Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Prayer - our communication with God.

Tonight at Crossroads was First Wednesday, this is a night of communion and prayer. The prayers of God's people will never cease to move me.

Tonight we prayed for brothers and sisters who are suffering from illness, people separated from family, struggling with problems at work, people who do not know how they will pay their bills let alone celebrate Christmas. These are the people I get to help care for.

To pray to the Father...what a gift. He created within us a need to communicate with Him and He gave us prayer. He asks me to pray without ceasing, I do not. I allow many things to distract and occupy my time. But then First Wednesday rolls around and I get to hear the prayers of God's people. There is nothing like it, it renews me and makes me remember that God provided this direct connection to Him. When groups of people pray it is a powerful sound, a unifying sound, a sound that God waits for and desires to hear. The whispers of the saints to their Father...

Prayer - something that blesses both man and God equally.

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