought out by Milo - a great blessing indeed!

Teaching: Anxiety
Closing Special: Trust God - Rick Muchow

Please check out what other worship leaders used in their worship sets this weekend by going to Fred McKinnon's site.

Also, you can watch our service on Monday by going to

God Bless!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

asking God

I struggle to trust that when I ask God for something He will give it to me...I know this is wrong. Just being honest.

Why would he give me the things I ask for when so many around the earth are praying for life itself? Praying just for daily bread? One of the mysteries of God. He says to ask.

So I have.

There is an opportunity I have (nothing that important, just something I want to do), and it doesn't appear that it will happen. So, I asked God to show me if He wants it for me or whether I do not need it. He has 2 weeks.

Do you struggle to ask for things that may seem trivial in light of the struggles around you?

Friday, September 4, 2009

my family

Lunch with our son before his band was off to play again, was a blessing that comes less and less often these days. We treasure any time we get to be with him! And, he LOVES his grandparents, so we somehow got everyone together for a last minute early-afternoon lunch today! So fun!!

We enjoyed the rest of our afternoon and then later another great thing happened...

My husband cooked me dinner and served it on the deck overlooking his newly mowed lawn...possibly my favorite place in the world! Not too many more evenings to sit outside! It is a blessed evening when you can sit with someone you love and enjoy the great taste of a meal full of the offerings of summer, and also take in the beauty not only of nature but of peace.

I drink deeply of this peace when it comes.

All week we have gotten calls of friends' lost loved ones to illness, lost relationships and wayward children. When peace comes we value it highly and thank our God for the moments...

a taste of heaven for sure! Enjoy one another on this long Labor Day weekend!

I Corinthians 4

I love this - it gives me hope when people act unkindly

"But to me it is a very small thing that I may be examined by you..."

I don't intend to take this out of context, but for some reason out of this whole chapter, this phrase caught my attention and I read it over and over...

it is a very small thing to be examined by you - I need to stay focused on Christ and treat criticism and unexpected set-backs this way. Just stay focused!! Cool!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

people are searching

It will always amaze me how all people search. They are born with that longing and they fill that longing with many different things. How sad...

Today we laughed and laughed as we watched some possible video options for a teaching on evangelism that is coming up soon. They were videos making fun of how silly we are about sharing our faith with others. Funny, but so true!

My hubby and I got coffee at a local book store tonight, and I walked through aisle after aisle of books trying to fill that empty space in each of us. God fills that place and He is the only one that can.

Watch carefully for any opportunity this week to speak of God's love with someone who is searching, you may be the only one who knows what they are searching for!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

mentors: where are they?

I have heard about many programs that involve mentors. I have never participated in one. I have never had a woman mentor in my field of work.

I was thinking about this and realized I don't know anyone older than me that does what I do. That could be for one of two reasons, either I'm really old (no comments please), or my position is too new and no one older than me does what I do. Isn't that weird?

So, how do I learn? Reading, searching the web, talking to other ministries, whatever it takes to get information and new ideas!

Guess I just need to begin a group for the creatives of Mansfield, hmmm, we shall see. There have to be others out there somewhere!!

I Corinthians 2

vs 8
the wisdom which none of the rulers of this age has
understood; for if they had understood they would
not have crucified Him.

vs. 9
but just as it is written, "Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard,
And which have not entered the heart of man,
All that God has prepared for those who love Him."

God is a mysterious God, his teachings and the way we chose to live as His sons and daughters seem foolish to the world. We should not be surprised or discouraged when the world gives us a hard time about our walk with the Lord. They really don't get it, they are blinded from understanding because they are not His children.

And then to know even for His children, there are many surprises waiting for us!! I LOVE surprises!

What did you learn from the second chapter of Corinthians? Please share!

Chapter 3 tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

what I learned today

Aaaaa time to breathe, God is good.

Today I picked up my Inductive Study Bible and decided to use it to read through I Corinthians. I had forgotten how cool it is to study this way. For those of you who may have never done this before, at the beginning of each chapter it tells you key phrases to look for, to mark the author of the book with one color and the recipients with another, what verses contain the reason for the writing of each book of the Bible and on and on. In the end there are areas in the back to write the 'theme' of each passage and what you took away from it so that in years to come, you can look back and at a glance see what you learned from each book of the Bible that you study. Very cool.

As always God was waiting on me to get there and revealed things I had either forgotten or never known, I LOVE learning new things about God and the struggles of the past. It makes me have hope for the future and for our fallen culture!!

The Corinthians basically worshiped Aphrodite (the goddess of love) - how convenient! Their culture bred such blatant immorality throughout Corinth that the Greek verb translated "to Corinthianize" meant to practice sexual immorality. (Maybe America translates the same way??) This was a pretty ugly openly sinful place for sure.

The Corinthians ate well, satisfied their sexual urges without condemnation, flirted with the wisdom of men, and did all they could to keep their bodies as beautiful as those of the Greek gods. What they needed was to know the Savior! And Paul was chosen as the guy to bring Him to them.

As I studied this first chapter I was reminded again that God is a God of opposites. He moves time after time through the most unlikely circumstances and people. Vs 25 says, "Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men." and then in Vs 27 it says,"God has chosen the foolish things of this world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong,"

I find this very encouraging and I love how over and over God slams pride, vs 29 " that no man may boast before God." Can you just see the very important people of earth standing before the thrown of God some day shocked that there is nothing worth boasting about? This is the sin in our lives that I tolerate the least, I know all sin is the same in God's eyes, and I know God despises arrogance. Any earthly arrogance is ridiculous really.

Maybe my sensitivity in this particular area stems out of watching all the fallen church leaders I have known along the way. In every single instance I personally experienced as a child in the church to this very day, when a leader begins to struggle it can be traced right back to pride. They want to do something their way, their position makes them prideful, they begin to take scripture and God's mandates out of context to suit themselves, it is very sad that arrogance can exist even among God's chosen. Pride seems to precede every fall from leadership!

In my most confident times, as I experience even a taste of success it doesn't take long before I mess up and have to laugh at the myself, usually out loud! (Ron's always giving me funny looks!)

I pray to God to maintain a discerning spirit toward pride, both in myself and with the teams I lead. Arrogance is something especially common in any performance related experience. That is what blesses me weekly as I see the humbleness of our Crossroads teams serving their God. Many having come out of secular musical experience, they are the ones that realize the most there is no lasting satisfaction in performance. I sometimes prefer those musicians because they have 'gotten it out of their system' so to speak and are very ready to invest in eternal things!

The first chapter of Corinthians is fascinating! Paul himself was once a man of earthly position and walked away from all the things he once held dear to follow God and tell others about Him!

Join me as I read through I Corinthians - tomorrow chapter 2!