Sunday, October 30, 2011

weekend report - summary= A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

A BIG shout out to all the volunteers that worked SO hard to make this weekend a great blessing!  Serving the body together - nothing better!!

Our youth once again brought the house down with not only their ability on NUMEROUS instruments, but mostly with their obvious personal relationship with and understanding of the Lord!  Following intense preparation and practice they showed us old folk - how to worship freely and authentically!!  So good to be in the House this weekend!

We are teaching through I Corinthians - so we had a teaching on giving.  Tough subject done really well! Thanks to Wendell!

Our Setlist:

We Are The Free - Redman
How Great Thou Art - Sublime
God of Wonders - Kutless
The Stand - Stanfill
All My Fountains - Tomlin
Geico commercial (announcements)- We went with risky on this one, using our worship guy as a ballerina!
Message:  I Corinthians 16:1-4    Wendell Anderson
We Are the Free - (Exit Song) Redman

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Have a blessed week!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

heading home

Our Cambodian team is heading home right now.

I have missed my hubby very much - cannot wait to see him!

Any time you go away, especially on these type of ministry trips it changes you.  It changed me last year!

So I wonder what changes each of them will come home with?

  • encouraged?
  • excited?
  • more appreciative of what we have here in the states? (that was me! among much more)
  • thankful they got to witness first hand how God has used Crossroads' internationally?
So many ways it can change you.

Really, that word 'change' is what the Christian life is all about.  Constant change - never being satisfied with where we are spiritually, or in our relationships, or with our life in general.  Always moving toward Him - pushing toward the goal - as we head home to be with Him and lay our crowns at His feet...

We are truly all heading home.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

encouraging a friend

I had the chance to spend an hour with a friend this week who I had not been able to connect with for a while.  She is having some family struggles and just needed some encouragement.

It was an easy conversation - just catching up and discussing our jobs and life.  Some relationships are a delight, some continue only out of obligation.  This relationship is a delight!

The whole time she talked I realized how much I value her friendship and how much I would love to spend more time than I do with her.  Old feelings of guilt rose to the surface as I realized how much I need these friend relationships and how often I neglect them.

Running is the word that comes to mind when I look at myself.  What am I running after ...who is running after me trying to catch up, trying to get just a moment of my time?  I don't know because I rarely look back.

I picture Jesus moving slowly.  The crowds often surrounded Him as he moved from place to place.  I cannot think of any passage of scriptures that make it sound as if He hurried anywhere.

I'm going to try it again - I will begin to walk slowly...ok, maybe slow-er ...and maybe even look back.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

are dating services ok

I don't know...  I have friends that met their spouse that way, but I have never looked closely at any of the dating - matchup services offered on line..obviously, I've been very happily married for 33 years.

Recently however I heard's advertising on TV and was very bothered by it.  Here is the verse that they used.

Psalm 37:4  Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Talk about taking a verse out of context - this passage of scripture is encouraging Christ followers not to worry about the fact that it seems that the wicked prosper while the righteous struggle.  It is not promising that we will get whatever we want or ask for!

It makes me sad when people play on the needs and desires of others and twist scripture to fit their needs or their profits.

So what do you think?  If we believe that God has created a plan for each of our lives as Christ followers can we trust him with everything?

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. -Psalm 37:4

what I learned today

Getting rid of junk is a good thing.

I completely gutted my attic.  Of course no one can understand exactly how overwhelming this was unless you saw what I started with.  Can you say 2 full days?

Every since our daughter got married over a year ago many things have been added to the attic...mostly right inside the door.  23 years of kids toys, school trophies and awards, tons of certificates and then the college books came home..everywhere!

Now I am happy to report that everything in the entire attic has been unpacked, repacked in tubs, labeled and stacked up. I can walk the full length of the attic and find everything!

I completely filled my car twice with trash and sent an entire car load home with my mom for the Ashland Christian School garage what does this have to do with 'what I learned today'?  It feels like I am learning to care less and less about possessions.  I don't want as much.  I want to buy less, own less and not be tied to stuff at all.  Maybe just my age...I would like to believe that my desires have turned more and more toward the Lord and realizing this world has little I value or care about beyond my family, friends and our amazing church family.

Less really does feel like more!

Monday, October 24, 2011

my day off

When I woke up today, for some reason the idea of our bodies being the 'temple of the Holy Spirit' was on my mind.

Some Christian young adults I had talked to recently said they were going to see a movie that I personally would have chosen not to see.  This made me wonder once again - how easy it is for the world to see the difference between people who profess to know the Lord and those that are lost.

Just a few minutes after I woke up pondering these things,  I got on line to see what Pastor Tim and crew were up to in Cambodia and found these pictures.  They were literally inside the temple.

Inside the monastery.

