Wednesday, January 4, 2012

today was regular

Today was the first day I would consider regular for as long as I can remember.  Well, as regular as any of my days are.  Here is what I did on my regular day.

-I woke up not feeling well (cold) so I stayed at home until about 10:00 before heading to work.
-Attended Staff Meeting as soon as I arrived.
-blew my nose
-Went to lunch at Empress Express after staff meeting.
-Went to the Goodwill Store to purchase what I needed for the new series set design.
-Listened to 'Gungor'.
-Reviewed a drama for the JUNIOR series.  Purchased drama.
-Recruited actors...sort of
-Reviewed possible videos for the JUNIOR series.
-Listened to Gungor
-Tore down the New Year's set design on the stage of Crossroads (yes I drive the lift!)
-blew my nose
-Prepared all of the removed fabric for storage.
-Discussed the series' announcements plans with Steve
-Discussed our missing green screen...ok, so it wasn't ours but we thought we still had the borrowed green screen.  Need it to add a secret scurrying character to our announcements.
-blew my nose
-Sketched out the next set design on 2 boards
-Listened to Gungor
-Went out to eat with my handsome hubby to a Mexican Restaurant
-blew my nose
-Came home
-Walked through the door and immediately went to build a fire in the fireplace.  Ok, maybe I lit a packaged log from Sams Club.
-Threw a load of clothes in the washer while fire got going (I swear every pair of jeans we own were dirty, and ONLY the is that possible you don't just walk around with only jeans on.  Weird - but clean!)
-Sat by the fire and blew my nose
-Blogged by the fire
-Did my Elders Report by the fire
-Decided that "Ezekiel" by Gungor is my favorite song
-Sat by the fire and prayed I would find perfect creative support for this JUNIOR series
-Began to search for perfect creative support
-Cried listening to "Ezekiel"
-Turned music off so I could work
-Turned music on so I could cry more
-Working still

Thank you for joining me on my regular day.

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