Sunday, December 14, 2008

grateful quiet spirit

We attended a Christmas Small Group Italian dinner tonight! Excellent!! I'm not gonna lie, I think I have gained 5 pounds already. You know how it goes, make cookies, test one, test two...get out the milk - I love it!

Our kids are home, sitting by fires, reading books, decorating cookies and the tree, for these moments I am forever grateful.

Of course God knew this is what Christmas would become, family, presents, commercialism and endless eating. I wonder how it makes Him feel? I wonder if He feels? I wonder if He ever felt like His most precious gift was wasted on us at times ? Then I remember that He said he would have sent His son even for one of us. The shepherd leaves the flock for one lost sheep...

I think it brings God pleasure when we enjoy our life, when we enjoy one another, when we appreciate His provisions.

For perhaps a brief moment, I praise Him for a calm, precious evening. Maybe just a pause before the next crisis, but I receive it with a grateful heart and quiet spirit. His love is so obvious if I look, and I love Him.

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