How amazing that God had this divine appointment already set up when the team headed for Cambodia.  These men live set apart, caring for their temple.  They are in a way - prisoners to this place because of their vows to live this way.  Set apart.

How different the freedom Christ gives us when we are in relationship with Him.  And yet most of the time we don't live as if WE are HIS temple.  Just as these men protect and worship idols, we have our own temples full of idols daily.

We watch whatever is on TV without discretion, we read whatever we want without discretion, we fill our minds with the violence of very realistic video games and music as if we are free to do whatever we please with our day.

We, like these dedicated men made a vow.  A vow to let Jesus fill our lives and body with His presence, to live as if we exist only for him.  Do we?  Do I?

Are we really so different from these men who fill their lives with false things - temporary things?

Sunday, October 23, 2011


WOW - WOW - WOW!  Seriously...Holy Spirit filled worship...a message I cannot  adequately describe delivered by an amazing man of God!  So good...

Our Setlist:

Undeniable - Koz

Announcements -
We have been using a series of 'geico' commercials during our taped announcement segments to advertise our new Crossroads APP and our data base "My Crossroads" and our new website

I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) - Tomlin
Jesus Paid It All - Passion
God Be Praised/Our God Reigns - New Life
All My Fountains - Tomlin
Communion Message:  Deering Dyer
Bekoflow and Breath Out - instrumental during communion
More Than Amazing 
Our God Reigns 

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Friday, October 21, 2011

morning breakdown - keyword BREAKDOWN

I went to bed thinking I would get up early and get a ton of work done before a 10:00 a.m. meeting.  

After punching (literally) the alarm 5 times I missed even being there on time!  But to offset my fail at rising early I decided to dress up a bit - red heals.  Nice start.

I then decided to make a healthy banana shake - this was definitely at the expense of my sleeping son as ice cubes caused a huge racket and a caustic smelling odor to rise from my struggling blender.  I hoped the health benefits would out-way the loudness and destruction of my blender.

Finally I made my way to the car - fumbling with all that I of course tried to carry at one time instead of making trips - away I drove.  In the flurry of leaving I now realize I forgot my phone.  And, if any of you know me you know this has completely ruined my day...

Arriving at work I realized I was still lacking makeup... so sat a few more minutes in my car preparing a face that you don't want to see without adequate coverage.  That being done realizing that it was pouring now instead of misty, I turned and fished my umbrella out of the back door holder.

Umbrella out the door - opened to protect the hair I had spend at least 5 minutes preparing for the day - I placed one red shoe out the door and proceeded to drop my precious banana protein shake on the ground - which in turn proceeded to shoot straight up coating my door, my London Fog coat and my slacks straight up the leg and all the way up the inside seam to the crotch.  The puddle surrounding my bright red pump resembled vomit.  The only positive aspect of this fiasco was at least if anyone questioned why I was home sick yesterday it made it look so badly that I was sure they would send me back home out of pity!

With head and foot back in the car I worked to wipe everything including myself off with those pathetically small kleenex that they somehow cram into those teeny tiny plastic purse packs.  This did remove the upper layer of slush leaving instead a horrible amount of lint behind to remind me of the earlier mess.

With this behind me I entered the church.  In place of my lovely banana protein shake I made horribly bland plain oatmeal - sat that safely in my office before heading to the restroom. Not realizing that my heals (which I never wear) were still wet, I slipped on the tile floor and tweaked my knee.

Limping to my office I quickly pulled my little door blind down before anyone could see me and have been hiding ever since.

I have a meeting in a few meetings which I suddenly find terrifying wondering what I will experience next...

The moral of the story?  Don't wear heals on a rainy day or ever and eat lots of junk food...healthy isn't worth the effort.

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

taking for granted

A simple gesture rocked my morning.

I simply reached out to straighten a collar of a friend and as he thanked me he said, "I have no one to do that for me anymore"....

It made me consider those in my life that I take for granted.  I want to be mindful of my minutes with them.  The minutes are as vapor...dissolving quickly into air.

I realized that God has placed every single family member, each friend and acquaintance in my life.  Hand-picked just for me.

Some may be there to bless my life and teach me.
Some may be there because they need me.
Some may be there to care for me and I for them.
Some may be there simply to love me and for me to love them.
Some I find annoying need me to look very deeply to see the why are they in my life.  Will I?

Those that are the most close are often the most taken for granted.  Why?

We assume we have unlimited time.
We get tired and push them away until later.
We feel entitled to arrange our days as we see fit - often not considering their needs at all.

Taking for granted is something I would like to completely remove from my life.  It is precious.  It is short.  And it is a blessing straight from God.  The days we consider bad days for whatever reason are perhaps the greatest blessings of all - they are the days that contain God encounters and lessons should I choose to see them.

No more 'taking for granted' with God's help...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


If one word describes how I have spent a great deal of my life, it is in the role of mediator. I find myself there over and over again.

