Friday, July 14, 2017

new structures

Looking out toward the square
I had the privilege recently of accompanying Pastor Dave and Eric downtown to the City Center to shoot a video update on the progress.  It filled me with so much joy to see how God's people have shown their commitment to reach their city for the Lord!  It's no longer the 2020 campaign - it's brick and mortar and the future being formed by skilled laborers.

When I shot the final picture out the front doors I could only wonder who will walk through them?

I pray hundreds will come to know Him through this new ministry -

"Lord use the people of Crossroads to make a difference like never before to affect our community, use us to reach the lost, may this building further your kingdom, thanks you for new structures.  In your name amen..." many places.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

giving the day to God

As we begin another weekend where our families' focus will be on the church, the scripture I read this morning discussed that fact that the Law is useless if we preach it to others and do not obey it ourselves, if we don't live it.

God is not impressed with pastors, leaders, elders, anyone who knows the Gospel, THE LAW, the right things to say or teach, but fail to live what they teach or tell others.

So my personal prayer for the weekend is that He'll give me practical ways to live out His commands, to demonstrate how He affects my everyday life and that everything else I could choose to do with my life is second to Him.

It means nothing to stand on stage, to be called 'the leader', to give instruction to others, unless I can also constantly show practical application in my everyday life.   Perfection is impossible, not even a goal, but rather an obedient consistency is what I offer Him, is all I can humanly strive to offer Him.  All of me.

So I begin by giving the day to God.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July

As my hubby and I sit on our deck watching the birds and deer and taking in the beauty of this morning, I was thinking about what the 4th of July really means to me.
Momma and babies
The freedom we enjoy every single day is unbelievable, perhaps unequaled in the entire world?
That means I got to get up this morning and totally decide what I wanted to do first, how I want to spend my day, who I want to talk to or not to talk to, totally free of anyone telling me what to do next.

Our media is full of 'dooms day' forecasts and bad endings for America but that's up to the Lord. On the day he created me, He knew how and when he'd take me home.  To give up any portion of my life worrying is disrespect for His sovereignty.

So today I choose to breath deeply, taking in every detail I can notice that comes as a result of the great sacrifice of those that came before me.

I can only imagine the horror they witnessed as they watched their best friends fall in battle so that future generations, people totally unknown to them, could sit on their decks like I am - loving my hubby of 39 years and drinking coffee while we freely plan our day.

Thank you to all who had any involvement in giving me this day covered in the celebration of freedom!  Those in the military and those serving honestly in our government - thank you!

Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

weekend report

Some weekends are just more personal ministry while others are more corporate in nature.  Boy was this one super personal.  Each person I talked to really needed to talk, each discussion was all about encouraging one another and catching up on what is happening in their lives.

Our ministry was filled with so many hurting people this weekend.   Maybe the level of hurt is always there and some weekend's I'm just moving too fast to notice, but I noticed this weekend.

I spoke to siblings who were motherless and trying to manage,  several ladies who are widows and I know I could see loneliness in their eyes - I thanked God right there for my hubby.  I talked to two people facing serious surgeries this week and next and saw another single mom who is trying to survive financially.

It made me realize anew why the church exists, to be the hands of Jesus, to give the only hope that exists in the entire world and to connect us to one another as we all walk through different struggles - through life.

I loved the teaching Pastor Dave taught this weekend, I could have listened forever.  The glaring evidence that God's Word is flawless, that no one can dispute the historic documents, archeology and eye witness accounts that will stand the test of time - just gives so much confidence that we must stand strong - we must lead others toward the only truth that exists for whatever time we have.  We must be the church!

I walked all around the church today giving the Lord praise for all I blessed!

Our Praise Team lead us to the throne!

Pastor Dave teaching on God's Word!

The Valet Parking buggy - ready and waiting!

We have solutions when the kiddos get rowdy!

The 4th and 5th grade room enjoyed popcorn while they learned important truths!

The Student Ministry worship team was so engaging when I stopped by!

Our Setlist:

Announcements on video:  Pastor Dave encouraged everyone to hurry and get their tickets for the Global Leadership Summit before the price increase July 11th and then gave us an update about our new City Center and the progress of our 20/20 campaign!

Glorious Day
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Your Love Awakens Me

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