Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Family can mean many different things. It can refer to your biological family of course. In my case I am the oldest of 4, two brothers and one sister. My mother had 6 siblings, my father had 10 siblings - I have a huge biological family. And I really, really love them.

But, I am surrounded by people without family. Either due to untimely death, relocation or an absent disinterested parent. In any case, they are alone.

I feel connected to a couple of these families as if they were my own. I feel like I need them as much as they need me, not sure what makes the bond so strong. God has put us together, for life.

The teaching at Crossroads last weekend continued on the topic of The Name. One of the specials talked about "His favorite name is Father"... Father ... how do some people without family really understand the relationship that God offers them. The relationship He desires. Maybe they never do have a true understanding of what a real father can be in their lives. It seems that the fatherless have the greatest faith of all. Without the experience of an earthly father they rely totally on God and His promises to watch over us and care for them.

God the Father, loves us terribly - all of his children equally - orphans, the lonely, the strong and the weak. He asks us to love one another, we are family, His family, and we honor Him when we act like one.

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