Monday, November 27, 2017

weekend report

It's been a busy, amazing, growing, unbelievably worshipful 2 weeks at Crossroads!

Last week we celebrated Pastor Dave's birthday with our amazing choir and this weekend we added a beautiful cello to the team!

I'm thankful every single weekend as I participate in worship with my friends and brothers and sisters in the Lord at thankful.

These pictures give just a glimpse into the privilege we have to gather each weekend together to express love to the Lord!

Take a peak!

Michael having fun drumming!

Our choir was amazing

Cello has always been my favorite instrument - so thankful!

Ernesto and Jocelyn's voices were beautiful together!

I love these band guys!

This weekends setlist was so amazing!

Our setlist:

Announcements on video

Call Upon The Lord
When the Fight Calls
In Christ Alone
I Have Decided

Message:  Project Next Step - Jesse Rider

Exit Song: I Have Decided

Additional praises - we adopted out every single child in our community that would have been without a Christmas without us!  Thank you Crossroads for being the most generous church I've ever known!

We start our "Messy Christmas" series this coming weekend - you definitely don't want to miss!!

To watch our services go to

Friday, November 17, 2017

a couple weekend reports

What a difference a couple weeks makes...

Two weekends ago Jocelyn lead our worship, it was a beautiful service with communion as part of it and ended with a powerful ballad, Slow Down reminding us how fleeting our time with our kids really is. The beautiful song complete with an amazing music video brought people to tears.  As I watched her sing it I thought back over this past year and the heartache she and our family was going through a year ago, and I thanked the Lord that He held her and her beautiful daughter so close to Himself through that dark time.  After the service I was waiting for the choreographer for our Christmas services to discuss the dance we're working on and when I saw her coming, still emotional I lost it too, and we weren't the only ones...  the Lord moved during this service!

Such a great service complete with Pastor Dave's message "One Generation - raising kids", on video!  Many people didn't even notice!  It was so good!

One of my favorite things - families teaching their
loved ones what it means to serve in the church - amazing to watch!
Notice Ben's gloves to provide 'no touch' prep!

Preparing for communion

Our precious praise team!  Faithful Jesus workers!

Jocelyn lead us beautifully - working hard to be prepared and lead well!
Performing "Slow Down" pictured here was so powerful!
Tammy and Jocelyn performing 'Slow Down' good!

I found Ernesto - hidden in the tech areas trying to learn all he
can about our current systems and enjoying our faithful volunteers!
Our setlist:
Lord I Need You
Communion - the song Yours
Yours - stood crowd and completed singing the song
Revelation Song
Great Are You Lord
Video Bumper
Message:  Our Home Pt. 7:  One Generation - Raising Kids - Lead Pastor Dave Vance on video
Special Music: Slow Down - Jocelyn Nicolas with music video

It was a beautiful weekend!

So much changes so quickly!

Ernesto Alcantara and wife Vanessa and girls, joined us at Crossroads officially last week and everything changed.

We're very excited about what the future holds and can't wait to do life with them!

We're all celebrating the fact that the Lord brought us Ernesto and his family!

So good to have past team members return!  The band
played beautifully we're blessed!

Our precious Dan and vocal team - love these people so much!

It was great to worship together!

Our Setlist:
Pastor Jesse Rider opened last weekend with announcements  - listing item after item of exciting information about upcoming events and especially our open house at the new City Center!
He also had the privilege of introducing Ernesto, our new Worship Arts Pastor,  which lit up the auditorium!
King of My Heart
Good Good Father
Video Bumper
Message:  Our Home Pt. 8:  Course Correction - Pastor Dave Vance
As our series ended Pastor Dave lead in a Call to Commitment to our families and there was a strong response to the challenge as people came forward to pray and take a stand as families committed!
Spirit of the Living God

It's been an amazing past two weekends - God is so good!