Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve rocked!!

I have never, never had so many people tell me that our Christmas Eve service was the best ever, as I have this year.

I have to give credit, where credit is due - the picture shows our Magnification Staff. What an amazingly talented group! From the left is Jonathan Pierce, the most brilliant human being I know in the areas of IT and all things technical, next to him is Milo Sgambellone - band recruiter and worship leader extraordinaire, that's me on the piano, to my right is Dan Fleming worship leader - scoring genius and vocal coach of America! and next to Dan is Sr. Pastor Tim Armstrong, not a teaching goes by that someone doesn't tell me they have never learned as much as they have at Crossroads due to Tim's teaching, very, very gifted, very, very ornery! Last but certainly not least, in the front is Steve Browning everyone's right hand man - creative genius with everything video related, also oversees sound, lighting, roadie team and everything else no one else knows how to do or wants to be responsible for. The most exciting thing about this team is that they are my friends as well as co-workers! Cool!!

This team can take any wacko idea that Pastor Tim or I come up with and make it happen. They can shoot it, edit it, write the music for, score for any instrument known to man - anything it takes to support Tim's teaching and the mission of Crossroads!! You can watch the Christmas Eve service here.

This picture was taken immediately after the final Christmas Eve service at Crossroads - we were exhausted but oh so thankful for the amazing attendance and God's goodness!

The Christmas Eve drama was out of control good!!! Maureen Browning and Jeff Fellure were AMAZING and brought the house down with their performance of the Skit Guys drama "Innkeeper's Dilemma". Click on the title to watch it on God Tube!

The music was fabulous, the artistic video support was top notch, we tapped into all the senses to bring everything toward, A Baby Changes Everything the theme of the night supported with the new song by the same title from Faith Hill and performed by Michelle Armstrong who rocked the walls out! Amazing performances also by Cody, Melissa and Penny and Milo and Dan!! Magnificant!! I couldn't be more thankful!!


Perky Gramma Teaches said...

I asked you to share on creative fuZion on Thursdays.
Please share your Christmas drama. That was incredible!
Merry Census, wow!

Lori Biddle said...

Hey Dorothy!

Thanks!! I loved it too, it wasn't original we bought it from "The Skit Guys" web site. I'm so glad you liked it!

Do you want me to share things that aren't original? I'll try my best to share on Thursday! I love connecting this way!!

Thanks for the invite!