Friday, December 30, 2011

much needed reading

I cannot even remember a night when I sat in front of my fireplace reading (yes, iBooks count).  Tonight was that night!  This fills my heart with praise and renews my deep desire to learn everything I can!!

I read many, many free samples of books trying to decide exactly what to purchase.

One sample of a book I was considering said this, An environment devoid of sin also meant an environment devoid of human names.  Since the original man and woman knew who God was, they also knew who they were.  Names were unnecessary until sin entered the Garden of Eden.  A fractured relationship with God meant a fractured understanding of who God was now existed.  And immediately after they sinned, Adam named Eve.  Interesting.

It made me think about our names.  In most countries names describe a person.  Such as 'guy with a limp' or 'tall monster man' ...ok probably not real but you get the idea!  America gives her children 'pretty or popular' names, often at great cost to the child being named.  Names go out of style quickly, even some last names I have heard are somewhat inappropriate!  

Then there are the names people give us - now these usually are based on a characteristic or behavior or physical feature we wish we didn't have!  'Big foot' or 'red' or 'blabber mouth', just to name a couple possible taunting names.  These are the names we spend a lot of time running away from.  Slowly over time the possibility exists that we will never escape allowing these to become a permanent part of us.

So...did God's perfect plan include us being so intimately connected to Him that no name was needed?  He certainly knows those He creates!  Just thought I'd throw a question at you.  Food for thought.

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