Monday, December 1, 2008

my day off

I spent a little time cleaning up following the Drama Ministry party at our house last night. What a blessing to see this group come together! None of them had previously served together until recently. And when I asked the group last night if any of them were currently in a small group the answer from everyone except for one single girl, was NO! COOL! A group is born!

As the evening went on, I could tell we would all become close, and all complimented one another in many different ways. This is how ministry should work, attend, serve, connect, do life together!

Today as always I had errands to run and dropped some things off at the church. I am now preparing for my husband's staff to come for dinner! Fun stuff!

In the midst of my busyness today I had the privilege to encourage friends who are struggling right now. And in the midst of encouraging my friends, they encouraged me right back! When you love the Lord, serving just means being available. You don't have to have a big detailed plan or agenda, you just have to be...

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