Mediator - vb. 1.  to intervene (between parties or in a dispute) in order to bring about agreement ...

Now this may sound like I think I'm 'all that' but keep in mind I didn't say I was a good mediator, just a mediator.  A really good mediator would tell it like it is, offer solutions, I mostly offer a sympathetic shoulder and try to figure out how to lead back toward unity and a new commitment to the 'main thing'.

It all started when I grew up the oldest sister to 3 younger siblings - MEDIATOR!

Growing up in a public school setting in the 70's where I most resembled a stick figure walking around wearing long skirts in an era of mini skirt laden teens, I provided lots of fodder for jokes.    I vividly remember the best way to make friends,  was to capitalized on disagreements between them.

I was always aware when a cat fight had happened and in I swooped to be their friend.  Obviously that friendship lasted only as long as the fight did.  Always the listening ear I helped get them through.

Growing up in church required the biggest amount of mediating of all...sadly.  One opinion against another - everyone sure their opinion was the closest one to God.  At times missing the point of being in the Lord's house almost completely.

My church history is what makes me more thankful than I can ever say, for the strong leadership of Crossroads that knows what our mission is, where they feel God is taking us and sticking to the main thing.

Despite this, even the best laid Godly plans involve people and there will always be conflicts and disagreements of that we can be sure.

So,  if God needs me to try to mediate I will, but I long for the day that we can just all abide in Him and be one in Him...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

collapse or crooked lines

I have tried to write this week but each time I think I'm done there is always one more thing!

I have not had a chance to be creative in any way this week.  Just checked off lists of to-do's, budgets, concert details and lots of cooking.  I have missed writing this week...

As I prepare the details of my son and future daughter-in-laws wedding shower I can't help thinking back over the past 23 years and wondering how he is getting married already?

He has made me laugh a LOT over the past 23 years - his pictures always contain some crazy smile!

He has been an amazing young man since he was young enough to communicate.  One of the things I remember from early childhood are all the ridiculous made-up words he would always come up with.  Especially the words that came out when he was frustrated, so hilarious!

Oh and he was frustrated!  He would meticulously line up matchbox cars or work with blocks for hours and just get furious at himself when he would make a mistake that caused collapse or crooked lines.  Unacceptable (in his opinion)!  He was not forgiving of his shortcomings!  Yet he has always been extremely forgiving and VERY tolerant toward others.  This is a gift that has followed him into adulthood and served him well!

One of the other things I remember was feeding him his bedtime cereal as a toddler while he bathed, this was an attempt to kill two birds with one stone.  Bathing was quite the long ordeal with Eric - but anytime I had him trapped it became increasingly necessary to combine activities!  Even in the tub he made crooked lines with toys and bubbles.

I also remember how extraordinarily strong his hands were from a very young age.  I would be doing my hair in my bathroom and something would catch my eye - next thing I knew, he was shimmying up the door jam hand over hand when he was just 3 years old!  He could climb anything using just his hands.  And believe me he is one guy you do NOT want a shoulder rub from.  Excruciating!  God made strong hands for Eric.  Maybe so he could be the excellent musician he has become.

And now he prepares to marry...emotional.  No time for collapse...

He is ready, so I must be too.  He has prepared well, and chosen well!  We have prayed for her from the day we had Eric - and we now are also in love with her.

May Eric and Alyssa have the same beautiful lasting love that Ron and I have been blessed to experience together in the Lord!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

what I learned today

I actually am having a hard time learning if I'm going to be honest.

I was reading in Romans today and went to my Logos program to do some additional study.

 I long to remember all that I read and more than that to be able to apply the reading specifically.  But, I often feel like I don't remember much that I read even though I'm totally into it.

God tells us to Study to show ourselves approved...I will continue and I am anxious to know Him more.

Maybe what I'll do is read it and then use the audio to repeat what I read?  ha ha  I'm trying I really am.  I have to wonder if middle age has anything to do with my struggles?  It just CAN'T be!

Do any of you have study practices that help you remember what you've studied?  Any one else out there struggling too?

Monday, October 10, 2011

my day off

I lift up my eyes to the hills.
From where does my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
who made heaven and earth.
               (Psalm 121:1-2 ESV)

I do not know how anyone gets through a day without a relationship with the Lord. He is my help and strength.

When I speak of relationship I am not talking about a spiritual experience, I am talking about abiding in Him completely.

The creator of the universe created ME, one person among billions, why?  Because he wants me to know Him intimately.  That takes intentional discipline.  I am weak and easily distracted, more than most.

This morning I have decided to go through my day off trying to look at everything I encounter through the eyes of the creator.  What will I see?  This is what I think I will see based on my plans...

