Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I did not pray

Tonight I had the blessing of attending a women's prayer group.

 But, I didn't pray, well, at least not out loud.

You see, I realized on the drive over that I was harboring really strong feelings of anger toward a young person whose sin has affected some of my loved ones deeply.  It has affected them to the point that it may interfere with 'hard worked for' plans and goals.   The sin is nasty and possibly intentional.

As I drove all caught up in my anger (all caught up in myself)...I wondered whether it was really possible that God could look past this nasty public sin and see someone He loved enough to die for.

Then I remembered, my sin was every bit as much the cause of Jesus' death as this or any other persons' was.

The arrogance to consider someone else's sin worse then my own has to be quite disappointing to the Lord.

As I arrived with my own internal struggle raging  - I prayed silently tonight.   While precious friends around me prayed aloud, I was asking for forgiveness.

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