Monday, December 8, 2008

my day off

We spent Sunday night and some of Monday at IWU, Indiana Wesleyan University. We will be home soon.

Our daughter, Jocelyn, performed with her band, "Sing For Company" at a campus venue with another band last night. It was excellent, (of course every mom would think her daughter is amazing- she is the one at the keyboard).

Today we met with our son, Eric's counselor and with the Records Department to see when he will have enough credits for graduation. His thinking is that he could finish with only one semester next year (his senior year), and finish up back home - much cheaper. (so much for the adjustment to the empty nest)... This is Eric expressing how happy he is to be graduating early next year! Eric has done an amazing job of balancing playing on weekends with his band "TheGunShow" and keeping his grades up and still finishing early!!

Time moves fast. Without regard to our plans.

I have tried never to be a doom and gloom - negative type, but I have never prayed so much for our kids future. The economy if it continues to deteriorate promises a difficult time for all. An equal playing field.

Still I think it best to continue to encourage education even though there is an accumulation of debt. Our kids are looking forward with great anticipation to being done with school and find their place in society. Where will that be? I know this question looms large on this campus...

Jobs of position, or jobs based on "who you know", may soon be a distant memory - every man for himself. A friend of ours just had to lay his own son off from work at least temporarily. This may be a time to examine our lives and decide what gifts and talents God gave us that will contribute to helping our own communities - they are going to need us like never before.

I can't imagine living in these times without the Lord. I have never been more fully reliant on Him for comfort and reassurance as I have been recently. With Him I look forward to what the future holds both from a ministry standpoint as well as what He will ask of me personally.

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