Sunday, November 25, 2018

Big Daddy came to town

My life has taken an unusual (even for me) giant leap forward speeding ahead the past few months.... multi-sites, new staff, events to plan and lead, houses to maintain, my own families' Thanksgiving to plan and enjoy and elderly parents to love.

But I'm so thankful for all the many things I get to be part of and one of those events was the Big Daddy Weave/Brandon Heath concert Crossroads' hosted recently.

These gentlemen love the Lord and authentically serve Him as they travel!  It was a joy to host them at Crossroads!

Enjoy the pictures...

My hubby and I were treated as if we were old friends by Big Daddy Weave's guys as well as Brandon Heath (even after I didn't recognize him when he first came into the Crossroads Coffee Shop)   It was an honor to serve them!

We sold out - people stood in line for as far as you could see!

Preparations began early in the day!

The band took an extended time of spiritual reflection and prayer to prepare well
for the concert.  They walked around the auditorium asking the Lord to be very present!

We sold out - no room to spare and it was a glorious concert!!

It was a glorious night together as we worshiped at the Jesus I Believe Tour!