Monday, November 30, 2015

my day off

Boy oh boy has it gone fast!!

I basically spent my whole day shopping with Ron's mom, stopped to see the grand babies briefly and now I am trying to finish my Christmas shopping on-line!

I'm looking very forward to my last couple hours today however.

I'm getting ready to begin my Christmas Devotional time.  I'm very much looking forward with most of my personal Christmas preparation behind me, to sit down and begin to spiritually prepare.

This time of reflection, preparation and focus will be followed by a relaxing hot tub experience and then sleep.  I take none of this for granted.

I am very thankful to the Lord of the universe for caring enough to reach down through all of my junk and busyness - straight to my heart and that he keeps tugging me toward Him.

May our focus be laser focused this season.  This Christmas too will soon be passed, existing only as a distant memory and my prayer is that my life has made a difference during this precious time!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

weekend report

It was an amazing ending to our Nehemiah series at Crossroads this weekend as Pastor Dave taught Reform to Relapse.

We were lead in worship by our Young adult band as we lifted our voices together in worship!

As I stood and looked around me at the full auditorium I was filled with thankfulness and am so excited to see what God plans to do among our congregation as Pastor Dave challenged us to affect our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

A few glimpses of our weekend!

Our setlist:

Announcements:  Leah Hart
Let The Heavens Open
Holy Spirit
Come Thou Fount
I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
Message:  Reform To Relapse - Pastor Dave Vance
Exit Song: Jesus I Come

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Monday, November 23, 2015

weekend report

It was a glorious weekend as our Nehemiah study continued, our amazing worship team and choir guided us to lift our voices to the Lord and glimpses of Christmas preparation continued!

Take a look!

Worship was amazing!!  I found myself completely lost in it - praising my Savior!!

These guys were manning the front doors waiting to greet everyone - pretty ornery!

Doug and Linda doing a victory lap at the end of the service!

Precious faces waiting for their turn to 'try-out' for the Christmas services!

Zoey singing her heart out at tryouts - so cute!

 Our setlist:

 Announcements on video:  Leah Hart did an excellent job describing the great new curriculum that her children's areas will be using soon!

Start a Fire
Great Are You Lord
From the Inside Out
A Mighty Fortress
Prayer - Jocelyn Nicolas
Message:  Nehemiah Pt. 8: Revival and Renewal - Pastor Dave Vance
Exit Song: Start A Fire

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Can't wait to worship again with my brothers and sisters in the Lord next Saturday!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Preparing to go

There are just a few minutes left before it's time for another weekend at Crossroads.

Sitting here watching Ohio State begin I decide to mute the TV for a few minutes and make sure I'm prepared to go.

I would guess in order for the Word of God that's about to be taught to actually affect my life, I need to prepare to hear.  To make sure I'm really ready to HEAR and apply the spoken truths.

I assume I should check my heart for any un-forgiveness and confess anything that remains.

To make sure I have cleared my mind of all distractions so that as I walk into Crossroads I can say that Christ holds first place in my life.

I would assume, that only if these preparations have been made will I truly receive what God needs me to hear so that it can become a part of me for all of eternity.

And now I will go, prepared by the Lord for the Lord.  

I'm excited to see what the Lord has for all of us!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

weekend report

The weekend at Crossroads was really amazing!  It was full of worship, great teaching, 23 baptisms and communion as the body of beautiful!

Here are just a few shots of the weekend!
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This was the Saturday night group waiting to be baptized praying with
the praise team.

Pastor Jesse is preparing the students that were baptized today!

Dan got up from the piano and into the water to baptize his granddaughter!

Our students were busy selling candles to help pay for their missions trips. 

And finally - I worshipped the Lord as I headed home a the
end of a glorious day!

Our Setlist:

Announcements on video

Scripture Reading - Pastor Dave

The Whole Earth
Baptism began during worship
Here In Your Presence
Forever Reign
Hallelujah - Communion during worship
Message:  Nehemiah Pt. 5; Fighting Opposition - Pastor Dave Vance
Exit Song:  Hallelujah

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