Friday, December 5, 2008

Godly confrontation

Is there such a thing? Godly confrontation? Yes! I have witnessed it many times. Maybe never as personally as today. I hurt one of my favorite brothers in Christ unintentionally, and he confronted me.

One thing no one can ever argue with is when you tell someone how you feel. That is how I was approached today.

Matthew 18 talks about this principle. If it was important enough to put in scripture than it needs to be practiced even today!

My brother came to me explaining how badly a decision I made had made him feel. I was devastated! I immediately asked for his forgiveness. I was humbled by his kind approach and wanted nothing as much as I desired to reconcile with him! The thought that something I did could cause him to hurt or worry, is unthinkable to me.

Just because this is a biblical principle does it always work? Of course not, it takes two to make it work. But what an opportunity it gives the offender, a chance to ask for forgiveness...and an opportunity to 'let it go' for the offended.

God knew what it would take to resolve misunderstandings and conflict. And He knew we would mess up in our relationships with one another! Brothers and sisters in unity, this is pleasing t0 our God. I am thankful for a friend who would care enough about our relationship to confront me. I am thankful for a friend who would give me a chance to ask for forgiveness. It was a good day!

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