  • people that are lonely
  • people that have no hope
  • beautiful fall nature trying to point people toward a creator
  • more food than anyone should eat
  • my family that I fall deeper in love with each day
  • a church that loves the Lord and serves the community and even this day is training leaders, even leaders from other ministries!! (Crossroads - just stopping by!)
I pray I can keep His eyes throughout my day - and beyond that have Christ-like reactions to all the people I encounter!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

weekend report

New set design, new series, new music, new advertising campaign...a big prep week - but WELL worth all the details!  God was here!!

Our setlist:

Opening Special:No One Like You - Planetshakers
Praise: Everyone - (Praises) Gateway
Worship: 10,000 Reasons - Redman
Worship: Lead Me To the Cross - Hillsong
Praise: How Great Thou Art - Baloche
CROSSROADSWIRED campaign begins - We did a take off on Geico commercial to advertise our new APP - updated Website and MyCrossroads (data base)
Special Music: Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons
Message:  Rumspringa - Senior Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit Song: Little Lion Man

To watch our services live or in post - go to

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a new beginning

Read about our new exciting Crossroadswired - 
by Steve Browning

A New Beginning - Crossroadswired

Today we officially launch our new website, smartphone app and myCrossroads. The combination of these online elements has truly made Crossroads a "wired" community. These changes have been a year in the making and I'm very excited about the possibilities.

For those who have been around awhile, you already know what myCrossroads is...formally known as CCB. You can access myCrossroads from our website. I use it on a daily basis. All of my volunteers are in groups that allow me to communicate with them as a whole. I can see info on individuals or the entire group. I can post links to websites that help with training, upload schedules and much more. By changing the name, we have brought the site into the family of Crossroadswired!

I'm very excited about our new app. Designed by Subsplash, the new app will allow users to view or listen to sermons, check out each of our House Churches in detail, read the Bible in a year and find links to our staff blogs.

Our website has continued to evolve. The new look is upbeat, fresh and better reflects who we are. You can check out every element of who we are as a ministry and can sort through previous sermons by title, series, date, subject and more. Be sure to check it out!

Now, with the trilogy of Crossroadswired, you truly can take Crossroads anywhere, anytime!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

painted trees

Today the sunshine exposed the colors of God's fall, the painted trees.

It seemed odd that is was the first day I had noticed.  Earlier this week and into last, I suspect the gray of misty, non-relenting rain hid the beauty from view.  But today - the beginnings of the change from green looked exactly like the canvas of an artist experimenting with color.  An artist not yet sure how much color to add and mix to accomplish just the right shade.

I felt almost as if I breathed in the color instead of seeing it - I am deeply thankful for such beauty from an almighty God that cares about beautiful detail.  Deeply thankful!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

was he a Christian

The discussion concerning Steve Jobs faith has blown up the internet tonight.

This man had everything, but did he really have anything?

The articles I read said he was not a believer.  I am just so sad for him if that is the case.

In the eyes of the world he had everything - however, nothing earthly goes with us.  Nothing earthly affects our eternity once our eternity begins.  Nothing earthly can justify a false belief.

So, is it possible that men and women that everyone looks up to, that appear to have everything this world has to offer have nothing at all?

Money has no eternal value - inventions mean nothing -  brilliance is measured only by our eternal choice and nothing more.

Eternity - infinite time; duration without beginning or end.

I pray that Mr. Jobs did indeed know the Lord and that amazing believers will surround his family!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

too tired

Too tired to write anything of significance I am afraid...

Long day - fun time at Tech Conference in Kentucky - 6 hours to sleep, so I should...

Today = time in the car and at conference with friends
           = conversations with son and daughter on the phone
           = missed my husband
           = laughed a lot
           = talked to my dad
           = found out a friend's dad passed away
           = ate too much
           = got called up on a stage
           = won a prize
           = encouraged a friend
           = worshipped with brothers and sisters in the Lord
           = feel very drawn to the Lord - to a deeper level
           = sleep....goodnight

Sunday, October 2, 2011

a tough weekend

As many of you may know by now, my dear friend Jean Dyer passed away Monday morning.

Jean was scheduled to be on the praise team this weekend, and it was tough without her there...

Any time someone young goes to be with their Savior unexpectedly - it brings not only sorrow but personal questions and much soul searching.  Because of this, Pastor Tim changed his teaching this weekend.  He taught on - The Christian's Response to Tragedy.  Exactly what we all needed to hear!

Our setlist:

This is How We Know - Redman
Announcements on Video:  Jamie Koenig (Middle School guy)
No One Like You - Sublime
This I Know - New Life
For Who You Are - Hillsong
Hosanna - Hillsong
Message:  The Christian's Response to Tragedy - Pastor Tim Armstrong
Closing Special:  Our God Is In Control - Chapman

To watch our services on line go to

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Remember as you move through this week - life is very, very short, abide in Him and He will direct your path...