Monday, December 8, 2008

weekend report

We had a great weekend. Saturday started out slow because of the weather but by second service on Sunday we were full and loud! Everyone came ready to kick off the Christmas holiday.

My programming team rocks, I have no idea how they find such thematic elements. I am not just talking about things that are generally thematic, I mean very specific lyrics, mood, everything. Why I ever tried to do so much myself in the past I have no idea!

Our series is called 'The Name' and the set list was extremely thematic and not just Christmas!

We did the following set:
Opening (amazing) instrumental Lost In Paradise
Opener Angel We Have Heard (hillsong)
Praise Angels From The Realms of Glory (Tommy Walker)
Worship (scripture transition) Wonderful, Beautiful, Glorious
Worship Blessed Be The Name
video transition - Rediscover the Nativity Story
message - Wonderful, Counselor
Ending Special Music Your Name

see our service at:

(If you are interested in what other churches did this past weekend go to )

The flow of music and elements, so obviously prepared the congregations heart for what was to come in the message, it was cool to watch! Of course Pastor Tim rocked with the message God had laid on his heart. I have never seen him more excited about a Christmas series! God was present this weekend, and it was good to fellowship with other believers!

Despite a suffering economy, and many I talked to or heard about this weekend that are facing lay off and loss of jobs, it feels like the Spirit of God is moving among His people - preparing us to draw together. The ministry may take on a stronger look of caring and sharing then ever before. The church may finally come closer to being the church as God intended because we no longer can be self sufficient, but actually need one another and our God.

That is what this series represents, The Name above all names, the Name that provides comfort, strength and our physical needs. I am very excited about this Christmas season at Crossroads and the opportunity to minister to His people.

Join us Wednesday at 7:00 for a very special Christmas MidWeek!


Steff said...

I love the theme!

I felt a few months back that we needed more songs in our repertoire about "The Name". Since that time we have added several new songs along this theme including "Your Name". One of our favorites is "Name above all Names" by Abundant Life Church. You can check it out on itunes if you haven't heard it.

Unknown said...

Great setlist Lori!