Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend report

I don't think we could have squeezed another thing in this weekend's services.  We were literally ushered to the throne by our amazing youth band, youth announcements and Rap...yes, I said rap.   The youth lead the entire first half of our hour together this weekend.

You HAVE to go to on Monday and watch this weekend's services.

A big shout out to our amazing Magnification team - Milo, Dan and Steve.  You would assume when the youth lead it gives them a break - NOT SO.  It takes the entire team even more time to prepare for weeks in advance when the youth leads us  -  so thanks guys for your never ending patience, your leadership, your Godly example and the use of your God given gifts to help shape these young people for God's work!

Our setlist:

Beautiful Lord - Leeland
Awesome Is the Lord Most High - Tomlin
10,000 Reasons - Tomlin
The Stand - Stanfill
Announcement Video:  Veda Boor
RAP:  Parents Just Don't Understand - Nick Molnar (original artist Fresh Prince)  - we only did the first 2 verses of this song due to the content in the final verse.
Message:  JUNIOR Pt. 3 - Fathers and Sons - Senior Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit Song:  Awesome Is the Lord Most High  

Here is just a sample of the rap taken at rehearsal...don't worry - we were missing one letter!  We spelled JUNIOR correctly in the actual performance!!

Please take time to check out our weekend services tomorrow at or listen to any of our past messages.  (You can also download our Crossroads App which makes watching and listening to everything even easier!)

This is Hannah with her baby project from school.  At one point this weekend the baby was screaming so loudly the Staff in the office area of the church had to shut the doll behind multiple doors!
 (what goes on behind the scenes - stays behind the scenes!)
Our Youth band is the BEST!!

This is 'the car' from the RAP

Also, please check out to see what other ministries did in this weekend's services!

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