Monday, January 9, 2012

writing of regular

The problem with writing constantly is the pressure to do better...and better...and better.

This blog began just as a way for me to put my everyday thoughts and plans and goals and experiences down in writing.  It made life move just a little bit slower and allowed me to look more closely at all around me.

Somewhere along the way I began to put pressure on myself to create better and better writings, more interesting, more fascinating, more...

Now I just want to get back to that sweet place.  Where thoughts are collected and shared and forever preserved just by the act of writing them down.

With that in mind I tried to really 'see' regular things today.  It made a day of errands and 'to do's' seem much more important.

-I noticed a lost erring under my dresser.  I then found a second lost erring in the bottom of my dishwasher!

-I felt a sticky place on my wood floor.  Examining it closely I was unable to figure out what had caused the stick -wiping it away only slightly colored my rag but allowed socks once again to slide across it uninhibited.

-I found a stack of forgotten magazine pages removed because they contained recipes i had planned to cook.  Good intentions don't fill hungry bellies so I organized them only keeping what I will add to the menu soon.

-I noticed the wrinkles of tomatoes ripening on my window ledge.  This indicated the ripening had progressed as far as it was going to in the middle of winter.  Time to use or refrigerate.

Today these were the things I noticed and so I share nothing spectacular, just my regular life in the words on this screen.

Thanks for reading!

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