Saturday, June 28, 2014

accomplishments? last week

Giving praise for the beautiful, gorgeous, morning.  Especially since I have a few minutes to soak it all in and to sit quietly before the pace of the day kicks in.

The last week has been productive despite a full day at Cedar Point.

Looking back at the week I'm asking myself what was the biggest accomplishment and what was a waste of time?

My biggest accomplishment...hmmmm

I've been sitting here for 15 minutes and I can't decide.

- Praying for our Elders as they prepare to review candidates - for God's eyes and discernment
-a big hug for someone I've been praying for
-Intentional - specific thank-yous to several people that worked really hard on projects
-Expressing my thanks for getting to be part of the leadership team I'm serving on

There were also projects completed and new guests secured for Crossroads - but I feel that the above are more important.

Relationships - building into lives - mentoring those younger then we are, these are what's most important to me...

On the other hand - what did I do that was a waste of time?  It's only fair to honestly evaluate that as well.

-On my computer too much
-Worrying about a couple of issues...the worry didn't accomplish anything beyond saying the the Lord, "I don't trust you - let me handle this!"    A total waste of valuable time - and worrying  of course hurts only me!
-talking too much instead of REALLY listening

It's easier to list the negative instead of the positive.

With the Lord's help - I'll learn through the careful examination of my past my week, moving forward as I anticipate and enjoy the honor of directing the services this weekend @ Crossroads - preparing to say goodbye to one of my best friends - Deering.   I've just about had all the goodbyes I can take!

What did you accomplish this week?

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I was recently reading a leadership article that said the number one trait all great leaders learn to
embrace is discomfort.

Just what I want to embrace!  NOT!

It made me laugh at myself as I look at the lengths at which I'm willing to go to avoid discomfort many times.  It certainly doesn't come naturally to desire discomfort, but I can understand how it could become easier if you 'lean into it' as the article says.

If I would just immediately confront and lay it out there (kindly of course), when I KNOW a volunteer would be a better fit in another area of ministry than my department - it would allow them to be successful in an area they are truly gifted for!

If I would face the discipline of consistently eating well and exercising-  I would have more stamina and be much stronger.

If I faced a tough job immediately with no delay it would be behind me before I knew it.

I could list one thing after another - you get the point.

God talks extensively about testing and trials and the maturity that can be accomplished no other way, so I guess it's time to face it.  Life isn't a bed of roses and the best things, the most enduring things come at a cost.

It costs me my comfort, a cost worth paying.

Monday, June 23, 2014

my day off

For a 3rd Monday in a row - I'm on my deck!  So thankful!

Just read these words on one of my favorite bloggers site  - "The Power of Pondering"...  and that's what I'm doing right now - following an 11 hour work day yesterday - I sit and I Ponder!  How good!!

My pondering brings me to a remembrance of something that literally stopped me dead in my tracks yesterday.

All I was doing was walking from Crossroads to Kroger to pick up some lunch items for my video team (we stayed and shot another Mayhem commercial yesterday), and the Lord chose that moment to reveal bitterness in my life.  I stopped walking and felt tears come to my eyes!  A revelation from the Lord is no mystical experience, nothing scary or magical - it's simply a moment when He actually has your attention so He exposes something you're wrong about.

The only part you play in the whole thing is whether you're teachable, willing to repent and WILLING be RELEASED from it.   The reason the Lord wants us to repent is so we can live in FREEDOM from what bothers us, torments us - His love is not withheld until we release it, there's not this big punishment coming if we don't repent - He reveals it so we can live in harmony and freedom from the burden of sin!!!!

He knew my heart was longing for freedom from caring about this trivial thing I was hanging on to.  And also in that instant He reminded me I'm to PRAY for my enemies - not hate them.  And so I did.

Today I have prayed a second day for them - and am beginning to see the massive rock of annoyance I've been foolish to waste even 1 minute controlled by the enemy.  HE LOVES to distract us from the Lord!

So from my deck I encourage you all today - spend a little time pondering and make your heart open and invite God to reveal whatever He chooses!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

weekend report

I can't believe another weekend has come and gone…it was SO good to be with all my Crossroads brothers and sisters!

We began our service this weekend with one of our Elders reading from - 'What We Believe' which lead us into the song We Believe.  I never expected the reaction we had, people heard Chris McAuley declare what we will not compromise on - the very things Crossroads was founded on - the things we believe - and they were very emotionally connected by the time the first song began…  I love being surprised each weekend about what the most powerful pieces will be.  So blessed to be here!

