Monday, December 29, 2008

others first

This is a common site at our house. How difficult is it to think of others, to think of the one who comes next?

One of my love languages is acts of service. I show my love by doing for people. This serves me well in ministry, but, not so well with my own children. So, have I not taught them enough, have I failed to prepare them to take care of themselves and their families. I don't know- the empty toilet paper roll makes we wonder...

We try to honor our volunteers in our Department to treat their service with high regard. These are amazing people that work hard all week long, then come to the church to serve. Just a couple of the small ways we try to make their experience great are pictured here. Cup holders on camera stands, name tags so everyone knows one another and the tags also get them free coffee from our cafe. We also provide coffee, tea and water bottles in our volunteer areas. Just little things that put others first.

I care deeply about others feeling honored. Whether it is toilet paper being put on the spindle, or caring for volunteers and connecting people through ministry opportunities or small groups. Putting others first could make our churches the most amazing places to be! Knowing you would be treated with great consideration, wouldn't that draw you in? People are looking for something different from how they are treated out in the world. Not only do we know God's most amazing message, the message all people need, but, we can treat people better than the world treats them by following Jesus' example of putting others first.

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