Sunday, December 21, 2008


Preparing for Christmas Eve - one of the most important opportunities each year! Nothing like pressure!

First things first, we have to keep up our energy! Food is necessary!

Then down to work. The team worked out all the details tonight. The technical details of each song, including vocals and instruments as well as all the transitions. Each lead change in the songs call for constant adjustments from the sound team. Each person and instrument must be in just the right place in order for lighting to illuminate everyone well for the cameras. Each camera shot must be pre-determined based on the anticipated movements of each band member and vocalist. Each color command on the cyc created and programmed to support the feeling of each song, to match the color of the video support on the screens. Each word on the screens must be proofread matching the song lyrics perfectly in order for the message to be clear. And all of these elements are pointless if the directors of each area don't execute each cue with perfect percision. PRESSURE!

But, when we have prepared to the best of our abilites the message is well supported and hearts are prepared to recieve God's Word from our pastor.

We prepared today, and we wait with great anticipation as God brings families to include attendance at Crossroads in their Christmas plans. What a priviledge to prepare!

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