Our Setlist:

Announcements on Video

What We Believe - read by Elder Chris McAuley

We Believe
All My Fountains
Great Are You Lord
A Mighty Fortress

Message:  Living Hope Pt. 2 - Pastor Brian Boone

Exit Song:  We Believe

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Saturday, June 21, 2014


Can we receive the Word of God and apply it to our lives if we don't prepare to hear?

I found myself asking that today as I went through my day doing laundry, corresponding with people, attending a family birthday party and looking ahead to being at church tonight.

Does it take an investment of thought and preparation of heart to truly 'hear' the message the Lord has when His Word is proclaimed?

I know when I find some quiet time to turn my thoughts toward the things of the Lord I seem to absorb the personal application that awaits hidden in the scriptures.  I'm not suggesting they serve no purpose if we're not prepared - the Lord can certainly penetrate even the most closed of hearts.  But coming already honoring Him with our spirit - desiring to learn - I would suspect would be very pleasing to Him.

I'm at Crossroads now, I hear the opening chords of rehearsal beginning, and I feel Him drawing me to Him - separated and protected from the world in this moment.  It's not the church that's sacred - it's multiple hearts drawn together toward Him that makes this place so special.  Unity in learning - unity in changing - we truly are one in the Spirit...

I thank him for Crossroads and for my extended spiritual family here.  And now that I'm ready personally - I can go to work ready to prepare for others.

Please join us this weekend - it's going to be so good! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I haven't had even a couple of minutes to write recently.   I'm sure it means I'm not managing my time well, but here I am!

I've been occupied by many things including being concerned by several people around me that have been ill recently.  One seriously ill, the others more 'regular' sick.

In thinking about them and what they're going through, I'm not sure if anything brings focus and inner reflection like illness does.

The most serious thing I've ever had to deal with were the 2 night-time seizures I had over the past 3+ years.  The only residual effect they had was my friends lecturing me about going to bed earlier and avoiding stress, waking up with a chewed tongue and being confused for a few minutes.  (wait, actually that's a daily thing!  ha ha)

I cannot imagine what it's like to go through illness that's life threatening!

I would think it is completely consuming as if life stands still - takes a time-out, while you watch the goings-on from a far.  Being around it should bring perspective to those of us watching - revealing how we should spend our precious few years here on earth.  And forcing an evaluation of how our time is being spent.

Looking at my day as I sit on my deck I wonder what was eternal about it?

My determination to try to the best of my ability to prioritize my days to reflect that God is first place in my life - as if His existence is the driving force behind my choices is renewed once again as I think about my friends and pray for them.

I would love to not only trust Him each day, but actually, completely ABIDE in Him.  So I leave you tonight and plan to study about abiding…what does that look like and require - and am I capable of it?

If you too study about how to live a life of abiding completely in Him - please comment and share the information you find with all of us!  Let's learn together as we do this life together!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

weekend report

It's been a crazy fast week - just flew by...isn't that how all beautiful Ohio summer days go?  This weekend was beautiful inside and out!  From worship that people once again raved about, to Father and Son announcements, to a great lesson from Pastor Brian - it was SO good to be with my Crossroads brothers and sisters this weekend!
main stage so thankful for these staff and volunteers!

A joy to serve with these amazing people!

worship happening in Student Ministry too~  2 of our interns: Tyler & Ben

Our Setlist:

Opening Instrumental: Come Thou Fount

Announcements:  Father/Son - Todd and Bailey Stach

Praise:  Holy Spirit
Worship: Great Are You Lord
Worship: Lord I Need You
Praise:  The Lord Reigns

Pastoral search update:  Mike Sloan - Chairman of Elder Board

Message:  Pastor Brian Boone:  Living Hope

Our interim pastor:  Brian Boone

Exit Song:  Come Thou Fount

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

my day off

I started my day off for the first time in a long time - reading and enjoying myself in my happy place… my deck.  It's nothing fancy, kind of unfinished, probably not to code - but it makes me very, very happy.

When people try to tell me something important, I always ask them if they'll text it to me or write it down - I'm very visual!  So sitting in God's green nature fills me up with Him as I write and read about Him and His plan for me!

The only negative is while I'm 'sitting' here getting filled up, my hubby is riding bikes with guys getting 'trimmed' up…oh well, I'm sure what I'm doing is far more important…  (yeah right).    A little pudge on a happy wife doesn't matter so much I suspect!

It's funny the things God brings to mind when you empty it of worry, and planning, and evaluating…  rest, learning more about Him and praying for those I know that desperately need healing or relief from pain…unselfish things fill my mind here.  And so I celebrate a day off by resting and thanking Him for all He's given me!

