Tuesday, December 2, 2008

what I learned today

Faith leads to hope, and it overcomes fear.

I am struggling not to fear today. My spirit is troubled and I have been in prayer constantly since I woke up.

I read a small email daily called, "Encouraging words". Today's reading included the following sentences, "You'll look to God in trust to take care of the things you can't do because of your human limitations and needs. In the Bible, the focus is always on trusting God and letting him reign supreme." This is difficult for me to do. I tend to take charge, try to fix it myself, I am not patient.

It is hope that I long to feel, hope that God will be honored in this day. Hope that he will protect. Hope that those I pray for are very wise and cautious. If I have faith, it will lead me toward hope. My hope is only in Him. Today I learned that without faith there is no hope. This is what is missing in many peoples lives - the focus and hope of things eternal.

How hopeless it would be to only have this world...

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