Sunday, November 30, 2008

weekend report

I help design all of our services. I am never surprised by the contents. But, today I was surprised.

I took off my headset, and sat with my son (home from college), and my husband as if I was attending church instead of working. The thematic flow of the service was engaging. Even though I knew what was next I was caught up in the movement of the service.

It was a very simple service really, but excellent. The words of the songs I had sung a hundred times spoke to me today, surprising me as if I had never heard them before.

In the song This Is Your God - by Chris Tomlin, one line struck me, "He will wipe away your tears and return your wasted years"... that is powerful! Return your wasted years, what an amazing promise. Then of course the killer song Here In Your Presence, every time I sing it I am moved to tears! The following is our entire setlist for the weekend.

Only One - Hillsong
Free Indeed - original by Milo Sgambellone
As For Me -
This Is Our God - Chris Tomlin
Here In Your Presence/Wonderful, Beautiful, Glorious

We purchased the video "One Need" and used it as a thematic transition between our worship and the special music, Voice of Truth. It set up the weekend teaching beautifully!

You can find out what other ministries used for their set lists by going to this link.


Steff said...

I love "Here in Your presence" too. What a powerful song!

Steff said...

I love "Here in Your presence" too. Powerful song!