Monday, December 22, 2008

my day off

Do you feel less than excited to buy gift certificates instead of a more personal gift for friends and family? I feel like I have some how failed when I finally give up trying to find the perfect gift.

This year even my son cannot think of anything he wants or needs!

I love to give gifts and think long and hard about them, so just take my fun away! Yes, it's all about me!

Today, knowing it is the last day I have time to shop, I raised the flag of defeat and sent my hubby to the bank to pick up gift certificates. So, all done!

Seriously, some of the reason I asked him to just go get them was so I could turn my focus to what I should be focusing on instead of gifts. We have perhaps the best chance to minister to the lost on Christmas Eve then any other time of the year. Our attendance climbs at Easter too, but, at least in our ministry it seems more non-churched people come at Christmas. I will spend time praying in advance that God will reveal himself to them this Christmas at Crossroads. Please join me praying for our services. I am so thankful to share in this ministry..

I will spend the rest of my day off preparing my own mind to fully grasp the true meaning of that first Christmas. Join us Wednesday night at 7:00 or 9:00 p.m.

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Louise Knight said...

I have discovered that even I enjoy receiving gift certificates. It enables me to spoil myself where I wouldn't be able to otherwise. ;)

You're so right about the opportunity to connect with the unchurched over Christmas. I really want to think this through with the rest of the leaders in the church next year.