Sunday, December 21, 2008

orange cones

What do you think of when you see bright orange cones? I had to wonder that as I watched people today at Crossroads. I placed the cones so people wouldn't trip over the camera cords I had run in order to project our Kid's Christmas Recital in Town Square.

What I saw was very amusing and made me wonder if anyone really pays attention to things around them any more. Is it just that we so busy, have so many options, are on such a dead run all the time that we don't really see what is right in front of us?

I watched as people walked over the cones, jumped over the cones and even ran full blast over the cones! All the while, the kids continued to play. The most amusing thing was how difficult this was to actually accomplish. As you can see there was very limited space between the platforms and the pole beside the camera. This took great effort, more so then walking down through the main area of the hallway where there was wide open space.

The young people that played this weekend gave me hope for the future! I enjoyed their talents, excellent talent which makes me hopeful and determined to continue to provide opportunities for them to move toward being the leaders of Crossroads.

We have to see these opportunities.

The future looks bright at Crossroads based on our amazing youth! Spending time with both the under 18 at the recital as well as with the college aged earlier this weekend - I feel so blessed!

Developing the next generation may not be easy. We have to watch carefully and not jump over obstacles but ask instead why they are there. Orange cones are in our path to draw our attention to something important. Without obstacles we don't change direction, we move in the same direction always. I'm open for change, are you?

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