Monday, December 22, 2008

what I learned today

In my study last night I was reading a section in my Bible study called "The Cross: Are You Beyond It?"

In it David Nasser says he has had people say from time to time to him," We need to move beyond Jesus dying on the cross to deeper things. " He goes on to say, "Like what??? What is deeper than the God of the universe becoming a man and showing his incredibly love by dying to rescue you and me from eternal damnation? The cross of Christ is not only the source of our salvation, it is our highest motivation, our clearest example of obedience.. "

What a great reminder of the importance of the cross. Jesus was born and lived a life that demonstrated complete submission to the Father, and then had to die because of my sin. Man, that puts Christmas into a different perspective. The angels announced His birth, and said, 'Glory in the Highest'... I wonder if they knew what was to come?

What a grace filled plan, God's own creation thinks they are wiser than He, or at least cared more about making their own decisions than being obedient. So due to our sin, God had to send His son. He loves us that much!

So to show my thanks to Him what do I do to celebrate His birth? Over spend, stress out about dumb gifts, due to being stressed out - don't enjoy Christmas, or worse yet, don't personally apply the gift of Christmas to my life. God has to be so saddened by my actions some days...

What I learned today is the ultimate gift was given at that first Christmas, and I am a chosen recipient. I need no other gift.

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