Wednesday, December 17, 2008

who was blessed more

I have never been more proud than I was Tuesday at Crossroads! The people stepped up and provided Christmas ( a good Christmas), for 600 kids in our Community!!

They didn't have to do this, we didn't shame them into doing this, they did it to honor our Lord and take care of our communities' kids! How cool!!

Stories will no undoubtedly begin to pour in as families are blessed by their generosity! I have talked before about the difference in how we used to help our community, and how we do it now. We used to believe random acts of kindness was the best way to affect our community. Now we do it with more organization and purpose. We work with local agencies to identify the poorest of the poor, and help meet their needs. This has been a huge blessing, to use people educated in this area, people who work with our less fortunate day in and day out, they know far more than we do who needs us the most!

When I stood in the auditorium and realized that each bag represented a life that would be touched with a memory of God's church helping them...I was overwhelmed. Each bag = a child...the question is, who was blessed more?


MarkAShade said...

That is really amazing to see that. I met you at my work in Walmart. I am cashier. Hard of hearing guy. MY name is Mark. I talked with you that i missed going to Crossroads Church so much because i was working on Wed and Sat. But i hope someday i have day off and able to go. Happy Holidays

MarkAShade said...

Hey, it is really amazing to see all of kids gifts. We met at my work in Walmart. I am hearing impaired cashier and we talked about Crossroads Church, I missed that church because i work on wed and sat. I wish i could have day off and able to go there again. I know i am still member there.

Mark Pierce said...

Lori, I'm a bit behind in my reading. But seeing those pictures about Adopt a Child was truly awesome! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a GREAT New Year! Mark