Monday, June 9, 2014

weekend report

A beautiful moment of worship
Crossroads is moving through some mighty big changes right now, but the weekend was full of hope and a message from the Lord for all of us delivered by Brian Boone, our new Interim Pastor.

I can't believe how quickly the Lord moved to bring Pastor Brian to us!  It's shameful to ever find myself sitting in doubt or anxiousness when I claim the name of Christ!  He always provides what the church needs, and He already knows exactly who comes next.  This allows me to fully concentrate on my tasks and caring for the flock instead of dwelling on anxious worries- if I let it!

Pastor Brian leading us
This weekend the church raised its voice to a fevered pitch, someone described as 'revival-ish', could it be that a great moving of God's people is beginning to happen at Crossroads?  Does it take the removal of our beloved Pastor Tim for us to put our eyes and prayers fully in the Lord instead of relying on Pastor Tim's abilities?   I don't know how God will chose to move and change us, all I know is the people of Crossroads seem open and willing to let God work, and ready to place their trust fully in Him!  

We had a great weekend of worship and teaching - I am so proud of our amazing volunteer teams who step up and serve weekend after weekend - working a full-time job during the week…amazing!

Our setlist:

Recruitment video for Nursery Workers - (SkitGuys)  It worked!  We got several new volunteers!

Our secret hiding place - the greenroom
Announcements on Video:  We recorded this week's video announcements using 2 of our new College Interns - Tyler Garden from Asbury and Denae Lawrence from Mt. Vernon Nazarene - they did a great job!  You can see it on our VIMEO Page

Here I Am To Worship
One Way
One Thing Remains
In Christ Alone

Introduction of Pastor Brian:  Wendell Anderson
Message:  The Foundation and Future of the Church -  Brian Boone

Exit song:  In Christ Alone

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

I love creatives

Tonight the Crossroads artists gathered just to fellowship at our house.  It was such a great night!

I am happiest when surrounded by creatives!

They are writers, teachers, physical artists, creatives of all kind!  Tonight we turned our creativeness toward food!  It was so great to be together outside, friends enjoying a beautiful country night !  I am thankful for these dear friends and creatives - together, doing ministry creatively!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

waited a long time for this

Today ended a long time of dreaming, hoping, praying and recruiting, as we welcomed our first 3 summer College Interns to Crossroads - and from what I see now - it's going to be a really great summer!

Rick Muchow once told me, adding interns to a ministry requires full-time supervision.  Not because interns are difficult or irresponsible, just because they have to be kept busy!    It's already been a learning experience for me - but, I've loved every conversation, every plan, every bit of the journey to get them here.  My prayer and dream for Crossroads is that we have piles of applications for interns from all over the country asking to spend their summers at Crossroads!

Meet Tyler, Denae and Ben!

Arnie had them backstage learning how the stage is wired for sound!

From left to right:  Tyler Garden, Ben Stuckey, Denae Lawrence
Eric Biddle Sr. High Pastor - photo bombed upfront!

Our Interns, Eric and students leading the Wednesday night Student Ministry service!
Tyler Garden comes to us from Asbury University,  our own Ben Stuckey is at Taylor University and Denae Lawrence is attending Mt. Vernon University.   Please welcome them to Crossroads this weekend when you see them around.  Ben will be on the main stage!

God's plan is moving forward, our ministry is changing and these students bring with them energy, excellent training and a love of serving the Lord!  God is so good!

Monday, June 2, 2014

weekend report

Running a little behind on the weekend report!

It was so good this weekend to be at Crossroads!   The worship completely drew you in and Wendell's teaching was immediately applicable to our lives!  I was proud and thankful for my church family and all the work that went into this weekend across the entire ministry!
These are my brothers and sisters in Christ - leading us to the thrown!

As our pastor was called away to serve another amazing ministry just a couple weeks ago, I worried that we might become fragmented or individually focused, but what has happened instead is a God-movement among the staff and congregation.  Everyone stepping together into the next chapter of Crossroads, united and committed to the Lord!   So encouraging and exciting to watch!

All that to say the weekend was great!

Our setlist:

We began the service with a portion of Gateway's Forever Yours video

Forever Yours
Be Lifted Higher
The Whole Earth

announcements - Deering Dyer

Greater - Mercy Me

Message:  Heaven Is For Real - Wendell Anderson

Exit Song:  Revelation Song

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Gotta go, working on the details for next weekend!  Have a blessed week!