Monday, January 2, 2012

weekend report


We reduced our normal 3 weekend services to just one service on Sunday - it was the right call to!  Our service was nice and full and probably the most enthusiastic worship we have ever experienced at Crossroads!  Such a perfect way to begin 2012!!

Our setlist:

We video taped one of our favorite College Young Adults home for the holidays to do the opening
Welcome/Announcements - Beth Ezawa
Opening Video:  We purchased a Sermonspice video called "Celebrate" and a very talented young Berkley Student, Aaron Nicolas created and performed an original score under it.  He also connected seamlessly into
Opening Song:   "Dance - Church Music" by Crowder.  My daughter Jocelyn Nicolas (his wife) used the Vocoder to make that song sound so amazing!
Praise: Our God - Tomlin (New Version)
Praise: Everyone Praises (New Life)
Message Pt.1: FORGET - Tim Armstrong, Senior Pastor
Worship:  10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman
Message Pt. 2:  FORGIVE
Worship:  You Are My King - Hall (full version)
Worship:  God Is Able - Hillsong
Message Pt. 3:  FORGE
Praise:  Today is The Day - Brewster
Praise:  No One Like You - Sublime
Praise:  Happy Day - Sublime

It was KICKING!  And the congregation was worshiping and just enjoying being in the house of the Lord!  So blessed!!

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To see what other ministries did in their worship services go to

Have an amazingly blessed week!
Jocelyn Nicolas
Rick Triplett

Joch Kocher

Milo and Dan discuss the song!

John Warrington and Tom jammin'

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